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A water filter is a life saver when safe drinking water is unavailable. The health consequences of drinking untreated water can be severe. Water filters are also a cheaper and more environmentally friendly option for obtaining clean water than bottled water. Take this quiz to learn more about water filters.

What type of water filter is the easiest to use to treat water for drinking?

A portable water filter is a safe and inexpensive way to treat water for drinking, and a good one can cost less than $100.


How do water filters work?

Water filters work by filtering out the harmful microscopic organisms usually found in normal water.


Which one among these diseases does not spread through contaminated water supply?

Bronchitis is a lung disease not transmitted by water. Some of the diseases that actually spread through a contaminated water supply are botulism, cholera and dysentery.


Which among these is a disease caused by contaminated water?

Jaundice is caused by contaminated water. Other parasitic infestations resulting from contaminated water are rashes, muscle aches, fever, chills, coughs, neurological symptoms and malnutrition.


Which of these is a type of bug that lives in fresh water supplies?

Giardiasis is a parasite that causes an intestinal infection, among whose symptoms are diarrhea and abdominal pain.


What determines the effectiveness of the water filter?

Pore-size efficiency is the measurement of the size of the openings in the water filter, which are microscopic.


What pore-size efficiency in water filters is suitable for camping?

Water filters with a pore-size efficiency of 0.4 microns are suitable for most camping situations.


What is the size of one micron?

One micron is 1/1,000 of a millimeter.


What is the ideal micron size you need to remove bacteria from water?

To remove bacteria from water, the ideal micron size must be less than 0.4 microns.


What do we call the part of the water filter from where the filtered water exits?

The exit is called the filter outlet. Water enters the filter through the intake hose.


What is the ideal type of water filter to carry when traveling with young people?

A separate hand filter is ideal, so the youngsters can filter their own water.


What is the simplest type of portable water filter?

A bottle filter is the simplest type. It comes with the filter built in.


What type of filter is ideal to use while camping in the wilderness?

A water filter for bacteria, protozoa and parasites is the one you need.


What type of water filter uses iodine filtering?

Filters that are used to kill viruses normally contain iodine filtering systems. However, this adds a distinct flavor to the water.


What additive can you use to neutralize the flavor of iodine after filtering out viruses?

Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) will neutralize the iodine taste. It also comes in form of granulated, orange-flavored powders.


What is the ideal flow rate in water filters?

The ideal rate should be one liter per minute.


What is the first sign that your water filter may need some maintenance?

The most common sign is when it becomes difficult to pump. In such a case, do not try to force the water through the filter, which might introduce microscopic bugs into your water supply.


On average, how much water can you filter before your water filter needs to be changed?

You can filter about 100 gallons (379 liters) of water before your water filter needs to be changed. Of course, you can do better if you take proper care of the water filter.


What can you use to keep large debris from entering the water filter?

You use a pre-filter, which ensures there is no sediment in your drinking water.


Which among these is also used to purify water?

Ultraviolet (UV) light can be used to purify water. It is normally delivered by a pen or wand, which you have to swirl into a water-filled container for a minute or so.


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