Quiz: We Know What Part of the Country You're from Based on Your Life Skills
We Know What Part of the Country You're from Based on Your Life Skills
By: Steven Miller
Image: Pexels

About This Quiz

Although we would never want to stereotype an entire region of the country, there do seem to be some general trends in these areas that allow us to make an educated guess about where you're from. From the way you tend to get around town to your organizational abilities, we think we've got a real good shot at figuring out if you're East Coast, West Coast, Midwest or South.

If you're someone who uses "sir" and "ma'am" on a regular basis and your diet consists of a higher than usual amount of fried food, we're likely to guess that you're from The South. When you prove that you know the actual meaning of the phrase, "Bless your heart" and you're much more comfortable spending time out in the boonies as opposed to the big city, we'll be pretty close to convinced that we're right with our guess.

On the other hand, if you're accustomed to people being rude to you, and you tend to move at a breakneck pace in your daily life, there's a possibility that you're someone from the East Coast. Should you mention that you're a pro at using public transportation and you're quite familiar with being crammed into tight personal space, there's little room left for doubt.

We're heading off on a road trip across the country. By the way, your driving skills should tell us something about where you're from. Away we go.

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