We Can Accurately Guess Your Age Based on How Many of These Trends You've Followed

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Trends have been around for almost as long as humans have. From the white faces and the top hats of the woman and men of the 1800s to the braided flower crowns and bell bottoms of the 1970s, once something has managed to become "in style" it becomes a trend. No, trends can be more than just fashion choices. In fact, they can be anything from an activity to a saying to a job to a food. 

So, we're going to ask you about them all. Did you use to say "groovy baby" back in the 70s, if you were even alive at that time? Are you one of the many people who die for avocado toast? Did you ever try the fire or Kylie lip challenge? And did you quit your job to start a YouTube channel like so many people did a few years ago? 

To guess your age correctly, we'll need you to answer these questions as truthfully as possible. We'll then analyze what you choose and come up with an age that explains why you picked what you picked. So if you're ready for us to make an educated guess as to what your age could be based on the trends you've followed, let's get started on this quiz.

Who created trends?

What do you think of them?

Which everyday trend do you pay the most attention to?

How important are they to your survival?

Are you guilty if following a trend you later thought was stupid?

What does it mean to you when someone says something is "trendy?"

Has anyone ever referred to you as being trendy?

When it became trendy to be on social media, which one of these did you join first?

Do you use filters on your pictures?

Are you consistent in posting on your social media?

When it comes to your home, which design trend did you try?

Which of these patterns are you the biggest fan of?

Did you jump on the cactus/succulents trend?

What are your thoughts on wallpaper?

Besides design trends, there were also fashion trends. Did you ever wear bell-bottom pants?

Have you ever made the peace sign in your life?

Have you ever shaved your entire head because you thought it'd look cool?

Did you put any piercings or tattoos when they rose to popularity back in the early 2000s?

Which music trend were you the biggest fan of?

Do you own a fidget spinner?

What about a hoverboard?

What about rollerskates?

What's the most dangerous trend you've tried?

But what's the most ridiculous one you've ever heard of?

Have you ever attempted to make slime?

If you were to try a food trend, which of these would it be?

Have you ever eaten peanut butter and jelly together?

In 2018, people are expected to start eating edible flowers as complete meals. Will you be part of that trend?

How many of the trends that we mentioned have you heard about?

If you were to have a clean slate, how many of them would you do?

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