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Vatican City State is the smallest sovereign state in the world. It's legally distinct from, but closely linked to, the Holy See. So let's see what you know about the Pope's unique home in this quiz.

Saint Peter's Basilica …

Although some construction spilled over into the early part of the 17th century, the Saint Peter's Basilica that visitors gaze upon today when visiting the Vatican is largely a 16th century replacement of Constantine's original, which had deteriorated badly over the centuries.


The Vatican Gardens …

The original pieces of landscaping that began the lush Vatican Gardens were planted more than 700 years ago -- sprawling, modern gardens still thrive to this day.


The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel …

One of Michelangelo's masterpieces, the Sistine Chapel ceiling, contains much more than a scene concerning God's creation of Adam. Many scenes from the Bible are depicted on the lofty fresco -- a fresco that has needed fixing up several times over the centuries.


The Vatican Pinacoteca …

The Vatican Pinacoteca contains masterpieces by a number of renowned artists over the centuries, including Giotto, Pietro Lorenzetti, Raphael, Leonardo di Vinci and Giovanni Bellini, among many others.


St. Peter's Square …

The piazza retains many of its original attributes, with one notable exception: The entrance used to be more obscured, creating a surprise effect, before the controversial and spacious Villa della Conciliazione opened in 1950.


The Vatican Library...

Evidence of various early libraries and archives dates back to the 4th century, although those collections were often scattered or lost in later years. Many consider the modern era of the Vatican Library to have begun in the 15th century, largely thanks to the efforts of Nicholas V and Sixtus IV, who began rebuilding the Vatican's collection and installing the library in an expanded, physical location. Nowadays, the Vatican Library's holdings are immense.


La Pietà …

La Pietà was sculpted by Michelangelo when he was just 24 years old, and it was the only piece he ever signed.


The Swiss Guard …

The Pontifical Swiss Guard has had the popes' backs since 1506, when 150 of them first arrived at the Vatican and were blessed by Pope Julius II.


The Paul VI Audience Hall...

The Paul VI Audience Hall has more than 2,000 solar panels adorning its roof. When they aren't needed to power that building, they can feed into the Vatican's power grid.


The Popemobile ...

The Popemobile is just an affectionate nickname -- the famous vehicle of the pontiff doesn't have an official designation.


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