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Voyageurs National Park is not your ordinary campground. Be prepared to get wet, as this park is partly covered in water and includes lakes, streams, canals, and marshes. Enjoy an abundance of wildlife and bask in the scenery of relatively untouched land. Take this quiz to learn more about this very aquatic national park.

Voyageurs National Park is named after travelers from:

This national park is named after voyageurs who travelled from Montreal to Alberta, Canada.


Voyageurs National Park is mostly:

Travelling through this national park is mostly done by water.


Where is Voyageurs National Park located?

The park is located along Minnesota's northern border, about 300 miles (482 kilometers) north of the Twin Cities.


What accommodations are available at Voyageurs National Park?

The park has one hotel and several campsites that you approach by boat.


What type of birds can you find at the national park?

You can hear loons echoing and you can see bald eagles soaring. At night, you can hear the eerie sounds of owls. You can also see herons, mallards, and ospreys.


What percentage of Voyageurs National Park is water?

Over 35 percent of the park is covered in water. Four lakes are connected by narrow channels and streams.


While riding on a boat you will likely:

Voyageurs National Park borders with Ontario, Canada. Many boat riders go back and forth between American and Canadian waters without knowing it.


What animal are you likely to see while camping in the Voyageurs National Park?

Many animals live in this national park, including moose, mink, wolves, deer, and bears.


In the springtime, you can enjoy picking ___________ in the Voyageurs National Park.

You can enjoy picking blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries in the springtime. You can also enjoy the bright colors of the trees in this national park.


What fish can you catch in the park?

Enjoy ample fishing in this national park. You can catch trout, smallmouth bass, walleye, northern pike, and lake sturgeon.


What will you find on the Kabetogama Peninsula?

Kabetogama Peninsula is a 75,000-acre roadless land mass full of wildlife to explore.


What will you discover along the Echo Bay Trail?

The Echo Bay Trail is a 2.5 mile loop where you can find great blue herons, woodpeckers, and warblers.


Where can you find an abundance of blueberries during the summer months in the Voyageur National Park?

Enjoy blueberry picking along the 2.5 mile loop of Blind Ash Bay.


What attraction does the Voyageur National Park provide to help discover this vast land?

Learn about the national park by taking a ranger-led trip from Kabetogama Lake Visitor Center to Locator Lake.


The Voyageur National Park ranger-led trip includes travel by:

The ranger-led trip includes travel by foot, boat and canoe. This extensive trip offers you the opportunity to see all the wildlife the national park has to offer.


Why is there a mineshaft on Bushyhead island?

You can find an old 19th century mineshaft on Bushyhead island and remnants of the gold rush in the area of Rainy Lake.


Who used the area surrounding Voyageur National Park as a trade route?

French Canadians, known as coureur-du-bois, used this area as a trade route for furs and other goods.


What made Voyageur National Park area a difficult trade route to navigate?

French Canadians who used this area as a trade route had to carry their canoes on 120 separate portages, making this trade route quite arduous.


The trade route that was used by the French Canadians marked:

This trade route was so important, it was eventually used to demarcate the border between the United States and British-occupied territories, later known as Canada.


When was Voyageurs National Park founded?

The park was founded in the 1970s, but the land was used for centuries by aboriginal people, colonial Americans, and French Canadians.


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