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The phenomenon of M*A*S*H. started with a book and wound up as both an acclaimed movie and even more acclaimed TV show. Do you know if these events happened in the TV series or the film?

Is it the movie or TV show in which Hawkeye tries to help Hon-Jo avoid being drafted into the South Korean army?

Hawkey gives Hon-Jo drugs to speed up his heartbeat and ramp up his blood pressure in an effort to help him fail a physical. But the gimmick fails and Hon-Jo is selected for service.


Is it the TV show or movie in which Father Mulcahy loses his hearing in a freak accident?

In the series finale, the Father suffers noise-induced hearing loss. He decides to use his suffering to find a better path in his life.


Is it the movie or TV show in which Hawkeye and Trapper go to Japan to perform an operation but decide that golfing is more important?

Trapper sees the X-rays of his patient in Japan and realizes that the situation really isn't that dire. So he invites Hawkeye to go to Japan, too … and they go golfing.


Sick of the terrible food, Hawkeye calls a BBQ joint in America and concocts a plan to have the ribs delivered to Korea.

If you get really, really tired of military food, you can go to extremes. For instance, you can copy Hawkeye's TV antics and concoct a wild scheme to have ribs delivered all the way across the world.


The camp is bombarded by friendly fire and Frank proposes to Margaret.

On the TV show, the camp is ripped to shreds by friendly artillery bombardment. And driven by jealousy, Frank impulsively decides to propose to Margaret.


Frank Burns punches Hawkeye and is removed from the camp for psychological evaluation.

You almost feel sorry for Frank Burns, because Hawkeye is constantly pushing his buttons. But physical assault is over the line, and after Frank punches Hawkeye, he's removed from camp for evaluation.


Men of the 4077th raise the walls of the shower tent so that everyone sees Margaret naked.

In the movie, the men place bets to see what Margaret looks like unclothed. Then, they pull up the walls of the shower, exposing her to many people in the camp … something that probably wouldn't fly in today's military.


Is it the movie or TV show in which Radar takes blood from a sleeping Colonel Blake to help save the life of a Korean POW?

In the movie, the surgeons are scrambling for A- blood and can't find anyone with the right type. Radar manages to "borrow" some blood from the colonel while he's sleeping.


Trapper goes home and a man named B.J. Hunnicut replaces him.

It's an event that leaves Hawkeye distraught -- his buddy Trapper goes home. But fortunately, B.J. turns to be a suitable replacement for Trapper.


Is it the movie or the TV show in which Waldowski suffers from impotence?

In the movie, Waldowski is saddened that he's suffering from impotence. He tells Hawkeye he's afraid that he might be a homosexual who really isn't attracted to women.


Frank becomes very ill and makes his will … leaving some of his possessions to his wife, and his clothes to Margaret.

On TV, Frank comes down with a fever that's sweeping the camp. In his delusional state, he wills his money to his wife and his clothes to Hot Lips, which does not make the latter very happy.


Is it the TV show or movie which ends with a drunken poker game that's interrupted by a scene of a dead soldier?

The 4077th wins a big bet and then celebrates with a drunken poker game. But reality slaps them in the faces as a dead soldier's body intrudes on the scene.


Is it the movie or the TV show in which Trapper and Hawkeye are ordered to Japan to operate on a congressman's son?

In the film, our star doctors fly to Japan to save a politician's son. But the wind up in hot water after operating to save a local infant, too.


Trapper finds a football ringer nicknamed "Spearchucker" to help the 4077th win a football game against another camp.

The 4077th is badly outmanned when it comes to athletes. But Trapper finds a guy named Spearchucker, who happens to be a former pro football player, and he helps them win the game.


Is it the TV show or movie in which Duke says he's not attracted to anyone but blondes?

Duke tells Trapper and Hawkeye that he finds the blonde Hot Lips rather gross. But later in the movie, we find out that's not at all the case.


Klinger buys a goat, convinced that he can make money by selling the animal's milk.

Klinger is always coming up with silly schemes, and the goat milk plan is one of his worst ideas. The animal actually costs the camp money by eating the entire payroll.


Hawkeye is in a terrible car accident and suffers a concussion. He forces himself to stay awake by talking constantly to a Korean family who can't understand a word he says.

Hawkeye's concussion is a bad sign. He knows that he can't fall asleep or he may not wake up again, so he babbles on and on to a kind but bewildered local family.


Waldowski decides that he is going to commit suicide.

In the movie, Waldowski decides that he can't deal with his impotence and relationship issues. He swallows a capsule that he hopes will kill him … only to find out later that it's not actually poison.


An Olympic runner is supposed to help the 4077th win a footrace … but he doesn't show up. So the Father must take the race into his own feet, er, hands.

You have to hand it to the Father -- he'll step into any situation and try to make the best of it. But with this inter-camp footrace, he may be in over his head.


Hawkeye and Trapper drug a colonel and stage photographs of him with a prostitute in order to protect themselves from reprisals.

In the movie, Hawkeye and Trapper face potential court-martial due to their insubordination in Japan. So they drug the colonel who threatens them with reprisals, photograph him with a geisha, all for the purpose of protecting themselves from his attempts at revenge.


A nurse named Lt. Schneider decides to sleep with Waldowski in order to heal his mental issues.

On TV, Hawkeye convinces a camp nurse to physically attend to the distraught Waldowski, who is suffering from impotence. The nurse does her part and "heals" him.


Is it the TV show or movie in which Walter "Painless Pole" plays a major role as the camp's dentist?

In the movie, "Painless Pole" is the dentist who spends much of his time womanizing. And his relationship problems nearly cause him to end his life.


During a Halloween celebration at the 4077th, Father Mulcahy realized that a soldier who'd been pronounced dead is actually quite alive.

It's a macabre storyline for a Halloween TV episode -- a soldier is left for dead. But as it turns out, the doctors were wrong … he's still alive.


Colonel Potter must have a heart-to-heart with an old friend and officer who is accidentally killing his own men due to his incompetence.

In this episode, Potter knows that his own friend won't take kindly to the news, but someone has to tell him -- he needs to face his incompetence or risk killing more American soldiers.


Hawkeye and Margaret assemble a time capsule meant to mark their lives in Korea.

As the series drew to a close, Margaret and Hawkeye become a bit nostalgic. They put together a time capsule that represents the suffering and triumphs of life at the 4077th.


Is it the movie or TV show in which Hawkeye and Duke jump into a Jeep and leave the 4077th, never to return again?

At the end of the film, Hawkeye and Duke receive their orders for home. They don't even bother to wait for their driver -- they jump into the Jeep and drive off as fast as they can.


General Hammond calls Colonel Blake regarding Margaret's complaints about crazy behavior at the 4077th.

The general calls to tell Colonel Blake that the Old Baldy battle is over … and also to express concerns about crazy behavior that Margaret reported. Blake simply tells the general not to believe everything he hears.


Hawkeye is trapped by heavy artillery bombardment and decides to write his will, leaving some of his possessions to co-workers at the 4077th.

In one very serious episode, Hawkeye is almost certain he's about to die. He draws up his will … but then miraculously survives.


An officer visits the 4077th to recruit personnel for a new M.A.S.H. unit, leaving the current staff very concerned.

In "Rumor at the Top," the staff of the 4077th is worried that some of them will be forced to split up in order to serve in the new M.A.S.H. unit … and they'll do anything to stop that from happening.


The 4077th drugs the players of the opposing camp's football team to keep them from winning a game.

All is fair in love and war. The 4077th is losing a big-money game against another camp, so they resort to desperate tactics. They drug the competition's running back … and then win the game.


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