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The United States trains thousands of service members who perform covert or special missions of critical importance. How much do you know about U.S. Special Forces and their operations?

The 24th Special Tactics Squadron is special because of which characteristic?

It doesn't take on missions by itself; instead, it augments units such as Delta Force and Navy SEALs.


The 75th Ranger Regiment is an elite raiding force from which branch of the military?

The history of the Rangers begins prior to the formal establishment of the United States.


What was a precipitating event for the creation of the Special Operations Command (SOCOM), which oversees all special forces?

A lack of coordination was blamed for the mission's failure.


What was the first joint operation that SOCOM helped to coordinate?

Special forces helped to defend ships from Iranian attack and harassment.


SOCCENT is the operations command in charge of special operations in which geographical area?

There are many other sub-commands around the world that plan operations and call the shots in their specific areas.


SOCOM commanded Operation Provide Relief, in which teams helped move food to citizens in which war-torn country?

Unfortunately, much of the food was stolen by armed thugs working for various factions.


"Of Their Own Accord" is the motto of which special forces unit?

They also use "Rangers Lead the Way."


Members of which special forces unit are often referred to as "operators?"

They are one of the most secretive military groups in the world.


Navy SEALS endure some of the hardest training in special forces. About what percentage of soldiers drop from the training course?

Only a third of candidates will make it through training.


Special forces often engage in JCET training, which stands for what?

They perform training exercises with (and against) the elite forces of other countries to built rapport and exchange ideas.


The special forces group called Green Berets is a branch of which part of the military?

There are about 7,000 Green Berets, who are known for their diplomatic skills as much as their weapons work.


Which special forces team captured Abu Anas al-Libi in Libya in 2013?

They snagged him and sent him to prison, where he died of liver problems in 2015.


Since the start of the war on terror, the 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) has mostly been deployed where?

The group hasn't taken a breather since the start of the war.


The Night Stalkers are known primarily for which skill set?

The Night Stalkers are from the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment.


Under which branch of military does the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment exist?

The Night Stalkers provide air power and transportation for many critical special operations.


"The Activity" is a nickname for a special forces unit that primarily focuses on which efforts?

The group is the Intelligence Support Activity, and it gathers intelligence used in special forces operations.


In March 2014, what did Navy SEALs seize from Libyan hijackers?

They subdued the three hijackers without firing a shot and then returned the ship to the Libyan government.


Which special forces teams train in a course called "Operation Guile Strike?"

During the operation, members learn how to conduct raids on rural and urban targets.


To how many countries did special operations forces deploy in 2014?

That's about 70% of the countries on the entire planet.


Which special forces group has been referred to as Gray Fox, Torn Victor, Centra Spike and other code names?

The name has been changed, in part, to throw off anyone searching for information about the secretive group.


What is one of the primary purposes of Combat Controllers during a battle?

These Air Force personnel go through the same rigorous physical training and have the nerves to deal with air traffic control in the middle of a war, too.


Force RECON, which assists with reconnaissance for some special forces operations, is organized into which branch of the military?

In addition to scouting, they may actually take part in raids.


In 2014, special operations forces were leading about how many missions in Afghanistan every month?

Even now, U.S. special forces are leading the way in Afghanistan, many years after the start of the conflict.


Which special forces group members are often called "Raiders?"

This branch of the special forces wasn't created until 2005.


The "Raiders" name honors special forces teams from which conflict?

Special forces conducted many operations during WWII in an effort to beat back the Axis powers.


Special Operations Weather Technicians are part of which military branch?

They often tag along with special forces teams to keep tabs on weather, which can drastically affect many operations.


Where did the Marine Corps special forces first deploy?

They have since been used in many operations against the war on terror.


Where is the Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat Course?

The base is also home to several other courses meant for special operations training.


"Eyes Forward" is the motto of which special operations group?

The SOWT units offer critical insights into Mother Nature's attempts to derail special forces missions.


Which special forces unit wears tan berets?

They used to be black berets, but the Rangers switched to tan in 2002 after regular soldiers started wearing the black.


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