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Memes are cultural touchstones that these days spread mostly online. How much do you know about these odd memes?

What time is it?

The singing banana is ubiquitous…and pretty weird.


The "Miami Zombie" was supposedly under the influence of what substance?

The man was eating another person when he was shot and killed by police; then he became an online sensation.


Which animal is known for "crashing" many pictures since 2009?

Crasher Squirrel has photobombed millions of images since a National Geographic contest in 2009.


What is Linda Glocke going to destroy?

And soon, her name became synonymous with anything that anyone thought should be destroyed.


What nationality is the Standing Cat named Rocky?

No one knows what that cat is looking at, but he is freakishly human when he stands on his hind legs.


Where did the "picture unrelated" phenomenon begin?

Users were sometimes required to upload pictures for every post … leading to people uploading anything and everything unrelated to the topic at hand.


"They're eating her!" is a line from which movie?

"And then they're going to eat me, too!"


Which cat is watching you, always?

Peering from a hole in the drywall, Ceiling Cat sees all.


While shouting "Here come dat boi," what is the frog riding?

This one is so weird it tends to confuse even people who spread it around the Internet.


According to one meme, you're supposed to put what substance on your nipples in order to get high?

And that's how "toothpasting" became a thing.


Where can you get "free candy"?

The phrase "free candy" was spray-painted on a real-world van and became a funny (and creepy) meme.


On which site did Tron Guy first appear?

His homemade Tron costume instantly grabbed the attention of geek lovers everywhere.


Why can't we stop here?

It's a famous line from "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas."


What might Winnebago Man really need?

His obscene (and oddly disturbing) rants have become the stuff of Internet legend.


What sort of cartoon animal most frequently appears in the Dolan memes?

And he has odd issues with sex and murder.


Who answered a question about a map?

Her stream of consciousness pageant answer has been viewed tens of millions of times.


Billy Herrington is best known for doing what in his video of dubious quality?

He's even been animated into a forest-saving conservationist.


One meme always features people in white masks as an homage to which group?

Anonymous isn't just a meme; it's a collective that sometimes carries out "hacktivist" raids on groups they dislike.


A viral Kickstarter campaign resulted in a meme about recipes for what dish?

A $10 Kickstarter turned into more than $50,000 and a place in weird meme history.


What sort of animal was blown up with explosives in Miami in 1970?

The blast sends whale parts flying for hundreds of yards and into the hearts of pyromaniacs the world over.


Which font is ridiculed endlessly?

And thanks to many memes, some of which are truly strange, the message is spreading.


In one weird meme, Gandhi is always obsessed with what?

It started with a video game bug and morphed into a strange meme with a history spanning many years.


Why is one man closing the curtains on his house?

In the cartoon series, he shuts the curtains and turns back to his computer, no matter what's happening outside.


A song called "All This Love" turned into a meme featuring which world leader hanging out with a rainbow?

They were saying "rainbow stylin'" but "rainbow Stalin" is much weirder.


Which TV show gave rise to the bizarre trend of people dressing up in green lycra suits?

For a decade now, this meme has generated weird nightmares for a lot of people.


"Griefing" refers to what act?

These weird people get joy from harassing other players in multiplayer games.


What is Polybius?

Playing the game supposedly helps the government control your mind and could lead to a mental breakdown.


In what year did the word "cringeworthy" really come to light?

The word itself isn't weird but the concept is often applied to some exceedingly weird human behaviors.


What sort of animal is "drinking out of cups"?

And yes, the video will give you the creeps.


Where is the cat on the keyboard?

This one peaked in the mid-2000s but still rears its furry head from time to time.


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