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If you're going to commune with the animals on your vacation, you'll want to take photographs. For best results, take the right photography equipment to get the pictures you want. Take this quiz to learn more about what film to use for wildlife photos.

Where is a popular destination to commune with nature?

The rainforest and African safaris are popular for wildlife expeditions.


What cameras are believed to be inferior for wildlife photos?

Digital cameras are believed to be inferior to 35 mm film cameras for wildlife photos.


Why are digital cameras inferior for wildlife photos?

Digital cameras do not use film of any type and can't respond as quickly as fast film to capture action shots.


Who can tell if a picture was taken with a good quality digital camera or a film camera?

A professional photographer may be able to tell the difference, but an amateur most likely would not.


What do film speeds measure?

Film speeds measure light sensitivity.


What speed of film does not need a lot of exposure to create an image?

Fast film does not need a lot of exposure to create an image.


What is the speed of slow film?

Slow film speeds are 100 or 200.


What film speed needs lots of light to produce an image?

Slow film speeds of 100 and 200 need lots of light to produce an image.


Which is a telephoto lens?

Telephoto lenses commonly range from 70 to 300 mm.


What speed film is best for taking pictures of stationary objects?

Slow film is best for taking pictures of stationary objects.


What film speed is best for night-time picture taking?

For night-time shots, use fast film speeds such as 400 or 800.


What is the big disadvantage of using film?

The big disadvantage of using film is waiting to develop the pictures and the cost of the film.


What is a huge advantage of using a digital camera for wildlife photos?

With a digital camera there is no wait time to find out if you got the shot you wanted, and you don't have to invest in film.


For wildlife pictures, how many megapixels will get the job done?

Three to five megapixels will be adequate for wildlife photography.


If you choose to use a digital camera for filming on your wildlife expedition, what should you pack along with your camera?

Bring plenty of batteries and extra storage devices for your digital camera .


What is an important feature for a digital camera?

Automatic focus and shutter speeds are important features for a digital camera.


Why may you want to bring your laptop on your wildlife expedition?

You may want to upload the digital photos onto your laptop.


What fictional character talked to the animals in a 1920s children's book?

Dr. Doolittle could talk to the animals.


How long do you have to get that perfect wildlife shot?

You can't ask an elephant to hold that pose, so you may have just a split second to get your shot.


Why may you hesitate to take a shot when using film?

Some high quality films are pricey, and you won't want to use film for just any picture.


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