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Virgin Islands National Park is a true paradise, offering extravagant sea life, breathtaking views, and exhilarating hikes in the forest. The park includes more than 9,000 acres of beaches and some 5,000 acres of underwater trails. If you're visiting the Caribbean, the Virgin Islands National Park is a "must do" on your itinerary. Take this quiz to learn more about this fascinating park.

Where is Virgin Islands National park located?

The park is located covers almost three-quarters of the island of St. John.


What accommodations are available at Virgin Islands National park?

There is one campground, called the Cinnamon Bay Campground, located in the national park.


The Virgin Islands National park includes:

The park includes 9,000 acres of beaches and some 5,000 acres of natural underwater trails, forests, and mountains.


When was the Virgin Islands National park founded?

The park was founded in 1956.


Where in the Virgin Islands National park can you find a spectacular view?

Trunk Bay offers one of the prettiest views of the Caribbean and is one of the most photographed beaches of the Caribbean.


What island in the national park was once used as a lookout?

Whistling Cay, a small island, was used by customs officers during the 19th century to lookout for smugglers.


How many different plant species are found in the national park?

You can find 740 different plant species in the Virgin Islands National park, including mangoes, palms, and turpentine trees.


Where can you find a self-guided underwater snorkeling tour in the national park?

Besides the spectacular views, Trunk Bay also offers an excellent self-guided underwater snorkeling tour.


What can you learn at the Annaberg Sugar Mill Ruins?

Check out the Annaberg Sugar Mill Ruins to learn about plantation history and the post-emancipation era.


What will you find along the Reef Bay Trail?

Along the Reef Bay trail you will experience both wet and dry tropical forests. You will also see four old sugar estates.


What will you see at Petroglyph Bay?

In Petroglyph Bay you will see a waterfall and a freshwater pool. You will also see petroglyphs in rock carvings.


Who created the petroglyphs at Petroglyph Bay?

The petroglyphs at Petroglyph Bay are approximately 3,000 years old and were created by the first inhabitants of the Virgin Islands, the Tainos.


When did Columbus visit the Virgin Islands?

Columbus visited the Virgin Islands in 1493 and subsequently named the area.


Where does the name "Virgin Islands" come from?

The Virgin Islands is named after the 11,000 virgins who reportedly accompanied St. Ursula to Rome.


Who visited the islands during the 1500s and 1600s?

The only Europeans that visited the Virgin Islands during the 16th and 17th centuries were pirates.


Who built sugar plantations in the Virgin Islands during the 17th century?

The Danish settled in the Virgin Islands during the 17th century and built massive sugar plantations.


What type of labor was used on the Virgin Island sugar plantations?

The Danish used slave labor on their sugar plantations in the Virgin Islands. These laborers were imported from Africa.


The beautiful landscape of the Virgin Islands is the result of:

Volcanic eruptions over 100 million years ago set the stage for the creation of the beautiful Virgin Islands.


What is a unique feature of the underwater trails in the national park?

The Trunk Bay underwater trail includes underwater markers to direct you and underwater signs describing the wildlife in the area.


How deep is the Trunk Bay underwater trail?

Prepare for some serious snorkeling! The Trunk Bay underwater trail is down to 30 feet (9 meters) deep and 225 yards (69 meters) long.


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