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Do you know which river stretches through Quebec City and Montreal in French-speaking Canada, or which river you could sail down to travel from Oxford to London, England? Know which river unites the U.S. cities of Memphis and New Orleans, or New York City and upstate New York? Remember which river the Hoover Dam helps control? If you think you know all about these free-flowing lengths of water, take our quiz to prove it!

There's a really good reason that so many of the world's biggest cities are located on the water. The earliest civilizations settled in Mesopotamia, where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers provided water for drinking and agricultural needs. Ancient Egyptians thrived along the Nile, which flooded its banks regularly to ensure plentiful food for the local people. 

As cities and civilizations grew, the ones located near water continued to thrive. Why? Transportation. First, the presence of a river allowed ships to sail close to the population center, bringing both people and goods. Eventually, the presence of rivers meant easy access to water for steam locomotives, which helped determine which paths trains would take across the land. 

Today, these rivers remain the lifeblood of the cities through which they flow, drawing tourists, serving as transportation, and beautifying the heart of urban areas. But do you know which rivers flow through which cities? Take our quiz to find out!

Cairo, Jinja, Juba

All of these famous cities are along the Nile river. The Nile is a major north-flowing river in northeastern Africa.


Amsterdam, Nieuwveen, Magere Brug

Amsterdam and Nieuwveen are both along the famous Amstel river. The Magere Brug is a famous bridge that goes over it!


Diyarbakır‎, ‎Mosul‎, ‎Baghdad

The great Tigris River runs through Diyarbakır‎, ‎Mosul‎ ‎and Baghdad. The Tigris-Euphrates river system is one of the most famous in the world.


Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava

The Danube river runs through some of the most beautiful cities in the world. Among these Budapest, Vienna and Bratislava.


Zhongshan, Guangzhou, Hong Kong

The Pearl River is one of the most famous river systems in China. It runs majestically through Hong Kong and many Chinese prefectures.


Quebec City, Montreal, Cornwall

The St. Lawrence River runs through some of the highlights of Canada. It famously connects the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean.


Moscow, Kolomna, Zvenigorod

The Moskva River runs through many of the highlights of Russia. It has famous bridges, as well, such as Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge and Krymsky Bridge.


Paris, Le Havre, Pont Neuf

The Seine River famously passes through the majestic city of Paris. The Pont Neuf is one of the most notable bridges that crosses it.


Oxford, Henley-on-Thames, London

Big Ben and the Tower of London are main attractions of London. The Thames river passes by them both, plus many other iconic structures, including the London Eye.


What bridge on the Seine in Paris is for love locks?

The Pont des Arts bridge is where you bring your love lock. Talk about romance. The Seine is considered the most romantic river in the world.


Rome, Vatican City, Perugia

The Tiber river is the most famous river in Italy, It runs through Rome and Perugia, and comes quite close to Vatican City.


Dublin, Leixlip, Kildare

The river Liffey famously runs through Dublin. It supplies much of the water to the city and is turned green on St. Patrick's Day.


What is the longest river in Europe?

The Volga is the longest river in Europe. The second longest river, the Danube, is far more famous!


Saxony, Brandenburg, Berlin

The Spree River flows through the Saxony, Brandenburg and Berlin states in Germany. The river also passes through the Czech Republic.


Prague, České Budějovice, Český Krumlov

The Vltava River runs through Prague. It flows under the Charles Bridge, which is one of the most famous bridges in the world.


Sierra de Guadarrama, Madrid and... Madrid

Sierra de Guadarrama is a mountain range. Really, the Manzanares only belongs to one city, and that's Madrid. The Manzanares empties out into the Jarama river.


Zipaquirá, Bogotá, Suesca

The Bogotá river passes through Zipaquirá, Bogotá and Suesca. Sadly, much of the river is polluted.


Which river passes through Brussels but not through Paris?

It might be easy to get these two confused, but the Senne River passes through Brussels, Belgium. Brussels came into being because of the river.


What is the longest river in the world?

The Nile River is the longest river in the world. Or the Amazon is. Reputable scholars disagree.


More often than not, rivers contain ______.

More often than not, rivers contain fresh water. Smaller ribbons of flowing water are called creeks, streams or brooks.


Brazil, Peru, Colombia

To name the cities along the Amazon would be exhaustive. That's why we named the countries! It's either the longest or second longest river in the world.


New Orleans, St. Louis, Memphis

The Mississippi River runs through some of America's greatest cities. It's the second longest river in the U.S.


San Luis Río, Bullhead City, Yuma

Here are just a few of the famous places along the Colorado River. The Colorado River is the principal river of the southwestern United States and northern Mexico.


Which of these rivers is polluted?

These three rivers are considered the most polluted in the world. Not great for a boating trip!


Which river is home to the Hoover Dam?

The Colorado River is where you'll find the Hoover Dam. Its source is La Poudre Pass Lake.


Cho Lon, Ho Chi Minh, Phum Daung

The Saigon river famously runs through Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh, which is in present-day Vietnam, was formally known as Saigon.


Seoul, Gangwon-do, Chungcheongbuk-do

The Han River is the most famous of its kind in South Korea. It runs majestically through Seoul.


Edo,Tokyo, Asakusa

The Sumida River majestically runs through Tokyo. It is otherwise known as Sumida-gawa.


Zürich, Baden, Dietikon

The Limmat River is the most famous river in Switzerland. It also runs through Oberengstringen, Unterengstringen and Schlieren.


What is the most famous river in Kenya?

The Nairobi River is the most famous river in Kenya. The Ngong and Mathare rivers are also popular.


Great Falls, Pierre, Kansas City

The Missouri River runs through some of America's most beautiful states - Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri. It's the longest river in the U.S.


Where is the University Boat Race held annually?

The Thames River famously hosts the University Boat Race each year. The competition is between the Oxford University Boat Club and Cambridge University Boat Club.


New York, Yonkers, West Point

These famous U.S. destinations are all along the Hudson River. January 15, 2009, was the date of the famous Miracle on the Hudson landing.


Rabat and Salé

The Bou Regreg River runs through Morocco. Rabat and Salé sit along the river.


Washington, D.C.; Arlington; Mount Vernon

These U.S. states are situated on the Potomac river: Virginia; Maryland; Pennsylvania; West Virginia. The river flows into the Chesapeake Bay.


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