Quiz: The U.S. Special Forces Quiz
The U.S. Special Forces Quiz
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The United States trains thousands of service members who perform covert or special missions of critical importance. How much do you know about U.S. Special Forces and their operations?

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The 75th Ranger Regiment is an elite raiding force from which branch of the military?
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What was a precipitating event for the creation of the Special Operations Command (SOCOM), which oversees all special forces?
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What was the first joint operation that SOCOM helped to coordinate?
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SOCCENT is the operations command in charge of special operations in which geographical area?
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SOCOM commanded Operation Provide Relief, in which teams helped move food to citizens in which war-torn country?
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"Of Their Own Accord" is the motto of which special forces unit?
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Members of which special forces unit are often referred to as "operators?"
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Navy SEALS endure some of the hardest training in special forces. About what percentage of soldiers drop from the training course?
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Special forces often engage in JCET training, which stands for what?
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The special forces group called Green Berets is a branch of which part of the military?
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Which special forces team captured Abu Anas al-Libi in Libya in 2013?
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Since the start of the war on terror, the 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) has mostly been deployed where?
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The Night Stalkers are known primarily for which skill set?
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Under which branch of military does the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment exist?
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"The Activity" is a nickname for a special forces unit that primarily focuses on which efforts?
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In March 2014, what did Navy SEALs seize from Libyan hijackers?
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Which special forces teams train in a course called "Operation Guile Strike?"
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To how many countries did special operations forces deploy in 2014?
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Which special forces group has been referred to as Gray Fox, Torn Victor, Centra Spike and other code names?
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What is one of the primary purposes of Combat Controllers during a battle?
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Force RECON, which assists with reconnaissance for some special forces operations, is organized into which branch of the military?
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In 2014, special operations forces were leading about how many missions in Afghanistan every month?
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Which special forces group members are often called "Raiders?"
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The "Raiders" name honors special forces teams from which conflict?
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Special Operations Weather Technicians are part of which military branch?
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Where did the Marine Corps special forces first deploy?
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Where is the Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat Course?
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"Eyes Forward" is the motto of which special operations group?
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Which special forces unit wears tan berets?
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