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Brewers take all sorts of liberties with their favorite beverage, and sometimes their concoctions (or just the marketing) is downright bizarre. How much do you know about weird beers?

Short's Brew makes a Bloody Beer using what for added flavor?

It lacks the thick consistency of a Bloody Mary but has a lot of the taste.


A beer featuring sheep-dung-smoked whale testicles hails from a brewery in which country?

The Hvalur 2 uses fin whale testicles from a licensed butcher.


Precious is a Japanese beer that contains which odd ingredient?

It is marketed as a way to improve your skin quality; it was targeted towards Japanese women.


Legacy Brewing Company once made a beer named after which "Transformers" character?

It was called "Hoptimus Prime" in a nod to its hoppy flavor.


"Joint Effort" is a beer made with hemp, in order to celebrate the legalization of marijuana in which state?

It's made by Red Hook and Hilliard's and contains no THC.


How is Mamma Mia Pizza Beer made?

According to reviewers, the end result smells and tastes like pizza.


"Lumpy Gravy," from Lagunitas Brewing Company, features which celebrity on the label?

Zappa had an album with the same name.


Wynkoop Brewing Company makes a beer using bull testicles. What style of beer is it?

The Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout features 25 pounds of roasted bull testicles.


What color is Nimble Lips Noble Tongue IPA, which is brewed with squid ink?

It also has a briny taste that we can only guess is reminiscent of the sea.


The Martians Kidnap Santa! Has what flavors in it?

It is made by Spring House Brewing Company in Pennsylvania.


Which well-known brewery makes Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale?

Rogue comes up with more than its share of interesting beer flavors.


What is the alcohol content of BrewDog's Tactical Nuclear Penguin?

Some people say it tastes more like brandy than beer.


How does the civet (a cat-like creature) contribute to the flavor of Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel breakfast stout?

The digestive system of the civet gives the beans a prized (and pricey) flavor.


Sankt Gallen's Un, Kono Kuro also features defecated coffee beans. Which animal poops out these beans?

The Japanese beer was a very limited edition and sold out immediately.


What is the alcohol content of Hello Kitty beer?

The beer with the cartoon cat is not, however, available in North America.


Right Brain Brewery turned heads in 2011 with a brew that included what in the ingredients?

The company stresses that no bacon is used in its Mangalitsa Pig Porter, instead emphasizing the "head" and "bones" part.


New Belgium Brewing once made a Coconut Curry beer in which style?

The spicy beer had an alcohol content of around 8%.


The "No Crusts" brown ale from Funky Buddha Brewery tastes like what?

The flavor is said to be eerily similar to the sandwich.


Flying Dog Brewery's Pearl Necklace Chesapeake Stout contains what?

It gets good reviews and proceeds from your purchase go to oyster restoration projects.


How many different kinds of spicy peppers are used to make Ghost Face Killah chile beer?

It is spicy enough to immediately give you the hiccups.


A brew called "The End of History" came wrapped in what?

The whole bottle was stuffed into the squirrel's body; only a few were made and then sold for hundreds of dollars.


What was the alcohol content of "The End of History," from BrewDog?

Maybe the alcohol would make you forget you're drinking out of a squirrel.


Dogfish Head Craft Brewery made Noble Rot, a beer that's crossed with what?

The white grape/beer concoction results in a beer with a 9% alcohol content.


The Stallhagen Historic Beer 1843 is based on a 170-year-old bottle of beer found where?

In 2014, brewers relied on scientific analysis to recreate the beer.


Where is Kelpie Seaweed Ale made?

It's actually a dark brown color, not green or blue.


What color is the Spirulina Wit, from Freetail Brewing Company?

It's made with a green algae called spirulina, which lends the brew its emerald hue.


Why does Rogue call one of its wild ales, "Beard Beer?"

Some people say it tastes like a Belgian blonde ale with a bit of added tartness.


What's the unique selling proposition behind Snake Venom, made by Brewmeister?

The alcohol content tops 65%, making it one of the most potent beers ever.


The "Walker" beer from Dock Street Brewing Co. has what zombie-inspired ingredient?

They were all out of human brains.


The Sapporo Space Barley beer features barley with what special characteristic?

It was a limited edition (obviously) and six-packs cost around $100.


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