Quiz: Game On! What's your video game rating knowledge?
Game On! What's your video game rating knowledge?
By: Staff
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Sure, you play the games. Maybe you've even noticed the rating on the packaging. But what do these ratings mean and what goes into creating them? Find out just how much you know about the ESRB's game rating system by taking this quiz.

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The non-profit agency that rates video games is the ESRB, which stands for what?
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Games rated T for Teen might contain which of the following?
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In 2010, about what percentage of video games were rated EC for Early Childhood?
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The age of the average game player is:
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True or False: When a game is rated by the ESRB, the game company is legally obligated to disclose that rating to the public.
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The most popular video game sold in 2010 was:
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According to a study commissioned by the ESRB, how often do parents agree with the ratings assigned?
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True of False: While the ESRB assigns the ratings, it does not have a say in how and where the rating is displayed on the game's packaging.
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True or False: You can find detailed ratings of individual games on the ESRB website.
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What percentage of video games sold in 2010 were shooting games?
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For which of the following does the ESRB provide ratings?
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How many parents say they pay attention to the content of the games their children play?
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True or False: The identities of the ESRB game raters are kept confidential.
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In 2010, what percentage of games sold were rated E for Everyone?
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A game that's rated E for Everyone is not actually for everyone. What is the minimum age recommended to play games rated E?
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According to studies conducted by the ESRB, what percentage of kids under age 17 are turned away by retailers when they try to buy an M-rated game?
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