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The Versace label has been marked by extravagance and excess, tempered with the tragedy of Gianni Versace's murder and the major changes that came with it. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of Versace — the life and the label.

Where was Gianna Versace born?

Versace's Italian heritage would loom large in his design. The budding artist was born in Reggio di Calabria, Italy, on Dec. 2, 1946.


True or false: Versace was born into a fashion-focused family.

The young Versace's mom was a dressmaker, and Gianni joined the family business at a young age.


What year did Versace launch his first collection under his own name?

Versace moved to Milan in 1972 to do freelance design work and finally launched his own collection in 1978.


True or false: The first Versace collection was for women only.

Though the designer would later create clothes for both sexes, his first collection included women's wear only and was released under the name "Gianni Versace Donna."


What was Oroton?

Versace's designs often incorporated Oroton, a fluid chain-mail fabric that Gianni designed himself.


What Greek figure serves as the logo for the brand?

Versace chose Medusa, a woman who was so alluring that a jealous rival turned her into a monster, as his logo.


What was the name of Donatella Versace's first line for Versace?

Gianni gave little sister Donatella her own line in the '80s. It was called Versus and was intended for a young, hip female audience.


What year did Elizabeth Hurley shoot into the spotlight thanks to a daring Versace design?

Hurley's safety pin dress transformed the unknown model into a superstar in 1994.


True or false: Hurley specifically chose that bold Versace dress to make a statement at the premiere of "Four Weddings and a Funeral."

Hurley was unable to afford a fancy dress for herself. Boyfriend Hugh Grant's staff had a single dress lying around, so Hurley wore it. It just happened to become one of the most famous red carpet dresses of all time.


What was Versace's total revenue during the company's first year of operation?

The company made a respectable $11 million during its first year. Just under 20 years later, the company was making more than a billion dollars annually.


What year did Gianni Versace die?

Versace was shot outside of his Miami mansion on July 15, 1997.


True or false: Versace was shot by a former lover.

Spree killer Andrew Cunanan killed Versace, but police found no evidence that the two men ever met.


True or false: Who inherited the bulk of the Versace company when Gianni died?

Donatella's daughter, Allegra, inherited 50 percent of Versace when her uncle was murdered. She was just 11 years old at the time.


What was Donatella's role after Gianni was killed?

Donatella Versace became the creative director of the company after her losing her brother. She had performed this role in a less official capacity for many years prior.


What year did Jennifer Lopez break the internet with that green Versace dress?

Lopez wore a cut-down-to-there green Versace dress at the 2000 Grammy Awards. Donatella was so thrilled with the public's reaction that she gifted Lopez the dress, which had originally been just a loan.


True or false: Jennifer Lopez was not the first woman to wear that dress on the red carpet.

Both Geri Haliwell and Donatella herself donned that famous gown, but neither made the same splash as J-Lo.


True or false: That green dress was the inspiration for Google Image Search.

You can thank Versace every time you use Google Image Search. The image search feature was added specifically because of the number of web surfers looking for pictures of the famous frock.


What year did Versace launch their classic fragrance?

The Versace Signature fragrance came out in 1991.


What year did Versace Woman launch?

Exactly 10 years after Versace launched its signature male fragrance, the company released Versace Woman in February 2001.


What year did Versace famously use all top models in his runway shows?

Versace bucked runway trends when he decided to only use top models in his 1991 shows.


Where was Versace's home — Casa Casuarina — located?

Versace bought the modest Miami mansion for $2.95 million in 1992 and spent another $3.7 million to buy the adjoining property so he could build a luxury compound.


How much did the mansion sell for in 2013?

A group of investors, which included the owner of Jordache jeans, picked up Versace's mansion for $41.5 million in 2013 — more than 10 times what he paid for the original property.


True or false: In addition to his fashion design, Versace wrote several books.

Gianni Versace penned several books, including "Men Without Ties" and "The Art of Being You."


Versace designed the wardrobe for this musician's 1992 world tour.

Elton John and Versace were close friends, and Versace even designed the entire wardrobe for John's 1992 tour and album cover.


What was the name of the company’s first haute couture line?

Released in 1989, Versace named its first venture into haute couture "Atelier."


What year did Versace receive his first commission to design theater costumes?

Starting as early as 1982, Versace designed costumes for theater, ballet and other stage productions.


Who did Versace call his muse?

Versace described his sister Donatella as his muse and the perfect woman.


What year did Versace win the first American Fashion Oscar?

The Council of Fashion Designers of America awarded Versace their inaugural American Fashion Oscar in 1993.


What year did Donatella hold her first show for the Versus line?

Donatella's Versus creations first traveled down the runway in 1995. She hired fresh new designers to help revive the Versus brand in the 21st century.


True or false: Versace's boyfriend also designed for the company.

Versace's longtime partner Antonio D'Amico was a designer for Versace Sport. Versace willed him a lifelong pension and allowed D'Amico access to all of his properties after Versace's death.


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