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Are you a girl with a classic sense of style, or are you fashion-forward, reveling in the latest trends? You may wholly identify with either of these categories, but if you’re like most brides, your approach to fashion likely falls somewhere in the middle. Are you a more modern or classic bride? Take this quiz to decode your wedding day style.

You’re exchanging vows in a gorgeous five-star hotel's grand ballroom. A dress fitting for this kind of venue is:

Since your wedding venue will dictate what style dress you’ll wear, choose carefully! A bride will most likely wear an elegant dress if she’s tying the knot in a formal setting.


A trend-setting bride with modern style would likely choose which wedding color scheme?

Modern wedding color schemes usually involve bold, bright color combinations, like pink and black.


A bride with a casual dress might choose which style veil to complete her wedding day look?

A bride with simple style and a casual dress should choose a veil that’s short or barely touches the shoulders to match, like a flyaway style veil.


A modern bride may choose which trendy hairstyle to go with her off-the-shoulder, mermaid dress?

A top-knot bun, often styled messy and loosely, is a trendy hairstyle popular with many modern brides.


A classic bride who’s planning a formal wedding would likely choose which style wedding dress?

Ball gowns are considered by most to be the most traditional style wedding dress, featuring a fitted bodice and waistline with a full skirt -- a perfect style for a classic bride.


True or false: It’s fashionable to choose bridesmaid dresses that match a wedding’s color scheme, whether it’s modern or classic.

No matter what a bride’s wedding style may be, the bridesmaid dresses don’t necessarily have to match her color scheme. For example, a bride may ask her bridesmaids to wear black even though the color scheme of the affair is metallic silver and gold.


A classic bride’s wedding day ensemble could include a modern accessory, like:

A popular trend with today’s modern and classic brides is to wear shoes the same color as the bridesmaids’ dresses -- from red to violet to every color in between!


A casual, laid-back bride getting married in the afternoon might choose a dress with which length skirt?

Since a wedding that takes place in the afternoon is typically more casual than a nighttime affair, a tea-length dress is a perfectly appropriate style for the bride to wear.


Which wedding dress detail below is considered to be a current trend?

A peplum is a short pleated, flared or gathered piece of fabric attached to the waist of the dress. It was popular in the 1940s and has made a comeback as a trendy detail popular with modern brides.


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