Quiz: Do We Know if You're Single, Dating, or Married Based on Your Ideal Date Night?
Do We Know if You're Single, Dating, or Married Based on Your Ideal Date Night?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

How often does the perfect date come along? Not often enough, right? First dates or date night can be really fun and can often lead to something more, like say, that person becoming your girlfriend or boyfriend or you getting engaged and eventually married. Some dates can even cause complications that we just don't need. But we aren't here for any negativity. We wanna know all about your ideal date. In return, we'll guess your current relationship status. 

Will your ideal date be really thrilling and exciting, like how most single people do it? Single people are more out there, wild and up for anything. Is this you? Will your ideal date be passionate, but filled with twists and turns? Are you and the person you're dating good and bad for each other? Will your date be chilled and relaxed because you're so comfortable with who you're going out with? Has knowing them for so long made your date nights very simple but oh so good? 

If you think that we can guess your relationship status based on the way your ideal date goes, go ahead and get started on this quiz. We're betting that we'll pick the right one! 

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