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As we were saying, the World Canine organization recognizes more than 300 dogs breeds from around the world. And each of them belongs to one group. There are the herding dogs, the terriers, the toys and the sporting. We also have the working, the non-sporting and the hound- and each of the dogs in those groups help identify the breeds they might be. For example, in the toy group, dogs are a lot smaller than the average canine. This is to say that if we showed you a dog that you realized was smaller than usual, there's no way it could be a Great Dane or a German Shepherd. 

So, we want you to read between the lines today and call forth all your dog knowledge. Use the pictures of the dogs to determine its size to knock out a few wrong options first, then try to remember what each dog could possibly be. Do this enough times, correctly, and you'll ace this dog breed test. Fail, and your furry pet may just turn its tail on you. 

Are you ready to find out whether you can identify all these dog breeds? 

A scent-driven canine, what is the dog you see in this picture?

The English Foxhound has a short, thick coat that comes in many different colors but is most commonly found in the tricolor: black with a white base and red and tan about its body. This scent-driven hound is a relative of the American foxhound.

This is a toy dog whose name is derived from a certain Mediterranean country. Which name does it go by?

Maltese is a small toy dog that would serve as an ideal companion. It is very loving and expects the same in return and loves to snuggle up to its owner. It is also low maintenance and hardly sheds its fur and can be a vigilant watchdog to protect its owner.

This breed may just be the most used guard dog across the earth. What is its name?

The German Shepherd is a big muscular dog that first came about in 1899, when a former cavalry captain, Max von Stephanitz, developed it as a working dog. German Shepherds were created to guard and herd sheep, but today, they are often used by police and other armed forces.

A dog that is often mistaken for an Asian breed is actually German and its name means "little lion." What name does it go by?

Lowchen, which means "little lion" in German, is the name for this small companion dog with a long wavy coat and short fluffy tail. Its distinctive haircut attributes to its name. The fur at its hind legs and tail are kept cut short while the rest of its body is quite fluffy.

One of the most family-friendly dogs in existence, which breed do you think is pictured here?

Golden Retrievers is a type of gun dog that is energetic, hardworking, obedient, friendly and agile. Initially, it was bred and trained to retrieve birds and other animals to hunters after they were shot. These retrievers remain true to their name and thus are often used in search and rescue and to help the blind.

Also called the Tang Quan, what's the more common name of this dog?

Chow-chow or "tang quan" is a muscular dog with short legs, lion's mane around its head and a tongue of mixed color- blue and black. It was first used to guard temples in China but was later adapted to becoming an all-purpose working dog.

A toy dog with bright eyes and a curled tail, what is this lovable canine's name?

The pug is a small dog of about 14-18 pounds that is known for its squishy, crumpled face and a curly tail that folds over its rear. Pugs have large heads, bright eyes and a full personality that exudes from their small bodies. They are ideal house pets.

A mix between an Old English dog and an English Mastiff, what do you think this breed is called?

The bullmastiff came about in the 1800s as a result of breeding between the Old English Dog and the English Mastiff. This muscular, protective guard dog has a short muzzle that is black and also has a red, fawn or brindle coat.

This is the national dog of Cuba and its name sort of reflects that. What do you think it's called?

Havanese is a small toy dog of seven to 13 pounds that is recognized as the national dog of the Caribbean country, Cuba. This dog has small eyes, a long luxurious coat and a curly tail. Havanese are known for their extroverted nature and cheerful disposition.

Bred for herding livestock and protecting land, which "big" dog is this?

The Giant Schnauzer was developed in the 17th century to herd livestock on farms and to also protect and guard the farmers' land. This Schnauzer is not only bigger than the Standard Schnauzer, but it is also more powerful and is the biggest of the three Schnauzer breeds.

This breed was created in the United States by a man named Arthur Walden. What name did he give it?

Chinook is the official dog of Wonalancet, New Hampshire, in the United States, where it was bred by Arthur Walden in 1917. The Chinook is a swift, agile and friendly dog with a coat of reddish gold or light honey.

The famous movie dog, Beethoven, was one of these.

Saint Bernard is a powerful working dog with males that stand at 28-30 inches tall and weigh between 140-180 pounds. The females are lighter and may weigh as much as 120 pounds and grow as tall as 26-28 inches.

Named after a region in France, what is this obedient dog known as?

Brittany is a sporting dog from Brittany in northwest France, that was initially called "Brittany Spaniel" until 1982. It is an obedient, agile and athletic dog that could easily be trained for canine sports and competitions. It is also a good companion for humans with an active lifestyle.

A trainable Hungarian dog is what this is. But what name does its breed go by?

Mudi-pronounced as "moody" is a herding dog from Hungary that is quick on its feet. It is a great team player for games such as flyball and Frisbee. It can be trained to execute tasks in any field- search and rescue, sports and as a guard dog. Mudi can also live with families but have to be adequately trained to do so.

Maybe the most well-known dogs on the planet, what kind of fluffy dog is this?

Poodle refers to a number of dog breeds, such as Toy Poodle, which stands at 10 inches or less and the Miniature Poodle which is no more than 15 inches in height. The Standard Poodle, shown here, is the tallest and is more than 15 inches at shoulder height.

This Asian dog can either be hairless or coated. What is its name?

The Chinese Crested is a unique-looking dog that sets it apart from other breeds. It may be hairless or coated, where the hairless variation has smooth, sleek skin and clusters of hair on its ankle, tail and head. The powderpuff is the coated version of the Chinese Crested.

A Scottish dog known for its massive amounts of fur, what breed is this animal?

Collie is a beloved dog that is large and has a long, lavish coat, mainly around its tail, neck and back legs. This Scotland native is amiable, loyal and perceptive, is affectionate to children and thus well-suited for families.

Often said to be the tallest dog breed in existence, what name do you think this dog goes by?

The Great Dane is a domestic dog from Germany that is known for being a very tall animal. It can stand at 30-32 inches at shoulder height (males) and 28-30 inches in females. It is regarded as an affable, trustworthy dog that gets along well with humans but can also serve as a fierce protector.

Based on the picture, which of the options best suits this dog?

Catahoula Leopard Dog is a medium to large, American breed of dog that also became the national dog of Louisiana in 1979. This leopard dog has a short either coarse or sleek coat that comes in a multitude of colors such as blue, red, black, tri-color or quad color, among others.

Also called the Red Setter, because of its color, what kind of dog is this?

The Irish Setter is also known as the red setter due to its mahogany or chestnut colored coat. This short dog stands at about 2 feet shoulder height, has long legs that are powerful and swift, making it a great sporting dog. Irish setters are friendly, energetic and curious.

A mix between a poodle and an English cocker spaniel is what this dog is. Which name seems most appropriate for it?

Cockapoo or Cockapoodle is a cross breed dog made up of American or English Cocker Spaniel and poodle. This small mixed breed is easygoing and has a bubbly personality. It is intelligent and forgiving and also serves as a great companion, though it is not much of a guard dog.

This French dog's name translates to "butterfly." What is it?

Papillions are small dogs, of about 5-10 pounds, that are graceful and elegant by nature and are also very alert, smart, and quick learners. They are recognized by their plumed tails and their large butterfly-shaped ears, which gives them their name, Papillion, which is French for butterfly.

What name was given to this breed of dog?

The English Toy Spaniel is a small spaniel with a peaceful nature and an adorable face. It has a large head, long ears and heart-warming eyes. Its sleek, wavy coat flows down from its body and comes in a variety of colors such as black, tan, white or red.

A sporting dog from the United Kingdom, which of the names best matches the animal shown here?

The English Cocker Spaniel is a sturdy sporting dog that requires a loving owner devoted to its care, as its silky double coat requires weekly grooming. Specifically, two to three times a week, its outer coat and soft undercoat need careful grooming to prevent matting and tangling.

Known for its spotted coat, what is this breed called?

The Dalmatian is a tall dog of 19-24 inches that is easily recognized by its distinctive fur that has a piebald pattern of black and liver spots. These spots can even be found in the mouth of this muscular, athletic dog.

This dog has fur that is corded all over its body. What do you think its name is?

The Puli is a strong herder with a corded coat that is long and extends down its eyes and entire body. As a result, the Puli is a high maintenance dog that requires regular care. This long-haired dog also has an undercoat that is soft and fluffy.

Often called the King of the Toys, what's the name of this small breed?

The Miniature pinscher is a toy dog that is referred to as the "King of Toys" due to its dignified appearance. It stands at about 10-12 inches tall, has a built frame and large ears that point upwards. It is similar in appearance to the Doberman, but the two are unrelated.

This herding dog hails from the Land Down Under. What do you think its name is?

Australian shepherds are herders of a medium size build that have a beautiful coat of merle patterned fur. This fur sheds often and so must be trimmed frequently and brushed weekly so that it does not become matted.

A mix between a Labrador Retriever and Poodle is what this dog is. But what is it called?

Labradoodle or labra-poodle is a cross breed dog of poodle and Labrador Retriever that initially came about in 1988 as a hypoallergenic guide dog. Labradoodles are ideal pets; they love to be in the company of humans and prefer to live indoors.

What name was given to this tiny dog which was made to hunt puffins?

The Norwegian Lundehund is a dog which was created to hunt the small birds called puffins, that are now a protected species. This athletic dog is admired for its incredible features: six toes, padded paws as well as flexible neck and shoulders which enable it to be an excellent hunter and climber.

This toy breed got its name from an area near Poland and Germany. What is it called?

The Pomeranian is a small, vivacious dog of 10 pounds or less, that has a foxy little face and a whole lot of hair. It also has a tail shaped like a feather, a cluster of hair surrounding neck and chest area and a lovely double coat covering its body that may be orange, red or black.

Created for the purposes of protecting sheep, what kind of working dog is this?

The Komondor is a Hungarian dog that was created and taught to protect flocks of sheep. It is a very strong but independent dog that requires a firm hand when being trained to perform various tasks. The Komondor's long mop-like hair covers its body and serves as good camouflage.

What do you think this fearless toy dog is called?

The Volpino is a small lively dog, that is agile, alert and intelligent and has a dynamic personality to match. It is fearless and has been known to stand its ground to dogs twice its size. In fact, it is a great watchdog and will bark to alert its own of suspicious people.

Bred for hunting hare in England, what kind of dog is this?

The Harrier is a hound of medium size that was bred in England for the purpose of hunting hares. It is often compared to its relative, the English foxhound, but it actually looks like a larger version of a Beagle.

This dog is the national dog of Finland and it's name clearly says that. What is it called?

The Finnish Spitz is the national dog of Finland. This dog has a foxy and cheerful face, pointed ears, a thick coat of fur of golden red and a wavy, plumed tail. It is known as "barking bird dog" because of its tendency to bark at birds.

Which dog breed is pictured here?

The Shetland sheepdog is a small dog of 15-25 pounds that is the perfect family pet; it loves the company of children but should be supervised around younger ones because it may become agitated. Daily walks do it a wonder of good, but a leash is required to keep this active dog at bay.

This smaller version and member of the terrier group is known for its egg-shaped head. What is it?

The Miniature Bull Terrier is a smaller version of a bull terrier that is strong, muscular, lean, and has a large head shaped much like an egg. This dog is an intuitive animal that can differentiate between a risky situation and a peaceful one.

Created to serve as the companion to French royalty, which dog breed is this?

Phalene is a toy dog that was created as a companion for French royalty. It is a variation of the Papillion dog and has a small, short frame with short legs, a rounded face and floppy butterfly ears. Its silky fur is long and covers its body in its entirety.

To which breed does this black, non-sporting dog belong?

Schipperke is a small black dog that loves the outdoors. It loves traveling in boats and is playful and inquisitive by nature. One of the main downsides of this breed is that it requires plenty of attention and should not be left unattended for long periods.

A Chinese toy dog, what do you think is this canine's breed?

The Shih Tzu,- pronounced "sheed-zoo" in the Western world, is a small, lightweight dog of 9-16 pounds that was designed to live indoors. It is a delightful companion- amiable, playful and good natured. The Shih Tzu is hardly aggressive and is a great lap dog.

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