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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - or is it? When you think about the beauty community, your mind might immediately travel to the beautiful A-list celebrities who get their makeup done by professional artists like Pat McGrath, Mario Dedivanovic and Charlotte Tilbury. While they've helped shape the makeup industry in more recent years, the beauty world has been evolving since the beginning of time.

Traveling back to the ancient world would show queens like Cleopatra using everyday items and even insects as her makeup products. She would use malachite paste as eye shadow and even a mixture of ant eggs and carmine beetles to create red lipstick. While you probably wouldn't catch most, or any, makeup wearers using these products, they are still centered around the idea! The beauty industry of the 1980s and 1990s heavily focused on the application of eye shadows, eyebrow pencils, lipsticks and blushes. Even with 20-30 years, the beauty industry has changed immensely. Not only have the products changed, but so have the trends. The thin and heavily penciled brows of the '90s have become the bushy brows of the 2010s. The extremely matte faces have transformed into dewy, more natural looks.

The beauty world has changed drastically and so have its products and trends. Can you remember all the trends and products that have passed through the beauty community? Let's find out!

What product goes on before foundation?

Primer is one of the first steps to makeup. It is meant to be applied before foundation.


If your veins look blue, what undertone do you have?

You can determine your undertones by looking at your veins. If your veins appear to be blue, you have cool undertones while you'd have warm undertones if they appear green.


Which of these products should be applied to the hollows of the cheeks?

Contour is the only listed product that you would add to the hollows of your cheeks. It would allow you to carve out the face and even make it appear slimmer.


Studio Fix Fluid is a product of which brand?

Studio Fix Fluid is a popular foundation product from MAC.


Where would you apply blush?

Blush is a product that is meant to be used on the cheeks. Its purpose is to give the wearer a rosy, flushed look.


What is the name of the popular concealer by Nars?

Nars's concealer might be the best-selling concealer on Sephora. It retails for $30 and comes in 26 shades.


Is Pixi Beauty a drug store or high-end brand?

Pixi Beauty is a drug store brand that you'd find at Target.


Which of the following is not a makeup brand?

All the above mentioned brands with the exception of N.Y. Girl are real brands, and you'd mostly find them in the drug store.


What does the CC in CC cream stand for?

The CC in CC cream stands for color corrector. It's supposed to cancel out darkness while evening out the skin tone.


Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation is a product by which brand?

The Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation is a very popular product by the brand. It was voted one of Allure Magazine's best products of 2016.


Is bronzer meant to add warmth to the face or shadows?

Many people confuse bronzer and contour. Contour is supposed to add shadows to the face while bronzer is supposed to add warmth.


If someone has a lot of redness on their skin, what color corrector would you use?

When it comes to color correcting, you would use green on someone with a lot of redness. The green tones would cancel out those of the red.


What do you call the look when someone makes their eyeliner into a wing?

A cat eye is when a makeup wearer makes their eye makeup look such a way that it's pointed. This is often created with eyeliner by forming into a wing shape.


If you want a "dry" appearance, what foundation finish would you use?

There are different foundation finishes you can use depending on your skin type or preference. If you prefer your face to have absolutely no shine, you should choose a matte foundation.


What is the name of the Too Faced mascara?

Too Faced is a brand that is very well known for their Better Than Sex mascara. They are also recognized for their peach product collections.


To which of the following areas would you NOT apply highlighter?

Highlighters are meant to be applied to the "high points" of the face.You'll often see it applied on the cheekbones. bridge of the nose, Cupid's bow and brow bone.


Which part of the face is not considered part of the T-zone?

The T-zone is the part of the face that forms a T. This is the forehead, nose and chin region.


What is the name of the contour on the upper lip?

The Cupid's Bow is a term reserved for the contour along the upper lip.


Also used in the real world, what object is used to create a point on eyebrow and lip products?

A sharpener can be used in both the real world as well as the beauty world. They are often used on eyebrow pencils and lip pencils to make them sharper.


What does the F in E.L.F. stand for?

E.L.F. is a popular drug store brand. The acronym stands for Eyes, Lips, Face.


Which of the following makeup brands is owned by a tattoo artist?

Kat Von D was a successful tattoo artists before she started her own makeup brand. Her products are known for being very full coverage.


An empty eye shadow palette goes by what letter in the alphabet?

A Z palette is an empty palette that the user is meant to fill with their own choice of eye shadows.


Which of the following has the lightest coverage?

A tinted moisturizer has VERY little coverage. Essentially, it is a lotion with a small tint to it, hence the name.


If you apply excess powder to the face and allow it to sit there, what is this called?

Baking is a process that allows your makeup to last longer. Many makeup wearers to this beneath their eyes as well as along the jawline.


Which of the following is a beauty tool that is used to blend eye shadow between the bottom lid and lower lash line?

A pencil brush is a small pointed brush that can be used for applying eye shadow to places with small area.


Which of these brands is considered drug store?

Maybelline is a popular drug store makeup brand that is known for their foundation and concealer products as well as mascara.


Which usually goes first: cream or powder?

When applying makeup, cream products usually go on before. This is because applying cream to powder products usually leaves it looking patchy.


How much is a Beauty Blender?

A Beauty Blender is one of the most common tools when it comes to wearing makeup. They retail for $20.


Which of the following would not be considered a "vampy" color?

Vampy colors are very popular around the fall time. Considered a "bloodened" color, you'd find makeup wearers choosing reds, purples, browns and blacks.


If a person of color is suffering from hyperpigmentation, what color corrector would you use to combat this?

The color orange or peach is used as a color corrector. It has the ability to cancel out darkness so that it doesn't peek through foundation and other products.


What is a prong-like tool that is made to extract hairs from the body?

Tweezers are a beauty tool that people use in order to pull hairs from their bodies. It is often used on the eyebrows.


Tightlining is done to what part of the face?

Tightlining is a makeup application that is done to the eyes. It is done to the lower eyelid where one would add eye liner.


If you had pink undertones, which category would you fall into?

If you have pink undertones, that means you have a cool undertone. Other undertones that fall into this category are red and blue.


This product is applied after makeup application to help seal in all the products.

Setting spray is usually the last step in makeup application. It locks in all your makeup so that it lasts longer.


MAC has the Prep & Prime Fix+ Setting Spray. Which brand is known for the All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray?

Urban Decay is well known for their All-Nighter Setting Spray which is supposed to help your makeup last all night.


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