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Do you remember the first time you saw a wasp is and thought it was the world's largest, scariest bee? While wasps and bees share certain features, wasps have their own lifestyle, which differs greatly from that of bees. Do you know how wasps work? Take this quiz to learn more about the bee's more frightening cousin -- the wasp.

What is the evolutionary relationship between wasps and bees?

The modern wasp is much closer to its prehistoric ancestor, while the bee evolved from the wasp into a kinder, gentler creature.


Which of these Hollywood blockbusters was influenced by the life cycle of wasps?

The scenes in the movie Alien that depict life forms gestating, feeding, and eventually breaking out of host creatures were based on the fact that certain wasps lay their eggs inside of host insects whom they have paralyzed.


Approximately how many species of wasps are there?

You think you know a wasp when you see one, but there are actually more than 20,000 species of this insect, some of which look quite weird.


What are the exoskeletons of wasps made of?

The outer shell of a wasp, known as the exoskeleton, is made of a long-grain polymer called chitin, a glucose derivative.


How many legs do wasps have?

Wasps are part of the insect family, which means that they have six legs.


The wings of a wasp are attached to what body part?

The main body of a wasp's exoskeleton is known as the thorax, to which the legs and wings are all attached.


Which sex of wasp has a stinger?

Only female wasps have a stinger. Male wasps are inactive, and many can't even fly.


The organ that eventually evolved into the wasp stinger was called what?

The ovipositor, which eventually evolved into a stinger, was originally the part of a female wasp's anatomy used to lay eggs directly into other creatures. This is why only female wasps have them.


Having washed a wasp sting, what is the next step?

If you've been stung, you should leave the area immediately to avoid being stung again. Go wash the injured area, and then apply an ice-filled washcloth in 10-minute intervals. You can then determine whether you need to take further action.


What is the primary purpose of wasp venom?

While wasp venom does cause a lot of pain to large creatures, its primary purpose is reproductive. It is designed to paralyze insects, so that the wasp can lay her eggs inside the victim.


When a wasp stings you, where does the venom go?

Wasps inject their venom directly into their victim's blood stream. This allows for efficient delivery of the poison, and it augments the poison's effects.


Which of these hormones, found in wasp venom, causes a loss of blood flow to the stung area?

Norepinephrine, one of the active ingredients in wasp venom, causes a temporary loss of blood flow to the stung area, dramatically augmenting the pain of the sting.


Scientists at the University of Georgia are attempting to train wasps to detect which of these?

The war on terror has enlisted wasps (and bees) to help detect explosives and chemical weapons.


A single wasp larva might consume how many spiders?

Larvae of the black and yellow mud dauber feed on spiders. The mother will fill the larva's cylinder with as many as 40 spiders and then leave, never to return.


The average yellow jacket colony has how many wasps?

A single yellow jacket colony will have between 2,800 and 5,000 wasps. If you see one or two, there are likely thousands more in the vicinity.


Which of these insects is a species of wasp?

The term velvet ant is a misnomer, as these hairy crawlers are actually a species of wasp. This particular species shed its wings in favor of ruling the Earth.


Why should you avoid killing a wasp near its nest?

When a wasp is in danger it releases pheromones that other wasps smell and interpret as a warning. They will attack anything nearby that they feel qualifies as a threat.


During which season should you knock down wasp nests?

If you want to rid your yard of wasp nests, do so in the winter when the nests are empty.


Which of these is likely to attract wasps?

Perfume doesn't just smell good to humans, wasps love it as well. The sweet smell of alcohol and artificial fragrances will attract wasps from far and wide, so be careful.


What is the only reason a wasp will attack a human?

Wasps are only interested in finding pollen or hunting insects. They will come after a person only when they feel threatened, so remain calm around wasps; they will likely fly away the moment they have determined you are neither an insect nor a flower.


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