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Have you ever noticed clear, water-filled plastic bags hanging in restaurants and wondered just what these were for? Take this quiz and see how a bag of water can keep flies away.

If you see a bag of water hanging in a restaurant, what could be the reason?

There is a belief that clear bags of water can keep away flies.


Why bother to chase flies away?

Other than being a nuisance, they are a health hazard because they spend quality time in dumpsters, on animal droppings and other sources of germs.


What do some advocates of hanging a plastic bag of water insist on adding to the water?

They insist on adding flakes of floating tin foil.


Why, according to popular theory, would a clear bag of water drive away a fly?

One theory is that the sight of its own magnified reflection scares the fly away.


What is the most common reasoning for his method among entomologists?

Since the fly has a pair of large complex eyes, the light refraction caused by the water in the plastic bag confuses it and so it leaves in a hurry.


How many simple eyes are there in each complex fly eye?

Each eye consists of 3,000 to 6,000 simple eyes.


How do critics classify water bag success stories?

These success stories are regarded as old wives' tales.


Why could the water bag seem to work?

This could be a result of the placebo effect: People expect it to work and so think it actually works.


What did a study using commercial, water-based optical repellants on two egg farms show?

It showed that areas equipped with the water bags in fact experienced higher levels of housefly activity.


What does the study mean for homes or restaurants?

It is inconclusive, since it was not conducted under direct sunlight.


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