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With so many pet owners in the world, more and more of them are planning to vacation with their pets. Take our quiz to check out your traveling pet smarts.

What is one basic consideration that you must take care of when you plan to travel with a pet?

Since there is no standard on pet acceptance across the country or around the world, it is wise to phone ahead to ensure pet acceptance. Take time to check with each place you plan to stay or visit along the way.


How many dogs are said to have survived the sinking of the Titanic?

According to, only two of the dogs on board survived when the Titanic sunk. They were a Pekingese that belonged to Henry Sleeper Harper and a Pomeranian belonging to Miss Margaret Hay, although there is also a story of a bulldog named Regal that survived and helped save some people.


What is the name of the only cruise line that allows dogs on at least two of their cruise ships?

The Cunard Line allows pets on two of their cruise ships, the QE2 and the QM2. The number of pets allowed is limited and passage is restricted to select transatlantic crossings.


On Cunard’s two ships that allow pets, are there restrictions as to where a pet can venture on the ships?

Pets are restricted to onboard kennels and exercise areas only. Costs for the air-conditioned kennels, kennel attendants and food are factored into your ticket and visits to your pet are restricted to specific hours.


What is the main issue that is responsible for the fact that most cruise lines do not allow pets on their ships?

Cruise lines are reluctant to allow pets for many reasons, the main issue being the strict quarantine and entrance laws concerning animals in many countries where they make port calls. It is also necessary to confine animals aboard a ship because of excrement issues.


What percentages of people in America typically take pets along with them when they travel?

According to the American Animal Hospital Association, 53 percent of people that travel take their pets along with them on vacation. That percentage represents a significant number of pets out on the road each year.


How many owned dogs were there in America at the end of 2009?

According to Humane Society of the United States, there were 77.5 million owned dogs in America at the end of 2009. There were also approximately 93.6 million owned cats in the country.


What should you do before you take your pet camping with you?

Always keep your pet's immunizations up to date and make sure you have adequate supplies of flea and tick treatments or repellants. Take your pet’s immunization documents and certificates with you, as some places, especially kennels, will ask for proof of immunization before allowing pets.


What is a basic rule of thumb when travelling with a pet?

No one wants to make an accidental discovery of animal feces, so make sure you always carry bags and scoop the poop. Be careful where you dispose of the animal waste you pick up, so it does not contaminate water or agriculture.


What percentage of dog owners admit to telephoning their dog while they are travelling?

According to, 33 percent of American dog owners admit to talking to their dogs on the phone while they are away from their favorite pet. Do not fear if you cannot reach Fido, as these people also testify to the fact that they leave messages when Fido is busy.


Which state has the best pet-friendly beaches in the United States?

California currently has four of the top 10 pet beaches in the U.S. This is surprising, considering that Los Angeles County alone has 70 miles of coastline and allows pets at only one small beach on a regular basis.


Which animal was the world’s first astronaut?

The first animal astronaut was Laika, a mixed-breed or husky dog sent into space by Russia in 1957. The dog lived for seven days in an orbiting satellite before its oxygen ran out.


What is a rule at most theme parks that allow pets, if you take your animal along with you?

You may not take your pet on the rides, but you can keep them with you on a leash or put them in an unsupervised kennel. It's a good idea to take along your pet's blanket, bowl and toys, and you should check on it often.


How much did the smallest full-grown dog in history weigh?

A Yorkshire terrier that lived in Blackburn, England, weighed in at only four ounces (113 grams) when full-grown. The dog was only 2.5 inches (6.3 cm) tall and 3.75 inches (9.5 cm) long.


Before New York City passed a law in 1978 forcing owners to pick up after their dogs, how many pounds of dog excrement were deposited along its streets annually?

Prior to the mandatory dog doo clean-up law, about 40 million pounds (18 million kilos) of dog excrement were deposited on New York City streets.


What is common regarding pets in most state and national parks?

State and national parks have very strict rules governing pets and steps their owners must take upon entering a park. Pet owners who fail to follow the rules will often be ejected from the park.


What is a restriction that many parks have regarding pets?

Many parks allow pets only on leashes to roam no more than 50 feet from any road. They will typically allow them in campgrounds and developed areas as well, but not on hiking trails, backcountry trails, beaches or inside park buildings.


What is the strictly enforced maximum leash length that you are allowed to have a dog on?

State and national parks require that you always have complete control over your pets and therefore require a leash no longer than six feet (two meters). Park officials are very strict about proper leash length.


How many miles of cross-country ski trails that allow dogs are there in the Lake Tahoe ski area?

There are now 4.6 miles of cross-country ski trails that allow dogs, affectionately called loop-the-poop. With your dog pass you get a free daily power bone and free poop bags to clean up any trail mess.


The third most popular pet to own in America is a parakeet. About how many Americans own parakeets?

There are about 14 million parakeet owners in America, a distant third to the most popular pet -- a cat -- and the second most popular pet -- a dog. Every year Americans spend $1.5 billion on pet food, which is four times what is spent on baby food.


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