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Forget the bread crumbs! Today's turkeys have taken on some truly outrageous stuffing ingredients — from sweet snacks to fillings that are a meal in and of themselves. Take this quiz to see just how far people are taking this turkey-filling trend.

Which of these dishes inspired Roy Rogers stuffing?

Roy Rogers stuffing is inspired by the loaded baked potato — it's filled with gooey cheese, bacon, potato chips and salsa.


What city inspired the recipe for Ed Koch stuffing?

Named for the three-time New York City Mayor Ed Koch, the stuffing contains smoked salmon and chunks of chewy bagels.


What cuisine inspired kedgeree stuffing?

Indian-inspired kedgeree stuffing contains curry-spiced lentils and rice and is based on a traditional Indian dish.


Which of these dishes inspired Miles Standish stuffing?

The modern twist on a classic favorite adds pepperoni and mozzarella to give stuffing a pizzalike appeal.


What does Frito-Lay suggest adding to stuffing, according to a recipe on the company's website?

The company offers a recipe made with corn chips, which replace the traditional bread crumbs for a gluten-free twist.


What unusual snack food does blogger Mr. Food recommend adding to stuffing?

Mr. Food suggests mixing crumbled cornbread with three cups of popped popcorn to add a bit of extra zip to your Thanksgiving turkey.


What term is used in place of stuffing in many Southern states?

Stuffing is more of a Northern term, while dressing is used in the South.


What do the Pennsylvania Dutch typically add to stuffing?

Forget the stuffing and dressing! The Pennsylvania Dutch add mashed potatoes to bread crumbs and call the concoction "filling."


How many White Castle sliders do you need to stuff a 10-pound (5-kilogram) turkey?

Figure one slider per pound of turkey, which means 10 sliders for a typical 10-pound bird — but make sure to remove the pickles!


True or False: About half of Americans stuff their turkey.

Roughly 50 percent of Americans stuff the turkey, though many eat stuffing — or dressing — on the side.


Which of these breads is most common in Southern stuffing recipes?

Cornbread is the most common stuffing ingredient in the South, while white bread is popular up North.


True or False: American Colonists were the first to stuff fowl with breading.

The ancient Romans stuffed chickens, rabbits and pork, though there's no evidence anyone ever dressed a turkey.


How many boxes of Stove Top stuffing are sold each year?

Americans buy around 60 million boxes of Stove Top stuffing, which came out in 1972, annually.


What ingredient are you using if you are stuffing your bird with naw mai fun?

Naw mai fun, or sticky rice, is a popular stuffing option for Asian-American families.


Which of these meats is commonly used in naw mai fun?

Traditional naw mai fun recipes dress up the sticky rice with sausages, mushrooms, water chestnuts and other veggies.


What is a Turtwinkie stuffed with?

The Turtwinkie contains crumbled Twinkies — filling removed — mixed with spices.


What unusual ingredient is used in Stove Top fluffing?

Stove Top fluffing is stuffing mixed with marshmallow fluff. Think crispy rice treat with bread crumbs instead of cereal.


What is the TurDunkin' brined in?

The TurDunkin' gets soaked in Dunkin' Donuts Coolattas — orange and strawberry, to be precise — prior to cooking.


What's the perfect stuffing for the TurDunkin'?

The TurDunkin' recipe calls for a filling made from 50 donut holes.


What special gravy ingredient goes perfectly with the TurDunkin'?

It wouldn't be a TurDunkin' without coffee gravy and mashed hash browns on the side.


Which of these animals is NOT part of a turducken?

The legendary turducken consists of a turkey, stuffed with a duck, stuffed with a chicken.


What flavor cupcakes did the Cupcake Project use to stuff its Thanksgiving turkey?

Forget the sauce — stuff your turkey with unfrosted cranberry cupcakes for the ultimate Thanksgiving treat.


What meat lies at the center of the Turbaconepicentipede?

This step-up from the Turducken consists of a pig, turkey, duck, chicken, hen and quail — and the tiny quail is stuffed with bacon for good measure.


What does Martha Stewart recommend for topping off a fruit and nut stuffing?

Stewart's recipe calls for a generous amount of bourbon to tie together prunes, apricots, raisins, cashews and walnuts.


True or false: To make beer-can turkey, you insert the beer can into the bird.

A beer-can turkey requires you to spice up a can of brew, then perch the bird over the can for roasting.


What Southern favorite does Hebert's Specialty Meats use to stuff its birds?

The Texas company fills the turkey with a blend of alligator, rice and spices.


True or false: The Pilgrims ate stuffed turkey at the first Thanksgiving.

There is simply no evidence that the Pilgrims stuffed their fowl or even that they ate turkey at all. It's much more likely that they enjoyed a wild fowl of some kind with a side of rice.


What fruit is common in San Francisco-style stuffing?

The San Francisco favorite contains a generous helping of chopped apples, plus chicken apple sausage for good measure.


True or false: Oysters are a common stuffing ingredient in parts of the U.S.

In places like New England and the Gulf Coast where oysters are rare, oysters have traditionally been used to make stuffing and dressing for turkey day.


What's inside of a cthurkey?

A cthurkey is a turkey stuffed with a small octopus, with crab legs arranged around the bird to give it a sinister appearance.


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