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Family vacations require careful planning. Among the many decisions to be made is whether to get a separate hotel room for your kids. You'll have to consider their safety, their maturity, your financial limitations, and of course, your sanity.

How would most people describe a vacation with their kids?

Let's be honest: if you're going on vacation with your kids, your focus is more on them than on yourself. The fact is that vacationing with kids can be very hectic.


One of the things that can make a vacation with the kids so challenging is which of these?

When you go on vacation you quickly discover how much of a support system you have at home. There are no grandparents, neighbors, or babysitters on whom to pawn off your kids, so you're on your own.


One of the main advantages to getting a separate room for your kids is which of these?

A romantic getaway is not very romantic when you're sharing your bedroom with three kids. The privacy you gain by getting your kids their own room is tempting, isn't it?


How will getting separate rooms for you and your kids likely affect your quality of sleep?

Sharing a bed with a fussy child can wreak havoc on your quality of sleep. If your child can handle a separate room, or at least a separate bed, it's worth the expense.


One of the advantages of getting messy kids their own hotel room is which of these conveniences?

If you get your kids their own room, not only do you not have to see the mess your kids make, but someone else will clean it for you.


Why might younger kids not want their own hotel room?

Younger children are often afraid to sleep in unfamiliar surroundings. If your child indicates he or she is scared, you might want to consider asking for a large room with a second bed.


Why might teenagers try talking you into getting them their own room?

Teenagers love to test boundaries and discover their own limitations. Make sure your teenagers understand that having their own room is a privilege.


What risks do you take when allowing your teenage kids to have their own room?

Left to their own devices, certain teenagers can create serious problems. Access to cigarettes, alcohol, and even drugs are risks one takes when allowing older teenagers to have their own room.


What is the long term benefit of getting a separate room for your teenager?

By providing your teenagers with some freedom, you give them a chance to prove they are trustworthy and responsible. Give your teenagers a chance to prove themselves; they might surprise you.


For many families the main problem with getting separate rooms for the kids is which of these?

Hotel rooms can be expensive, and they don't usually provide discounts for kids. Doubling the cost of accommodations is a major deterrent to getting the kids their own room.


If you are getting a separate room for the kids, you should make sure the various rooms are what?

Make sure to reserve adjoining rooms for you and your kids. Otherwise it will be very difficult to keep a watchful eye on them and to tend to their late-night needs.


Which of these is a risk you take when getting young kids their own room?

If your children are not well-behaved, they might damage hotel property, only adding to your expenses.


When determining whether your children are likely to follow the rules you set for them, you should use what as an indicator?

There is no better indicator of how your kids will behave than how they have behaved in the past. If your kids usually follow your rules, than they might be ready for their own room.


What is the standard age at which parent should allow kids to have their own hotel room?

Maturity is not entirely age-dependant. Some 12-year-old kids are more trustworthy than some 17-year-olds.


Before promising your kids their own hotel room you should make sure of which of these?

Some hotels have strict age policies. Make sure to confirm that the hotel you've picked allows kids to have their own room.


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