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In the 1980s we saw an increase in the number of dance flicks and musicals being created. Some of them included "Footloose," "Dirty Dancing," "Flashdance," and "Break-in'." And while everyone had their favorites, "Dirty Dancing" and "Footloose" have been called the generational favorites in their genre. 

"Footloose" is a 1984 film starring Kevin Bacon as a teen from Chicago who moves to a small town where dancing and rock music have been banned by a local minister. He decides to challenge the anti-dance rule and ends up pulling off a prom outside of the town's limits where the teens have the time of their lives. 

"Dirty Dancing" is a 1987 film starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey who starred as a dance instructor and resort guest (respectively), who come from different worlds but meet and fall in love. In between the romance and the drama, the movie is filled with amazing dance moves that many people wished they could perform. 

The movies have many overlapping themes and while it can be hard to differentiate which scene came from which movie, there are a few people out there who can. Will you be one of them? Take this quiz to find out if your 1980s dance movie knowledge holds up.

Which film was set in Oklahoma?

"Footloose" was based on real events in Elmore City, Oklahoma. "Dirty Dancing" took place in the Catskills.


"Nobody puts Baby in a corner" is an iconic line from which film?

We're starting this off easy! This famous line comes from "Dirty Dancing." Patrick Swayze says it just before the big finale!


Which movie had a famous prom scene?

The famous prom scene comes from "Footloose." The scene was reshot a few times so that it would be more lively.


Which movie sparked a tourism boom and themed retreat?

"Dirty Dancing" has its own themed retreat! "Kellerman's," which is in Pembroke in Virginia, hosts "Dirty Dancing"-style weekends.


Which movie involves abortion?

It's never explicitly stated, but "Dirty Dancing" addresses abortion. Penny asks for Baby's money so she can get one, which was illegal at the time.


Which movie was Sarah Jessica Parker in?

SJP was in "Footloose," but she auditioned for "Dirty Dancing"! Imagine if she had been in both!


Which film has Ren McCormack?

Ren McCormack is Kevin Bacon's character in "Footloose." He lives in a small town that bans dancing!


The iconic crawling scene from which movie was totally improvised?

Remember when Jennifer Grey crawls towards Patrick Swayze on the dance floor? That was all improvised!


Which film has John Lithgow?

Lithgow plays a minister in "Footloose." He has a tragic past that comes out later in the story.


What movie features "She's Like the Wind"?

"She's Like the Wind" was performed by Patrick Swayze himself. It's one of the most beautiful songs in the movie.


What movie has a famous water dance?

No one can forget that famous water dance in the lake! Apparently, the surrounding leaves had to be painted green because they were showing fall colors.


The male lead from which movie did all his own stunts?

Patrick Swayze did all his own stunts. Kevin Bacon, on the other hand, was vexed that he had to have stunt doubles.


Which film was Tom Cruise almost in?

Tom Cruise almost played Ren in "Footloose." He couldn't do it because of a scheduling conflict.


The two leads from which movie had a rocky working relationship​?

Swayze and Grey had worked together before on "Red Dawn." It wasn't always easy for them to work together.


Which film only cast experienced dancers?

The director demanded that only experienced dancers be cast. This was definitely not the case for "Footloose."


Which movie had actress Dianne Wiest?

Dianne Wiest was in Footloose. The beloved American actress played Vi Moore.


Which movie featured a lot of great oldies?

"Dirty Dancing" had so many great oldies that it sparked an oldies music revival. The album sold 32 million copies worldwide.


A "Blue Lagoon" star almost landed the lead in which film?

"Blue Lagoon" star Christopher Atkins almost played Ren. Unfortunately​, he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol during his meeting with producers.


The lead male from which movie went undercover for his role?

Kevin Bacon went undercover to play Ren. He entered a high school at age 24 and only lasted a few hours.


In which movie was the lead female ten years older than her character?

Jennifer Grey was 10 years older than the character of Baby. In her audition, she had to prove that she could play younger.


Which film had a love scene that was cut?

"Dirty Dancing" has a love scene that now is in most versions. But originally, the love scene was cut, then rereleased on DVD in 2007.


Which movie did Sharon Stone audition for?

Sharon Stone auditioned for Baby in "Dirty Dancing." No one can imagine her being that innocent!


Which movie was turned into a stage musical?

Both were turned into stage musicals. Audiences can choose their favorite retro treat.


Which movie had a sequel?

"Dirty Dancing" actually had a sequel. The 2004 film is set in Cuba.


Which movie did Madonna audition for?

Madonna auditioned for "Footloose." The role of Ariel Moore ended up going to Lori Singer.


The male lead from which movie had to take Valium while shooting?

Apparently, Kevin Bacon had a real fear of public speaking. He broke out in hives before the town council scene.


In which movie do the male and female leads wear contrasting colors?

The costume designer purposefully had Johnny wearing dark colors while Baby wore light colors. In "Footloose," everyone wore jeans.


Which movie lost a director midshoot?

Michael Cimino, of "Deer Hunter" fame, was cut from the movie for budgetary reasons. He was replaced by Herbert Ross, who also directed "Steel Magnolias."


The male lead from which film was adverse to the music from it?

Apparently, Kevin Bacon got so tired of the music from "Footloose," he would pay DJs not to play it. He thought people would want him to perform.


In which film did Wayne Knight make his debut?

Wayne Knight made his film debut in "Dirty Dancing." He'd go on to make several movies, including "Jurassic Park."


Which film did Conan O'Brien demand a rerelease of?

Because of O'Brien's demands, the movie was released in 1997. O'Brien later admitted that he didn't like the movie all that much!


Val Kilmer was offered the lead in which movie?

Val Kilmer was offered the lead in "Dirty Dancing." He turned it down.


Which movie came out in 1984?

"Footloose" came out in 1984. "Dirty Dancing" didn't come out till 1987.


Which movie is famous for really tight man pants?

Kevin Bacon wore those impossibly tight jeans on purpose! Patrick Swayze had more of a relaxed fit.


Which film was originally called "Cheek to Cheek"?

Footloose was originally going to be called "Cheek to Cheek." We're glad that they changed the title.


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