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Forget the myths about cherry trees and wooden teeth. These two men are icons of American history. Do you know which facts apply to George Washington and which to Abraham Lincoln?

Which man served as the first president of the United States?

George Washington leveraged his popularity as a war hero to become a successful politician. Once the United States gained its independence, it was Washington who won the first election for president.


Which man may have died from medical mistakes committed by a doctor?

At the end of his life, Washington fell ill. A doctor commenced with a bloodletting process ... and took about 5 pints of blood from the patient's body. That he lost so much blood may have actually been what killed America's founding hero.


Which man freed African-Americans from slavery?

As the Civil War raged, Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed all slaves. Of course, many of them were free only in theory until after the war finally ended.


Which man was known for his heroics with the Continental Army?

During the American Revolution, Washington's leadership skills became readily apparent. Just enough times, he outsmarted his British rivals and won the battles that turned the tide of the Revolution in the favor of the colonists.


Which man was lambasted in the media at the end of his presidency?

After starting his presidency to standing ovations, Washington's second term was plagued by accusations that he was becoming a little too king-like. He was wise to give up the presidency before the press could dog him further.


Which man has the highest rank ever in the American military ... and will never be outranked?

George Washington, that's who. As the hero and founding father of the U.S.A., Washington was posthumously named General of the Armies in 1976, and he'll never be outranked by anyone.


Which president created the Secret Service?

Just hours before he was shot to death, Lincoln created the agency that's now known as the Secret Service. But the original purpose of the agency wasn't to protect politicians -- it was to thwart counterfeiting.


Which man rose to great heights in spite of growing up in a poor family?

Abraham Lincoln was born in a single-room log house, to a family that didn't really have very much money. Washington, on the other hand, grew up in a wealthy family that had a lot of power in Virginia.


Was it Lincoln or Washington who worked as a lawyer early in life?

Lincoln had little formal education as a child, but he was an eager learner. He learned the law and began working as a lawyer during his early years in politics.


Which of these famous presidents was assassinated?

Just a few weeks before the end of the Civil War that he successfully navigated, Lincoln attended a production at Ford's Theater in Washington, D.C. There, he was shot; he later died of his wounds.


Which man had the nickname "Honest"?

Abraham Lincoln had a reputation as a straight shooter who didn't have much patience for lies. He was often called "Honest Abe," a moniker that he reportedly despised.


Which man was an adept wrestler?

Lincoln was an ungainly looking man, but he was more athletic than he appeared. He put his height and weight to use in wrestling matches, which he often won in his younger days.


Which man was the only president ever to have a patent?

Lincoln was a thinker. He patented a device that helped free steamboats that ran aground in shallow water, making him the only president to file a patent.


Which leader was expected to win a major war within 90 days of the conflict's opening rounds?

The Civil War was expected to be a rout for the North, and Lincoln was saddled with the expectations of a quick and decisive victory. He was soon burdened with the reality that the war would be neither quick nor bloodless.


Which man worked as a surveyor early in life?

Washington first learned the ropes of surveying early in life near Mount Vernon, in Virginia. For years, he worked as a surveyor, a job that put him in contact with many wealthy landowners -- the kind of men who can greatly assist a man's political career.


Which man is tallest president in United States history?

Lincoln was 6'4 and towered over all of his contemporaries, and he's the tallest man ever to serve as president. Washington was 6 feet tall, which in the 1700s was exceedingly tall.


Who is known as the "Father" of the United States?

For his role in the Revolution and as the first president, Washington is known as the "Father" of the country. He exhibited fearless leadership at the times when it mattered the most, sealing his legacy as a true forefather of America.


Who served for years in the Illinois House of Representatives?

Lincoln grew up in the area of Kentucky and Indiana and was later elected to the Illinois House of Representatives. In 1846, he was elected to the United States House of Representatives.


Which man insisted on being called "Mr. President" during his time in office?

Before Washington settled the matter, there were all sorts of terms bandied about for officially referring to the president: Highness, Majesty, and so forth. Fortunately, common sense and Washington's level head resulted in the much plainer term: Mr. President.


Was it Lincoln or Washington who gave a famous speech called the "Gettysburg Address"?

On Nov. 1, 1863, Lincoln gave a short speech at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Now known as the Gettysburg Address, it's one of the most famous speeches in American history. And it begins with the line, "Four score and seven years ago..."


Which man had not one, but two horses shot out from under him during one battle?

During the French and Indian War, Washington was in command of British and Virginian men who were suffering a major defeat. He fearlessly rode across the battlefield, and twice, his horse was shot out from under him.


Which famous man fought in the French and Indian War?

Long before the Revolution, Washington was part of the Virginia militia, which became ensnared in the French and Indian War. He had some close calls, but survived and learned some of the leadership skills that would serve him well later in life.


Was it Lincoln or Washington who served two terms as president?

George Washington served two terms as president, and given his popularity, he probably could have kept right on going. But he was eager to establish a precedent that presidents were not kings, and should only serve a limited time in office.


The election of which man fractured the political landscape of the country?

Lincoln swept the Northern states but fared poorly in the South, in part because of his anti-slavery views. His election immediately set secessionists into a frenzy that ultimately resulted in war.


Which president was succeeded by John Adams?

Once Washington opted to step out of his presidential role, a new politician had to somehow try and fill his shoes. That man was John Adams, an intelligent but weird guy who made plenty of political enemies in his day.


Which man was eulogized with the words, "First in war, first in peace and first the hearts of his countrymen"?

Henry Lee III, a representative from Virginia, had some timeless words in eulogizing Washington. He pointed out that Washington led in both times of war and peace, and he knew the difference ... which made him a hero to his fellow citizens.


Which man had four biological children?

Abraham Lincoln fathered four children with Mary Todd. Washington had no biological children, but he did have two stepchildren. Some historians believe that Washington may have been unable to father children.


Which man freed his slaves in his will?

Washington, along with numerous other forefathers, had slaves who worked for his family. In his will, however, he freed them.


Was it Lincoln or Washington who may have frequently suffered from depression during his life?

Many researchers have put forth that Lincoln was depressed during his life, particularly after emotionally wrenching events. The death of his first love (Ann Rutledge) left him virtually incapacitated for a time.


Which man put a lot of effort into the Thirteen Amendment to the Constitution?

Lincoln realized that slavery was more than a political issue -- it was a moral one, too. It's why he rammed the Thirteenth Amendment through Congress and helped abolish slavery.


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