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Most people get to know a country by visiting its big cities. With this quiz, we will give you three of the most important and happening cities, and you can take a very wild or educated guess as to where these vibrant cities are located in the world. Ready for the virtual trip?

In this sparsely worded but world-filled quiz, you can create a mental picture of the dynamic cities that we cite here. Ever been to different parts of Asia? We're naming some popular capitals of South Asian and Southeast Asian countries. Some of these cities are staples of travel guides while some cities are best explored off the beaten path, so to speak. Have you ever used your gut instinct as a compass? It works in Asia, we promise! You'd be surprised how friendly and accommodating these cities are -- and they speak good English to boot! 

How about heading down to South America? Brush up on your Spanish, for we also name quite a few cities in Central America as well. And to have that balanced north-south feel, we also head up to North America and cite some cities worth visiting. Hey, if you're based in the USA, they're just our neighbors, so might as well say Hi! or maybe Eh! That's a clue there, y'all!

Of course, we won't forget the other continents that have old world charm and the newer emerging markets and destinations. Europe is still a favorite, and the intriguing attractions of the Middle Eastern countries are also part of our itinerary.

So what d'ya say? C'mon let's hop on our virtual plane and take a tour of the world with this quiz! Fly away!

Tours, Marseille and Lyon are located in which country?

“France was built with swords. The fleur-de-lis, symbol of national unity, is only the image of a spear with three pikes.” –Charles de Gaulle


Madrid, Cartagena and Valencia are located in which country?

Madrid is not only the capital of Spain but also its largest city. Catalonia, Galicia and the Basque Country are unique regions of Spain that have their own language.


Kraków, Warsaw and Wrocław are located in which country?

"I used to pray to recover you. Ach, du. In the German tongue, in a Polish town scraped flat by the roller of wars, wars, wars." –Sylvia Plath, Daddy


New Delhi, Mumbai (Bombay), and Kolkata are located in which country?

Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore are the three most populous cities in India, and each has more than 5 million people in it. Delhi and Mumbai have more than 10 million inhabitants in them, making them megacities.


New York, Los Angeles and Chicago are located in which country?

“In the unlikely story that is America, there has never been anything false about hope.” - Barack Obama


Which lists three cities located in Greece?

Argos is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. It has been a village or city since about 6000 B. C. Athens began around 5000 B. C. and Thebes around 1600 B. C.


Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Pretoria are located in which country?

“Traffic in Joburg [Johannesburg, South Africa] is like the democratic process. Every time you think it's going to get moving and take you somewhere, you hit another jam.” ― Lauren Beukes, Zoo City


Palu, Jakarta, and Lombok are located in which country?

Although Indonesian is the official language, there are more than 300 different languages spoken throughout the country. There are more than 17,000 islands in the Indonesian archipelago.


Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Kazan are located in which country?

“They're professionals at this in Russia, so no matter how many Jell-O shots or Jager shooters you might have downed at college mixers, no matter how good a drinker you might think you are, don't forget that the Russians - any Russian - can drink you under the table.” –Anthony Bourdain, A Cook’s Tour: Global Adventures in Extreme Cuisines


Which lists three cities that are located in Thailand?

From May to September, rain falls almost every day in Thailand. Children go to elementary school for six years, but parents must pay for the next six years of high school. Boys have mandatory military training beginning in the ninth grade.


Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are located in which country?

“Alone of all the races on earth, [Australians] seem to be free from the 'Grass is Greener on the other side of the fence' syndrome, and roundly proclaim that Australia is, in fact, the other side of that fence. They call the land "Oz", "Godzone" (a verbal contraction of "God's Own Country")… The irritating thing about this is they may be right.” –Douglas Adams, Australia—The Confusing Country


Brasília, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo are located in which country?

Brazil is the largest country in South America. It is the world’s fifth largest country by both land area and population.


Istanbul, Ankara and Konya are located in which country?

“Turkey’s true master is the peasant.” –Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Turkish revolutionary and army officer who founded the Republic of Turkey and served as its first president


Venice, Florence and Rome are located in which country?

The Colosseum is the most visited tourist attraction in Italy. It was built from stone in concrete from 72 A. D. to 80 A. D. It is the world’s largest amphitheater.


Which lists three cities in Ireland?

“Out of Ireland have we come, great hatred, little room, maimed us at the start. I carry from my mother's womb a fanatic heart.” –W. B. Yeats, The Collected Poems of W. B. Yeats


Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Nazareth are located in which country?

The lowest point in Israel is the Dead Sea, which is also the lowest point on Earth. Its surface is 1,412 ft. below sea level.


Kyoto, Hiroshima and Tokyo are located in which country?

“I've never really wanted to go to Japan. Simply because I don’t like eating fish. And I know that's very popular out there in Africa.” –Britney Spears, 1999


Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Mar del Plata are located in which country?

Legends of a mountain of silver and a “White King” led Spanish explorers to the interior of Argentina. The actual mountain is thought to be Cerro Rico de Potosi in Bolivia, and the king is assumed to be the Inca king, Huayna Capac. Argentina means “made of silver” in Italian. It was initially named “Rio de la Plata” in Spanish.


Reykjavik, Ísafjörður and Höfn are located in which country?

“There is no more sagacious animal than the Icelandic horse. He is stopped by neither snow, nor storm, nor impassable roads, nor rocks, glaciers, or anything. He is courageous, sober, and surefooted. He never makes a false step, never shies. If there is a river or fjord to cross (and we shall meet with many), you will see him plunge in at once, just as if he were amphibious, and gain the opposite bank.” ― Jules Verne, Journey to the Center of the Earth


Which lists three cities located in Hungary?

Erno Rubik (born July 13, 1944) is an architect and inventor best known for his invention of the Rubik’s cube. He was born in Budapest, Hungary and invented the cube in 1974. It took him over a month to solve the puzzle he created.


Which lists three cities located in Switzerland?

“Switzerland would be a mighty big place if it were ironed flat.” –Mark Twain, referring to the mountains


Cairo, Alexandria and Giza are located in which country?

“When we find something new at Giza, we announce it to the world. The Sphinx and the pyramids are world treasures. We are the guardians of these treasures, but they belong to the world.” Zahi Hawass


Baghdad, Mosul and Basrah are located in which country?

“They keep talking about drafting a constitution for Iraq. Why don't we just give them ours? It was written by a lot of really smart guys. It's worked for over 200 years, and Hell, we're not using it anymore.” ― Jay Leno


Copenhagen, Roskilde and Helsingør are located in which country?

Denmark joined the European Economic Community in 1973. Although it applied with the United Kingdom in 1961, it refused to join when Charles de Gaulle vetoed the United Kingdom’s acceptance.


Munich, Hamburg and Berlin are located in which country?

“Germans grew reluctant to stay in communal ski lodges, fearing they might talk in their sleep. They postponed surgeries because of the lip-loosening effects of anesthetic. Dreams reflected the ambient anxiety. One German dreamed that an SA man came to his home and opened the door to his oven, which then repeated every negative remark the household had made against the government.” ― Erik Larson, In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler's Berlin


Kiev, Lviv and Odessa are located in which country?

In addition to traditional McDonald's fare, Ukranian McDonald's offer croissants, black currant muffins and pies, spinach quiche, fried cheese, a variety of cheesecakes and tiramisu, and exotic fruit juice. The “McFoxy” is a Ukrainian competitor.


Porto, Braga and Lisbon are located in which country?

“By day Lisbon has a naive theatrical quality that enchants and captivates, but by night it is a fairy-tale city, descending over lighted terraces to the sea, like a woman in festive garments going down to meet her dark lover.” ― Erich Maria Remarque, The Night in Lisbon


Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Da Nang are located in which country?

The narrowest point of Vietnam is only 30 miles across. The Mekong River and the Red River are two of its largest rivers.


Cancún, Acapulco and Guadalajara are located in which country?

"You can't say no, in Acapulco. With every beat your heart will answer, ‘yes’ where lovers sing instead of talk and dance instead of walk together in a night, that's filled with stars and strumming guitars.” –Elvis Presley, You Can’t Say No in Acapulco


Which lists three cities located in New Zealand?

New Zealand remains under the Queen of England, but a governor-general represents her in the country. The Prime Minister is currently Bill English.


Which lists three cities located in China?

“And then it occurs to me. They are frightened. In me, they see their own daughters... They see daughters who grow impatient when their mothers talk in Chinese, who think they are stupid when they explain things in fractured English. They see that joy and luck do not mean the same to their daughters, that to these closed American-born minds "joy luck" is not a word, it does not exist.” –Amy Tan, The Joy Luck Club


Kathmandu, Bandipur and Pisang are located in which country?

Nepal is one of the least developed countries in the world according to the CIA World Factbook. As an agricultural nation, its manufacturing primarily consists of processing jute, tobacco, grains, sugarcane and pulses.


Riyadh, Mecca and Medina are located in which country?

“No matter how powerful, countries cannot rule the whole world. The world is ruled by brains, by justice, by morals, and by fairness.” –Abdullah of Saudi Arabia


Tongliao, Ulaanbaatar and Murun are located in which country?

Ghengis Khan united the tribes of Mongolia 1206-1263 A. D. In 1691, China’s Qing dynasty controlled the area. It did not hold its first multi-party election until 1990, after the fall of the Soviet Union.


Toronto, Calgary and Ottawa are located in which country?

“Canada is not the party. It’s the apartment over the party." –Craig Ferguson, Scotish-American comedian, actor, and television host


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