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Mother Nature's odd sense of architecture is evident all across the world. How much do you know about these weird geological formations?

Where is the Giant's Causeway located?

Nearly 40,000 basalt columns make up this enormous formation, which looks like a human-made art exhibit.


What geologic force created the Giant's Causeway?

The columns are mostly hexagonal, and they look like stepping stones that disappear into the sea.


What shape are the Moeraki Boulders?

These are literally cemented into a spherical shape on a New Zealand beach.


Where is "Rock City," which features rocks similar to the Moeraki Boulders?

The three groups of rocks emerge bizarrely in the middle of the open Kansas prairie.


What does "kummakivi" mean in English?

This huge rock is balanced delicately on top of another in the middle of a Finnish forest.


In Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park, you'll see features that look like what?

These features, found in Madagascar, look like something out of a warped fairy tale.


For how long has China's Reed Flute Cave been a tourist attraction?

The 180 million-year-old cave is adorned with funky artificial lighting to make its features pop.


Where are the Fairy Chimneys?

These cone-shaped "chimneys" tower over the landscape, creating an unforgettable scene.


The Bungle Bungle Range, in Australia, was almost unknown to the outside world until when?

The odd beehive-shaped rocks are in a very remote part of Western Australia.


How tall is Wave Rock, in Western Australia?

Wave Rock is 46 feet tall and 360 feet long, making it look just like a breaking ocean wave … on land.


How wide is Deer Cave, in Malaysia?

It is also 400 feet high, and has easy accessibility thanks to tourist walkways.


Where is the White Desert, which is full of unusual rock formations?

Blowing sand causes many of the twisted and gravity-defying rock sculptures in the White Desert.


What is the most dangerous time to enter the Antelope Canyon in Arizona?

These beautiful but narrow canyons are infamous for flash floods, the very force that created them.


Which national park is best known for its multi-colored "hoodoos?"

The brightly colored spires have enthralled humans for centuries.


How tall are the tallest quartzite sandstone pillars at the Wulingyuan site in China?

And they are topped with trees; you can see them in the movie "Avatar."


What causes the spots on the Spotted Lake in British Colombia?

The eye-catching "lake" actually is mostly dried, leaving behind mineral deposits that give the location its name.


What sort of rock lends an alien-like look to the formations at Coyote Buttes, in Arizona?

The result is "waves" of orange rock; you need a special permit just to see these amazing features.


Off the northern coast of Ireland, you might see an island that looks like what?

A profile view of the island looks eerily like a man floating face up in the sea.


What caused the Eye of the Sahara, a huge round depression in the Mauritania desert?

Like water, wind is a powerful (and creative) force of erosion that makes spectacular features.


Where is the "Troll's Hat," a large mountain with a hole that goes right through the middle?

You can actually walk all the way up and through the hole, too.


How deep is the Great Blue Hole, an underwater sinkhole in Belize?

Divers that explore its depths (400 feet) see large stalagmites and stalactites.


In what year was the Cave of the Crystals discovered in Mexico?

Some of the huge gypsum crystals are 50 feet long and 4 feet wide; it is truly an alien-looking environment.


What's the temperature of the Cave of the Crystals?

Volcanically heated water (which also spikes the humidity) is to blame; the conditions require special gear in order for humans to survive.


How many pillars make up the Externsteine, a series of enormous rock towers in Germany?

Oddly, there aren't many other exposed rock areas in this part of the country.


What sort of rock makes up the Stone Forest in China?

Uneven erosion left behind spires of limestone that resemble a forest; there are many trees amid the rocks, too.


How tall are many of the stone "trees" in the Stone Forest?

The blade-like shape of these stones adds to their strange appeal.


How many islets are there in Ha Long Bay, in Vietnam?

The unusual features helped make it a UNESCO World Heritage site.


What causes the scary color of the Blood Falls in Antarctica?

The coloring of the falls is so intense that it makes it look like a huge glacier is bleeding.


Where is the Yonaguni Monument located?

It features a number of flats surfaces and pillars which lend its nickname of "underwater arena."


What forces created the features of the Yonaguni Monument?

Scientists aren't sure if the odd structures were made by nature or by the ingenuity of ancient humans.


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