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Millions of us visit Web pages every single day. Whether it's to check e-mail, check the news or read our friends' blogs, Web pages are the integral part of the Internet. But how exactly does a Web page work?

What is a markup language?

A markup language is a specific language standard that lets your browser know how to display a set of text, images and animation -- whether or not a paragraph needs to be centered or right-aligned, where to place a certain photo and so on. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the most commonly used type of markup language for Web pages.


What does a Web browser do?

A Web browser is a computer program (also known as a software application) that knows how to communicate with a Web server on the Internet and request a Web page. It also is able to interpret the markup language in order to properly display a Web page onto your computer screen.


What is a Web server?

Fortunately for us humans, we have computers, and specifially Web servers, to send us Web site information. A Web server is a piece of software that responds to a browsers request for a certain page and delivers the appropriate information.


An HTML tag is:

An HTML tag is a piece of code, or a small bit of standardized text, that tells a Web browser how to display a specific part of a Web page's text. Tags appear as letters or words in between a "<" (less-than sign) and a ">" (greater-than sign).


Which of the following is not a program used to create Web pages?

Some computer programs, or applications, have the ability to create Web pages. Notepad, for instance, is typically found on computers using Windows operating systems; SimpleText, on the other hand, works for Mac computers. Adobe AIR, on the other hand, is a runtime that developors need to create rich Internet applications (RIAs).


What keystroke is used to close an HTML tag?

In HTML, every tag is closed with the use of a forward slash (/) before the letters or words within the tag. For example, to make a word bold, you would place a &lt;b&gt; directly in front of the word and a &lt;/b&gt; directly after.


What does the &lt;br&gt; tag do?

The &lt;br&gt; tag in HTML lets your Web browser know that it needs to create a break between one line and another. It's very similar to using the single space break on your computer's word processor.


What's one way to indent text in HTML?

The &amp;nbsp; code represents a non-breaking space. You have to use them if you want to put more than one space in your HTML. A better solution would be to use Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS, to define an indentation tag for your page.


How do you create a link on a Web page?

Simply writing out a URL in a simple text file will show the address, but it won't create an actual link someone can click on. To properly create a link, you need to use an anchor tag around the text you want to hyperlink -- for example, to link to HowStuffWorks you would write &lt;a href=""&gt;HowStuffWorks&lt;/a&gt;


How do you add an image to a Web page?

To add images and graphics to a Web page, you use the &lt;img&gt; tag. The "src" you usually see after "img" within the brackets is an attribute that tells the browser where to find the file. It's not part of the tag itself. Images need to be in the same folder or directory as your html file so your computer can find the source of the image.


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