Quiz: If We Give You the Mascot and a Product, Can You Name the Company?
If We Give You the Mascot and a Product, Can You Name the Company?
By: Olivia C
Image: Frito Lay/Travelocity/Green Giant

About This Quiz

This is for all brand-conscious people out there! Yes, we all are, at one point or another. So why not have fun with it, right? We will try to give you some helpful hints and clues about the products of these brands or companies, and then tell us what brand or company they are! To make things more fun, exciting and of course easier, we'll throw in the brand mascot to boot. How's that for a hoot?

It's an inescapable fact that, in our daily life, we will eventually run into a brand or company in our daily routines. Whether the brand is connected to something as basic as food, clothing or similar things, or whether the brand is something considered niche or high-end, advertising made sure that these brands become household names in our homes. But are they?

Some are! With the help of their flag bearers -- namely the mascots -- they become friendlier to us in the long run. These mascots are their first brand ambassadors, and their commercials help in making them familiar to us. And the rest, as the marketing people term it, is brand loyalty history.

So let's see just how far your knowledge goes. Open up the quiz and have fun with it!

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