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Can you choose the best motorcycle accessories for health and safety in warm weather? Take the quiz.

Which of the following accessories provides the best way for a motorcyclist to protect his or her neck in warm weather?

Besides protecting the neck from sun and wind, a scarf soaked in water cools the blood passing through the carotid arteries on either side of the neck. However, sunblock is vital to protecting any exposed skin.


Warm-weather motorcycle jackets and pants are commonly made from:

Because nylon is lightweight, breathable and offers reasonable protection against abrasions, it's a common material in motorcycle apparel.


What is the best beverage to slake your thirst during a warm-weather motorcycle trip?

Drinking water or sports drinks with electrolytes is the best way to stay hydrated. Avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks, both of which promote urine excretion. and increase the likelihood of dehydration.


What is the best footwear for a warm-weather motorcycle trip?

Motorcycle boots with ventilation panels circulate air and cool the feet more effectively than their waterproof counterparts. In collisions, sneakers and sandals offer little protection from abrasions and crush injuries.


Which of the following should NOT be a primary concern when selecting a piece of warm-weather motorcycle apparel?

Many riders mistakenly believe dark clothing absorbs more heat than light-colored clothing, according to Jordan Pryce Levitt of motorcycle apparel company REV'IT! Sport USA. The difference is negligible for motorcyclists traveling at normal speeds.


In warm-weather motorcycle apparel, which of the following materials is NOT commonly used in protective padding?

All of these materials are lightweight and designed to withstand the forces of collision impact except latex.


An adjustable motorcycle windshield does all of the following except:

Adjustable motorcycle windshields allow the driver to direct airflow onto and away from the body as desired. The latter also helps reduce the aerodynamic drag produced by the rider's body position on the bike.


Which of the following is the best garment to wear underneath a jacket to regulate body temperature?

Clothing made from proprietary sweat-wicking materials draws moisture from the skin to the outer layer of the garment to help control body temperature.


Of the following, which are the best types of gloves for a motorcyclist to wear on a hot day?

Mesh gloves are generally less durable than their waterproof leather counterparts, but they provide increased airflow for comfort as well as adequate protection.


Proper warm-weather motorcycle gear keeps the rider cool and comfortable while providing protection against the most common injury sustained in motorcycle crashes. What is this injury?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, abrasions are the most common injuries during motorcycle crashes.


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