We Can Accurately Define Your Personality Based on Your Taste in Men

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About This Quiz

Think about all the different types of guys out there. What do you find attractive about each of them? By the time we're done learning about your taste in men, we'll know more about you than your closest friend! 

Do you prefer the handy type who can fix your pipes and check your oil, or do you prefer the kind that whisks you off for long, romantic weekends? During this quiz, we will explore the type of man you really like. Once we've learned about your expectations, your turn-offs, and your hopes for the future, we will be able to define your personality accurately. 

Everything that we like is a reflection of ourselves. Although our tastes in men might be as unique as our personalities, we're betting on the fact that they are symbiotic. The things you like most in men are probably because you see a little slice of yourself. We're not saying that you're manly. We're suggesting that your traits seek similar traits when it comes to men. 

Let us get to know the things you demand and the things you'll let slide when it comes to dating, and we'll define you! We're ready if you are!

What is the first thing you notice about men?

What sort of car would you prefer a man drive?

How do you feel about beards?

Do you like romantic guys?

Do you like it when men show their emotions?

Which trait do you like most in your best guy friend?

Do you appreciate a guy who can cook?

Which male celebrity do you find most attractive?

Do you prefer athletic guys?

How do you feel about man buns?

Could you date an unemployed man?

Which male classic television character do you like most?

What would you most like a boyfriend to do for you?

Which talent would you prefer a man have?

Could you date a guy who is shorter than you?

Which singer do you find most attractive?

Do you like a guy to have rough hands or smooth hands?

Would you go out with a guy that your friends set you up with?

Do you like it when men are good with children?

Which part of a man's body says the most about him?

Which of the following would be a complete turnoff?

Which quality must a man have to deal with you?

Which man in your life do you admire most?

Which animal would you prefer your man be like in the sack?

Does a man need to like to dance to be your friend?

How do you feel about playboys?

Do you prefer a man who is more dominant or submissive in the sack?

Which trait do you find most endearing in a man?

Would you like a man who will go shopping with you?

Do you prefer a lover or a fighter?

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