If We Give You the Language, Can You Translate These Basic Words?


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This quiz is only for language wizards. Sterkte! حظ جيد - بالتوفيق! Bonne chance! Viel Glück, Alles Gute! Udachi! Shubhakaamana! Good luck! You're going to need it.

Dutch - Hello

The Dutch word for 'hello' is similar to English. Next time you meet a Dutchman, say Hallo!

German - Hello

We're starting this off easy. The German word for 'hello' is 'Hallo' as well.

Swedish - Thanks

When the Swedish want to thank someone, they say "Tack." It's not a sharp, pointy thing.

Italian - Thank you

When Italians mean "thank you," they say "grazie.'"When someone gives you a bottle of red wine and a bowl of spaghetti, say "grazie!"

Irish - Irish

The Irish word for Irish? Gaeilge! Please do not ask the author of this quiz to pronounce that for you.

Japanese - Yes

When the Japanese say "yes," they say "hai." When they mean "no," they say "iie."

Portuguese - Cheers!

When the Portuguese raise a glass, they say "saúde!" When in Portugal, find a reason to say saúde as much as possible.

German - English

The Germans refer to the English language as "Englisch." They added a sneaky "c" in there, but otherwise it looks the same. They call the German language "Deutsch."

Danish - Goodbye

When the Danish say "goodbye," they say "farvel." If you're in love with a Dane, you hope to never say farvel to them.

French - Please

The French ask for a lot of love, wine and cheese, s'il vous plaît. And we should all retire in Paris, s'il vous plaît.

Spanish - Cheers!

In Spanish "¡Salud!" is the word for cheers! Now you can say "¡Salud!" before each and every margarita that you drink.

Irish - Welcome

When you want to welcome an Irishman, you say "fáilte." On St. Patrick's day, say "fáilte" to your friends. Never say "Top of the morning" - that's not a real Irish thing.

Swahili - Thank you

"Asante" is the Swahili word for thank you. "Kiswahili" is Swahili for Swahili. Don't be confused.

Japanese - Japanese

In Japanese, Nihongo is the word for Japanese. When you say "cheers" in Japanese, you say "kanpai."

Esperanto - Yes

"Jes" is how you say "yes" in Esperanto. Esperanto is a created language with no native speakers - it's meant to be a bridge between cultures.

Finnish - Hello

In Finnish, "Hei" is the word for "hello." "Heippa" is the word for goodbye. Pronunciation unknown.

Tok Pisin - Tok Pisin

The Tok Pisin word for "Tok Pisin" is "Tok Pisin." Easy! The language is spoken in Papua New Guinea.

German - Please

When in Germany, you say, "May I have a pretzel, bitte?" When you are handed the pretzel, you say "danke."

Dutch or Danish - Yes

In both Dutch and Danish you say "ja" for "yes." Danish is spoken in Denmark, and Dutch is spoken in the Netherlands.

Swedish - Swedish

The word "Swedish" in Swedish is "Svenska." When you toast in Sweden, you say "skål!"

French - No

When an amorous Frenchman grabs you and tries to kiss you, you cry "Non, non, non!" Then you go shopping for a baguette, or a Chanel purse.

Spanish - Goodbye

"Adiós" is a pretty famous word. When you see someone, you say "hola," and when you depart, you say "adiós."

Hebrew - Hebrew

The Hebrew word for Hebrew is Ivrit. The Hebrew word for English is Anglit.

Gaelic - Thank You

In Ireland, you say "go raibh maith agat" to thank someone. That seems like a rather long thanks.

Japanese - Hello

In Japan "konnichiwa" is hello. That is pretty famous. As is "sayonara" for goodbye.

German - Cheers

"Prosit" is the German word for "cheers!" You need to remember this one for Oktoberfest each year, and repeat it often.

Dutch - Thank You

In Dutch, "dankjewel" is the word for "thank you." The Netherlands are beautiful, so the Dutch have plenty of opportunities to say dankjewel.

Filipino - Hello

When in Philippines, greet people by saying "kamusta." When you part ways, say "paalam."

French - English

When a Parisian looks annoyed and tells you that they don't speak anglais, they're probably lying. They're just annoyed that you're wearing a jacket from Walmart.

Hebrew - Hello

When you greet Hebrews, you say "shalom!." And then when you raise a glass, you say "l'chaim!"

Indonesian - Please

When speaking Indonesian, you say "tolong" for "please." Indonesian is spoken in Indonesia, as well as Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

Japanese - Please

In Japanese, "kudasai" means please. May I have some sushi, kudasai? When the sushi is brought to you, you say "arigatou!"

French - Goodbye

When in France, you say "au revoir" when you leave someone, and "bonjour" when you greet them. In the meantime, you drink champagne and say 'santé!'

Italian - Goodbye

You're supposed to say "arrivederci" for goodbye and "ciao" for hello. In reality, many Italians say "ciao" as goodbye, as well.

Spanish - No

Phew! At least the Spanish and English have one word in common. The Spanish say "no" for no, and "sí" for yes.

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