Quiz: Can We Guess Your Most Dominant Trait by How You Fill in These Blanks on this Quiz?
Can We Guess Your Most Dominant Trait by How You Fill in These Blanks on this Quiz?
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

We are sure we can figure out your most dominant personality trait! All you have to do is fill in the blanks we've left for you in the questions! From familiar phrases to 'complete this sentence' style questions, you are guaranteed to giggle as you choose the word or words you would personally use to fill in the missing one!

Although our personalities are comprised of many different traits, everyone has that one trait that stands out amongst the rest. You might feel that confidence is your most dominant trait, but is that what you are portraying to the world? 

By filling in the blanks during this quiz, we think we'll get a pretty good idea which of your traits controls your world. You are welcome to disagree without assessment, but we have scientifically researched the correlation between fill in the blanks and personality traits. In that case, it's quite possible that your dominant traits are bubbling just below the surface. 

As you choose the way you would fill in the blank, do it with confidence! After we feel like we've really come to know you, we'll tell you which of your traits science says is your most dominant! Are your ready to ________ out? 

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I'm so hungry, I could eat a ______________.
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At the spa, I would get a _________.
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I would feel most comfortable _________ a horse.
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I try to care for others by _________.
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Life is like a ______________.
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My favorite sundae topping is ___________.
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My coworkers are __________.
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I like __________ movies most of all.
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My worst quality is that I'm sometimes __________.
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My most recent ex was __________.
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I would most like to improve my ________ this year.
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If I worked in a hospital, I would be a _________.
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I am a __________ driver.
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If I ruled the world, the first thing I would do is ___________.
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I could easily give up _________.
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My boss probably thinks I am __________.
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My best subject in school was __________.
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If I could have a talent, I would want to be able to _________.
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My strongest facial feature is my ___________.
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My hair can best be described as ___________.
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I really don't like ________ on my sandwiches.
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The thing I like most about my job is _____________.
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I would prefer to adopt a _________.
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I really like __________ for breakfast.
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I really should replace my _________ soon.
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The flower I like most is a ____________.
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