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People have invented some crazy things. Who would have thought that at the press of a button, you could pull out a balcony or that you could sit in a swimming pool, computer in hand! Take this quiz to see how much you know about these innovations!

What type of food was the BLUE bowl designed to store?

Fruit is kept in a BLUE bowl, which gets its name from the blue ultraviolet light it emits.


What is the purpose of using ultraviolet light in the BLUE bowl?

Ultraviolet light waves break down ethylene gas and bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella, all of which speed up the rotting process.


What wacky invention lets you gauge the "mood" of your houseplants?

The Pet Plant uses optical sensors in the planter to determine the "mood" of the plant, based on its growing conditions.


Which of the following does the Pet Plant measure?

Optical sensors in the planter measure the soil temperature and moisture and light levels, and then the device displays a digital facial expression based on the plant's status. A happy face means a happy plant!


Which European country does not allow balconies to be built onto historic houses?

To maintain the integrity of its historic buildings, Sweden restrict landowners from building balconies onto homes. That restriction led to the development of a fold-out balcony.


What sort of material is the fold-out balcony made from?

The fold-out balcony is fitted to the size of an existing window opening, and a frame is made from steel and aluminum. The balcony has reinforced steel bars to allow for better control while using the motorized fold-out system.


What type of light is used in the interactive coffee table?

The interactive coffee table, called the Wave, uses LEDs (light emitting diodes). Optical sensors read pressure changes on the table surface and cause the lights to change via circuits through the table.


What makes the interactive coffee table environmentally friendly?

When fully alight, the coffee table uses only 35 watts of energy, though it's likely to be inactive a lot of the time, depending on how you use your coffee table. In addition, the Wave is made from American maple wood and non-formaldehyde plywood and is varnished with a water-based lacquer.


Which type of living environment is the Vertebrae bathroom system designed for?

The Vertebrae bathroom is ideal for maximizing living space in small urban apartments. The sink, showerhead and storage bins swivel out, resembling a Swiss Army knife.


What price does the Vertebrae bathroom sell for?

About $15,000 will get you a Vertebrae bathroom, which could be economical given the cost of replacing each separate bathroom fixture.


What is the Washlet S400?

The Washlet S400 toilet seat attachment can automatically raise and lower the seat, flush and even spray water on you for extra cleaning when you're finished, all at the push of a wall-mounted button.


What are Woofer speakers designed to look like?

Woofer speakers function as any other loudspeaker would, but they come in the shape of a headless German shepherd -- pun intended!


What size speakers come with the Woofer?

Woofers come with 180-watt speakers, and a pair sells for about $1,500.


What can be added to the Zadro Oxygen bar to enhance the experience?

Essential oils can be added to the filter in the compressor box of the Zadro Oxygen bar. Oxygen travels through a small tube from the box to a nosepiece, so you can enjoy pure oxygen with your favorite scent!


What sort of mechanism is used in the Zadro Oxygen bar to compress the oxygen?

A silent motor is used in the compressor box of the Zadro Oxygen bar, which sells for $299. The Zadro also comes with relaxing sounds built in!


What sort of power does the Pool PC run on?

The Pool PC runs on solar power, so you don't need to worry about plugging it in -- unless it rains.


How does the Pool PC keep its processing unit cool?

The Pool PC is fully waterproof, so it uses the surrounding water to keep cool, thus eliminating the need for the fan used in traditional computers.


How does the Pool PC deal with the problem of water getting into the keyboard?

The Pool PC uses a touch screen in place of a keyboard, and it also features a built-in GPS, Internet and Bluetooth connections and a stretchable attachment to fit all ring sizes.


What makes the Hoverit Lounger hover?

The chair and the base have magnets of opposing poles inside them, which force the chair upward so it looks like it's levitating.


Which material should you keep away from the Hoverit Lounger chair?

Anything metal -- including credit cards with magnetic strips, cell phones, computers and tools -- may come flying toward the chair. People with pacemakers and other sensitive medical devices are warned not to use the chair, as it can cause them to malfunction.


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