We Know What City You Live in Based on Your Taste in Foods

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When you live in a place, you become that place. You listen to the music other people listen to, if for no other reason than that is what is on the radio. You see the movies everyone else sees, especially if you make a habit of seeing movies with friends. Even your television habits will be shaped by the world around you.

It is the same with food. Living in a place, one has to eat what is there, and eventually, we develop tastes for the local cuisine. While most food is divided up by nationality, the US is unique in that it has wildly varied regional cuisines. Just as the deep south is different from Chicago, so too will be the food they eat in these places. Immigrant groups have brought their food customs here, and these have blended, fused, and mutated into what we call American food.

How long have you lived at your current address? Have you somehow managed to get by without embracing the local food scene? If you moved somewhere else, would you find it strangely difficult to state your current tastes? How local have you become? It's time to find out! See if we can guess where you live based on your taste in food!

Would you consider the ketogenic diet?

What is the correct topping for steak?

What goes on a hot dog?

Have you tried the paleo diet?

How do you want your burger?

How do you like your pizza?

How do you like your pasta?

What burrito would you like?

What Chinese appetizer is your delight?

What Mexican nibble is your favorite?

What do you think of fine dining?

What is your dream food creation?

What kind of ice cream do you scream for?

What kind of fries do you like best?

How do you like your fish?

Do you like shellfish?

What Latin food is your favorite?

Have you tried the South Beach diet?

If you had to live without one of these ingredients, which one would it be?

What fast food can you not do without?

What do you do when a waiter asks "do you want some fresh ground pepper?"

What do you typically order in?

Have you tried going vegan?

Do you snack between meals?

What do you put in your pancakes?

What seasoning belongs on a taco?

What time do you eat dinner?

What is your favorite kind of bread?

How many sausages would you have with brunch?

What do you barbecue on the fourth of July?

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