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Traveling with children is always a challenge, but watching your kid have a tantrum on an airplane is the worst. Instead of feeling like the most terrible parent in the world, the next time a tantrum starts try these ten tips. Take this quiz to learn more about handling tantrums while on vacation.

At what age are tantrums expected?

A tantrum at two years old is not unusual behavior for a child.


What may help bring on a tantrum?

When a child is hungry, tired or just bored a tantrum may be brewing.


How can you be prepared to avert a tantrum?

Before you go on vacation, stock up on some snacks for your young children and bring along their favorite toys.


While on vacation, why should you find a time for your child to nap?

To keep tantrums at bay, make sure your child has a nap just as if you were at home.


Other than food and sleep, what else does a toddler need?

At the toddler age, children need to make some choices, so they will feel as if they are in control of their life.


Why is it okay to bribe your child with a treat?

If you offer a treat in exchange for a desired behavior, the treat is a reward rather than a bribe and your child has an opportunity to "choose" to cooperate.


During a tantrum, what part of the brain is mostly inactive?

During a tantrum, the frontal cortex essentially stops working.


What part of the brain is responsible for reasoning?

The frontal cortex, and it is no surprise that during a tantrum that is the part of the brain that essentially stops working.


What are temper tantrums a cry for?

A temper tantrum is a cry for attention.


What is the most effective way to deal with a tantrum?

Ignoring the tantrum is the most effective way to deal with it, but than can be difficult when the tantrum occurs in a public place.


If you are in a safe place, how can you discourage a tantrum?

If it is safe to do so, walk away from your child while they are having a tantrum.


Why may your child be having a tantrum?

An uncomfortable diaper could be a reason for your child to scream. Try to figure out why your child is having a tantrum, and respond to that need.


Why can't kids just tell you what is wrong?

Young children may lack the communication skills, or they may just be too frustrated to tell you.


What is a good way to stop a tantrum when you are in a public place?

Try to distract the child with something he or she likes.


How should parents behave in the midst of a child's tantrum?

Calm and serene is the way to be.


When your child is having a tantrum, how should you speak?

Speak quietly and gently, and all the other parents will think you have it all together.


How does eye contact help when you are in pain or in a panic?

Eye contact can engage you and help you focus.


What should you do if your child has a tantrum in a restaurant?

Leave the restaurant and hope a change of scenery will stop the tantrum.


How can you totally avoid tantrums?

You can't totally avoid tantrums.


What should you do after the tantrum is over?

Move on and have fun -- you're on vacation!


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