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They say you never really know someone until you walk a mile in their shoes -- but what if you could spend a day inside their body? The 2003 flick, "Freaky Friday," allows a busy mom to do just that with her teenage daughter, giving them both a much-needed new perspective and bringing them closer together. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about this classic Disney film!

Who plays teenager Anna Coleman in the film?

It's Lindsay Lohan, in one of her first leading film roles, who played 15-year old Anna Coleman in the 2003 movie, "Freaky Friday." Jamie Lee Curtis starred as her mom, Tess Coleman.


What is the name of Anna's annoying younger brother?

Part of Anna's frustration with her mom is that she is always being blamed for starting trouble with her brother Harry -- who she refers to as a troll -- when it's often Harry who's antagonizing Anna.


True or false: Stacey Hinkhouse just wants to be friends with Anna.

Tess can't understand why Anna is so negative towards former friend Stacey Hinkhouse. Turns out, Stacey holds a grudge against Anna and does anything she can to cause her grief -- such as hitting her with a volleyball in gym class.


Who is Anna's crush in the movie?

Anna totally has a crush on older boy Jake, played by Chad Michael Murray. He seems interested in Anna, but doesn't truly fall head over heels until Anna and Tess switch places -- leading to a really bizarre situation as Chad pursues what appears to be Tess.


What is Tess' job in the movie?

Tess is a therapist who finds herself working hard to meet the needs of her patients -- even during her time off. As the film opens, Tess is even busier than normal because she is trying to juggle work while also planning her upcoming wedding.


What instrument does Anna play?

Anna is a guitar master, jamming out on her dad's old Telecaster, which she received after he died a few years earlier.


What is the name of Anna's band?

Anna rocks out in a band called Pink Slip. While they mostly practice in Anna's garage, they are looking for their big break. Unfortunately, Tess is less than supportive of the whole band idea.


Who keeps giving Anna bad grades at school?

No matter how hard Anna tries, she always seems to end up with an "F" in Mr. Bates' class. She later learns that Tess turned him down when he asked her to prom back in high school, and he's taking revenge by lowering Anna's GPA.


What is the name of Tess' fiance?

Tess is engaged to be married to Ryan, who is almost ready to call off the wedding because he feels that Anna isn't ready to accept him as part of the family.


What event are Anna and her friends hoping to win a spot in?

Anna and her band mates have scored an audition for Wango Tango, a huge music festival put on annually by a Los Angeles radio station. To attend the audition at House of Blues, Anna will have to skip out on the rehearsal dinner for her mom's wedding.


What kind of restaurant does the family attend the night before the rehearsal dinner?

The Colemans and Ryan head for a Chinese restaurant called Pei-Pei on the night before the rehearsal dinner. Tensions between Anna and Tess are at their highest point -- which doesn't escape the notice of the restaurant staff.


What happens when Anna and Tess read the fortunes in their cookies?

Anna and Tess read their fortunes, which are really an ancient incantation. Soon they experience a mini earthquake that only the two of them can feel.


How long are Anna and Tess displaced in one another's bodies?

The mom and daughter duo spend 24 hours living one another's lives. They first switch places at midnight on the day of the visit to the Chinese restaurant, then switch back 24 hours later, after the rehearsal dinner. While they are willing to try anything to get back to normal, they learn that only selfless love can break the spell and switch them back.


Where are Tess and Anna when they first realize that they have switched places?

Tess and Anna trade places at the stroke of midnight, when both are sleeping. Tess is the first to realize what happened, when she wakes up in Anna's bed instead of her own.


Who does Harry write a school essay about?

While she is stuck in Tess' body, Anna is forced to attend a parent-teacher conference at Harry's school. While she is there, Harry's teacher shows her an essay that Harry wrote about how much he admires his sister Anna -- which totally changes how she feels about her little brother.


What does Stacey do to get Anna in big trouble while Tess is occupying Anna's body?

Tess learns for herself why Stacey Hinkhouse is bad news. While Tess is stuck in Anna's body, Stacey claims that Anna cheated on a test, landing Anna/Tess in detention yet again.


How does Jake finally win Tess' approval?

After Tess -- in Anna's body -- is accused on cheating on a big test, Jake helps her sneak into the file room at school to finish the exam, which makes Tess think that maybe Jake isn't so bad after all. While she is in the file room, Tess/Anna erases all of the answers on Stacey's answer sheet to get revenge.


Which of these is Anna forced to do while in Tess' body?

Ryan surprises Tess -- who is really Anna at the time -- by getting her an appearance on a talk show to discuss her latest book. Poor Anna is forced to appear on TV and discuss a subject she knows nothing about.


Who finally tells Anna and her friends they can go to their audition?

Anna resigns herself to missing the Wango Tango audition because it's at the same time as the rehearsal dinner. When her friends try to kidnap Anna -- who is really Tess -- soon-to-be-stepfather Ryan tells them to go ahead and go to the audition.


What act finally proves selfless love and allows Anna and Tess to switch back?

When Anna -- in Tess' body -- gives a toast at the rehearsal dinner, she finally makes Ryan feel like he's been accepted fully into the family. This act of selfless love breaks the spell, causes a minor earthquake once again, and sends mom and daughter back into their own bodies.


Who nearly switches bodies at the end of the film?

When the owner of the Chinese restaurant notices Granda and Harry fighting at the reception, she tries to give them fortune cookies to make them switch places like Anna and Tess did. Fortunately, her daughter notices and tackles the pair before they can read their fortunes.


What permanent change did Anna make while she was in Tess' body?

While she was trapped in her mom's body, Anna got a piercing in the upper portion of Tess' ear. Tess decided to keep the new piercing after the two switched back.


True or false: Anna's band wins a spot at Wango Tango.

It's a good thing Ryan let Anna and her friends skip the rehearsal dinner and go to their audition. They were such a hit that they scored a place at Wango Tango.


Ok, what the heck does senescence mean anyway?

Anna is totally thrown when she is in Tess' body and is forced to appear on a talk show and discuss a book on senescence. She manages to make it through the segment once she figures out that senescence pretty much just refers to aging or growing older.


True or false: The 2003 version was the third movie Disney made based on the book "Freaky Friday."

Everyone knows about the original 1976 movie version of "Freaky Friday," but did you know Disney also made a TV movie based on the book? The 1995 TV movie starred Gaby Hoffman and Shelley Long. That means the 2003 Lindsay Lohan version was actually Disney's third "Freaky Friday" movie.


Who played the daughter in the 1976 version of the film?

It was a young Jodie Foster who played the daughter in the 1976 film, with Barbara Harris as the mom. Foster was asked to star as Tess in the 2003 remake, but she turned down the part.


What was the name of the daughter in the 1972 book, "Freaky Friday"?

All "Freaky Friday" films are based on a 1972 book by Mary Rodgers. In the book, Annabel Andrews switches places with her mother, who is largely absent from the book and only shows up at the beginning and the end.


True or false: Both Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan played guitar in the 2003 film.

To make the movie more authentic, both Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis learned to play guitar well enough to actually play the instrument in the film.


Which celebrity offspring almost played Anna's bandmate, Maddie, in the film?

Kelly Osbourne was offered the part of Maddie -- lead singer of Pink Slip. She turned down the part, which ended up going to Christina Vidal.


Which young actress turned down the role of Anna in the film?

Michelle Trachtenberg was offered the role of Anna, but had to turn it down because she was busy working on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." That left the part open for Lindsay Lohan, who had her first major motion picture role in "Freaky Friday," since "The Parent Trap" in 1998.


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