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Earth is covered by water, but waterfalls are a rare treat. How much do you know about the world's waterfalls?

True or False: There is a standard way for scientists to classify waterfalls.

There really isn't a standard way to order the many types of waterfalls on Earth.


How do some people classify the various types of waterfalls?

Different waterfalls vary greatly in the way they look and act on the rocks around them.


Which is the world's tallest waterfall?

Located in Venezuela, it plunges 3,212 feet on its descent.


Which waterfall has a road that lets you drive behind it?

Located in North Carolina, the 45-foot waterfall has a short, curving road behind it.


What type of waterfall is Niagara Falls?

It's a prime example of a wide, powerful waterfall.


In which state did eight people die in 1999 when a landslide struck at a busy waterfall?

The Sacred Falls site is still considered off-limited because of its instability.


What often happens to the water that plunges from the top of Angel Falls?

The water has so far to fall that frequently it dissipates into mist before it reaches the bottom.


How many falls make up Niagara Falls?

They are the Bridal Veil Falls, American Falls and Horseshoe Falls.


What type of waterfall might be the most powerful and dangerous?

Cataract waterfalls unleash huge volumes of water at great height, making them perilous (and also very loud).


Why are the huge Tyssestrengene falls in Norway often dry?

Since the 1940s, much of the water is used for power, meaning the falls are typically dry.


A glacier is the source for which super-tall waterfall?

A melting glacier gives life to this 2,626-foot waterfall in Norway.


The Iguazu Falls are on the border of Argentina and what other country?

It is the largest system of waterfalls in the world.


How many distinct drops make up the Iguazu Falls system?

In total, the falls extend more than 1.7 miles.


How high is the Yosemite waterfall in Yosemite National Park?

It is the seventh-tallest waterfall on the planet.


How many subterranean waterfalls are part of the Trummelbach Falls system in Switzerland?

There are lifts and staircases to help tourists witness these powerful water flows.


Victoria Falls, in Zimbabwe, is so loud that you can supposedly hear it from what distance?

It is 1.5 times wider than Niagara Falls, making it the longest block waterfall anywhere.


The native name for Victoria Falls is "Mosi oa Tunya," which means what in English?

The spray from impact at the bottom sometimes floats more than 1,600 feet into the air, giving the falls a mystical appearance.


What happens to a stream's velocity as it nears a waterfall's edge?

It picks up speed, a fact that also accelerates erosion closer to the waterfall's edge.


Where is the Gullfoss waterfall located?

The angled approach to the falls means that to tourists, the river seems to simply disappear into thin air.


East of the Rocky Mountains, what is the widest waterfall that has only a single drop?

The water plunges 215 feet into a gorgeous forest lake.


In what year did the huge Gocta Cataracts first become known to the wider world?

The remote waterfall, in Peru, is so high that sometimes clouds obscure the water.


What is the widest single drop waterfall on Earth?

The Kaieteur Falls in Guyana is 741 feet from the top to the area where it again hits the pool below; it is also four times taller than Niagara Falls.


Where is the Denmark cataract?

The Denmark Strait cataract is the world's tallest underwater waterfall, created by the collision of warm and cold water; its volume may exceed Victoria Falls by a factor of 12.


How tall is the Denmark Strait cataract?

That's right, it plunges nearly 2 full miles, an unseen but enormously powerful water feature.


Where is Three Chute Falls?

The water is forcefully propelled through a series of narrow spaces, making the water spectacularly turbulent.


The Seven Sisters waterfall in Norway is an example of which kind of waterfall?

It has several segments that course down the sides of the rocks.


What is a defining trait of a "plunge" waterfall?

Plunge waterfalls basically free fall to the bottom without touching any rocks on the way down.


Plunge waterfalls always start from what kind of source?

The constricted area accelerates the water and thrusts it away from the rock wall in a spectacular fashion.


Where are the Sutherlands Falls located?

It has three distinct cascades over its 1,904-foot-tall height.


What's the world record for kayaking over a waterfall?

In 2009, Tyler Brady plunged over Washington's Palouse Falls and somehow survived. You can see the video online.


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