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This wallcovering quiz will test your knowledge of wallcovering options and installation. Test yourself with the wallcovering quiz.

Which will not help you select the perfect wallcovering?

<p dir="ltr">Though their advice or opinions may be appreciated, it can often contribute to your confusion and stress.</p>


Which is not true about wall tile?

<p>Not true. Glass, metal and tumbled stone tiles can add a unique look to any wall in the house.</p>


Which is not true about paint?

<p>Your paint color can be changed with a stroke of a brush to fit your personal style.</p>


Which is not a faux paint technique?

<p dir="ltr">There's a crackle ... but no snapple finish.</p>


Texturing techniques can make walls look like:

<p>New paints and textured products can create three-dimensional effects by layering on walls<b>.</b></p>


What's the best way to add height to a room using wallpaper?

<p>Vertical stripes raise the height of the ceiling by drawing the eye upward.</p>


Which is not true of small-printed wallpaper?

<p>On the contrary, it tends to create a more intimate space.</p>


Which is not true of wainscoting?

<p>Wainscoting was originally designed to protect walls from chair damage.</p>


Which is not true of crown molding?

<p>Crown molding can be made out of flexible vinyl and lightweight, dense foam.</p>


Which is not used to create a visual illusion?

<p>It might make for good television, but don't try this at home! Extreme wallcoverings are better left to the professionals.</p>


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