Blooms and Brides: How much do you know about wedding bouquets?

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Making endless decisions to plan your wedding is hard enough without having to pick out your bridal bouquet. There are countless options and blooms to choose from, but only one answer for each question in this quiz.

In ancient times, what did brides carry down the aisle?

In ancient times, it was common for brides to wear garlands or carry bunches of garlic, herbs and spices. The strong smells were thought to ward off evil spirits.


Whose wedding was the turning point for bridal bouquets as we know them today?

By the time Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were wed in 1840, floral bridal bouquets were on their way to becoming a new custom and were chosen based on the meaning of each bloom. After their wedding, every bride-to-be wanted to hold flowers when walking down the aisle. Interestingly, Queen Victoria also brought into vogue white wedding dresses, meaning she likely had the most inspirational wedding in history.


How many flowering plants are in the world today?

There are currently more than 270,000 types of flowering plants in the world today.


Which season is said to be the renewal time for plant life?

Spring is said to be the season for the renewal of plant (and animal) life. Although brides have a wide variety of blooms to choose from any time of year, more flowers are in-season between March and June.


Which of the following flowers are NOT in-season in the spring?

Iris bloom primarily in later summer to early fall.


What type of flower did Queen Victoria carry in her bridal bouquet at her wedding to Prince Albert in 1840?

At her wedding to Prince Albert, Queen Victoria carried a small bouquet of snowdrops, which were said to be her new husband’s favorite bloom.


Which of the following classifies as a cascading bouquet?

A cascading bouquet is one that is rounded at the top with blooms flowing over the sides.


Which bloom, out of the following choices, is the most costly?

The carnation is the least expensive out of this bunch and lily of the valley is the most expensive.


Which of the following is NOT a way to save money on your bridal bouquet?

To save money on your bridal bouquet, stick to one or two types of flowers and only choose flowers that are in season. You can use more greenery to accent your bouquet or even go with something nontraditional like a lantern or candle.


Which of the following describes a nosegay bouquet?

A nosegay bouquet has sparsely wrapped blooms and greenery. It's most commonly tied together at the base with ribbon or wire.


Out of the following choices, which flower is the least expensive?

Poms are relatively inexpensive while protea are always pricey flowers. Gerber daisies are moderately priced.


In ancient Greece and Rome, brides wore this around their necks to symbolize new life and fertility.

Greek and Roman brides and grooms wore garlands around their necks during their weddings. It was meant to symbolize new life, hope and fertility.


What is the meaning behind a pink rose?

A pink rose symbolizes admiration while a red rose is a symbol for romance and love. The yellow rose stands for happiness and warmth.


True or false: The peony is named after a physician to the gods, named Paeon.

The peony was indeed named after Paeon. It is said that he was given the flower by the mother of Apollo on Mount Olympus. The peony is also the Indiana state flower and the traditional flower for the 12th wedding anniversary.


Which of the following words is used as a term to describe language conveyed through flowers?

Floriography is known as the language of flowers. But we're not talking about words shared between daisies. Floriography stems from the Victorian era and refers to coded messages conveyed by blooms between unpoetic lovers and those who could were not permitted to discuss their feelings.


True or false: You should keep your body frame in mind when you're choosing the size of your bouquet.

You should always keep your body type in mind when selecting your bouquet. If you have a small frame, don't choose one that's too big. Similarly, if you have a larger frame, you shouldn't choose one that is too small.


Which flower means "I love you"?

The red chrysanthemum means "I love you," while the red camellia means "You're a flame in my heart," and the cedar leaf means "I live for thee."


Which bouquet style is also known as the pageant bouquet?

The arm sheaf bouquet is also known as the pageant bouquet. It's called this because the flowers are cradled in the arms of the bride, much like a pageant queen would hold them.


Which of the following is NOT a way to keep your white bouquet from blending in with your wedding dress?

A white bouquet is classic and timeless, but can blend in with a white wedding dress. Add texture by selecting different kinds of white flowers and don't be timid about choosing blooms with dark centers. You can also add greenery to make it stand out more.


What do white roses represent?

White roses represent purity and innocence and are commonly used for weddings because of their meaning.


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