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Human beings will do strange things to catch a buzz. How much do you know about these weird alcoholic beverages?

Why do some cultures put poisonous snakes into bottles of wine?

The venom often dissolves into the alcohol, adding what some people consider to be medicinal value.


Kumis is an alcoholic drink made from which kind of milk?

Horse milk has higher sugar content than many other types of milk, helping it to produce an alcohol content of about 2 percent.


Black Cow vodka markets itself as the only vodka in the world with which ingredient?

This "pure milk" vodka reportedly has a smooth, creamy taste.


Where might you drink a wine that features dead baby mice?

In China you might drink wine that has baby mice in the bottle; there are supposedly medicinal properties in this concoction.


Basi is fermented from what ingredient?

Most often made in the Philippines, this sugar cane-based drink is fermented like a wine and flavored with different types of bark.


What sort of penis is NOT typically in Chinese three-penis liquor?

You won't find whale penis in it, but often this drink features seal, dog and deer penises. Naturally, it is said to increase virility.


How much would you have to pay to buy a bottle of Project MX 33 tequila?

This pure agave liquid is aged for six years and commands the truth-is-stranger-than-fiction price of $225,000.


What kind of toe would you have found in the sourtoe cocktail in the Yukon?

The mummified human toe was used and reused for tens of thousands of drinks until one night a man (purposely) swallowed the thing whole.


Chicha de jora is also known as what?

This is a low-alcohol corn beer, and it's sometimes made by people who chew up the ground corn in their mouths to break down the starches.


Vermont White vodka features which key ingredient?

Whey is the sugar found in cow's milk, and it is fermented to created this vodka.


The Inuit people have been known to make wine from what ingredient?

Shove that seagull into a vat of water and let it sit -- you'll wind up with seagull wine, something that most people will probably never want to try.


True or False: Snakes can survive for months after being placed into bottles of wine.

If the bottle isn't airtight, they can survive for quite a while. Some people have been bitten after carelessly opening snake wine.


What sort of cheese is used to make a beer called The Blue Brew?

Stilton cheese comes in blue or white, and the blue variety is used to make this caramel-colored beer.


What disease can you contract from drinking snake bile wine?

The wines often don't have enough alcohol to act as a disinfectant, meaning you can get hepatitis or even snake parasites.


What is the typical alcohol content of snake bile wine?

It's strong, but you need a higher alcohol content (in the range of 70 percent) to really kill the gross stuff in this wine.


What ingredient gives an aqua tint to Abashiri Blue Beer?

Seaweed and a mixture of flowers make it blue; there is also supposedly melted iceberg water in the blend.


What color is Alaska Distillery Smoked Salmon vodka?

This pink liquor adds a smoky flavor to drinks, but don't worry, it doesn't taste fishy.


Where is a yogurt liquor named Yogurito made?

It's made in Norway but is most popular in Japan, where it is often mixed with various juices.


How long is Scorpion vodka (from Thailand) infused with its namesake before being released to store shelves?

Three months is supposedly long enough to render the scorpion's poison inert.


Ron de Jeremy rum features which ingredient?

Named after the adult film star, this one fortunately just has raw sugar cane in it.


What is gusano de maguey?

These worms are sometimes added to bottles of mezcal or tequila. They ostensibly add some flavor to the beverage.


Wave vodka makes which vodka flavor?

The chocolate-covered pretzel flavor can be used to make drinks such as Pretzel Passion or Pretzel Logic.


What is kallu made from?

Common in many parts of the world and called by many different names, kallu is made from palm tree sap.


Which of the following vodka flavors is NOT made by Wave Vodka?

They don't make bacon, but they do make just about any other weird flavor you can imagine.


What is the core ingredient of kvass?

The fermented rye bread imparts a slightly sweet flavor; the alcohol content is very low.


Where would you find a drink called pulque?

This Mexican beverage is made from the fermented sap of agave plants. It has the appearance of milk.


What is a key ingredient in Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur?

You'll see little flakes of edible silver floating around in this magical beverage.


What's one reported benefit of Chinese lizard wine?

If you have evil spirits in your home, maybe this stuff will help, or you can just drink it all to forget that your house is haunted.


Naked Jay created a vodka that has which flavor?

On a hot day, you might be intrigued by the dill pickle flavor. Or maybe not.


Where would you find Reindeer Horn Whiskey?

These so-called "herbal whiskeys" are common in Southeast Asia; this one reportedly has an "earthy" flavor.


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