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Each country is famous for a handful of things. In this quiz, we’re going to test your knowledge about the nations of the world. If you get them all right, you’re officially a world traveler extraordinaire!

Statue of Liberty, Washington D.C., apple pie

Okay, we’re starting this off easy. The Statue of Liberty, Washington D.C., and apple pie are all associated with the United States of America. God bless.

The Eiffel Tower, tourism, Napoleon

The Eiffel Tower, tourism, and Napoleon are very much associated with France. So is butter. Yum.

St. Basil’s Cathedral, vodka, nuclear warheads

We all know Russia for their cathedral, vodka, and nuclear warheads. They’re also known for raspberries.

Blue domed church, olive oil, Athens

Greece is famous for its blue domed church of Santorini, olive oil, and Athens. Don't forget the many wonders of Ancient Greece.

The pyramids, Africa Cup of Nations titles, Cleopatra

Egypt is famous for the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Africa Cup of Nations titles, and Cleopatra. Egypt is the home of some pretty rich history.

The Little Mermaid, education, Copenhagen

Denmark is the country of the Little Mermaid statue and Copenhagen, and they’re also famous for their education. Hamlet was the Prince of Denmark.

Palace of Versailles, Chanel, cigarettes

France is famous for a lot of things. Some that make the list include the Palace of Versailles, Chanel, and cigarettes.

Windmills at Kinderdijk, The Hague, tall people

The Netherlands is associated with the Windmills at Kinderdijk, The Hague, and tall people. The country is also home to Amsterdam.

The Great Wall, CO2 emissions, Beijing

These are all things that are associated with China. In all fairness, they’re also associated with renewable energy.

The Taj Mahal, Bollywood, New Delhi

These are all things that India is famous for. It’s also known for its Chicken Tikka Masala.

Machu Picchu, sandboarding, Lima

Peru is famous for Machu Picchu, sandboarding, and the capital, Lima. They’re also known for their fine Peruvian cuisine.

Big Ben, Queen Elizabeth II, tea

The United Kingdom, of course, is known for Big Ben, Queen Elizabeth II, and tea drinking. Oh, and "Downton Abbey."

The Burj, Abu Dhabi, lots of men

The Burj in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and more men than women. These are all things that we associate with the United Arab Emirates.

The Tower of Pisa, UEFA competitions, Rome

Italy is closely associated with the leaning Tower of Pisa, UEFA competitions, and Rome. It’s also famous for pasta.

Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, butt lifts

Brazil is famous for its statue of Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, and Brazilian butt lifts. Cosmetic tourism at its best.

Lascaux, scarves, crepes

France is famous for the caves of Lascaux, fashionable scarves, and crepes. You can order your crepes either savory or sweet.

Mecca, oil, Riyadh

Saudi Arabia is most famous for Mecca, oil, and the capital city of Riyadh. It’s one of the richest nations in the world.

Loch Ness, Highlanders, kilts

Scotland, although part of the United Kingdom, is known for all these marvelous things. They also make great oatmeal.

Bran Castle, Transylvania, Bucharest

Romania is home to the famous Bran Castle in Transylvania and their capital city of Bucharest. The Romanian national dish is Sarmale.

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, apricots

Turkey is famous for a lot of things. Some of these include the Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, and apricots.

Brandenburg Gate, Bratwurst, almost winning the World Cup

Germany is famous for a lot of things. Some of these are Brandenburg Gate, bratwurst, and almost winning the World Cup.

Acropolis, souvlaki, debt

Sorry, Greece, about the debt. You are known for so many wonderful things, though, like the Acropolis and souvlaki.

Sagrada Familia, tapas, cocaine

Sagrada Familia and Gaudi are associated with Spain. So are tapas and cocaine.

Uluru, kangaroo, meat pie

Australia is famous for Uluru, the Outback, kangaroos, and meat pie. Australians like to eat roast lamb.

Neuschwanstein, pretzels, beer

Germany is home to the famous castle known as Neuschwanstein. When there, eat pretzels and drink beer.

Mount Fuji, robots, ramen

Where else can you find Mount Fuji, robots, and ramen? Japan has it all!

Stonehenge, shepherd’s pie, London Eye

The United Kingdom, Britain specifically, is associated with Stonehenge, shepherd’s pie, and the London Eye. Be sure to order the full English breakfast.

Mount Eden, sheep, rugby

New Zealand is known for many things. Mount Eden, sheep, and rugby are just some of them. The national dish is bacon and egg pie.

Capital Hill, Buffalo wings, SUVs

The United States is famous for Capital Hill in D.C., Buffalo wings, and SUVs. The U.S. is also famous for hamburgers.

Al Aqsa Mosque, R&D, falafel

Isreal is known for Al Aqsa Mosque, R&D, and falafel. They also like to eat Ptitim.

Niagara Falls, maple syrup, poutine

There is nothing more Canadian than poutine. So are Niagara Falls and hockey.

Angkor Wat, Phnom Penh, amok trey

Cambodia is a remarkable country. They’re famous for Angkor Wat, the capital city of Phnom Penh, and their national dish, amok trey.

Brussels, the peeing statue, waffle frites

Belgium is famous for the peeing statue, Manneken Pis. It's also famous for Brussels and waffle frites.

Mount Everest, Kathmandu, dal bhat

Nepal is most famous for Mount Everest, Kathmandu, and their national dish, dal bhat. Not great for those who get altitude sickness.

St. Peter’s Cathedral, the Pope, the Swiss Guard

Vatican City, the smallest country in the world, is famous for all these things. They have great gelato, too.

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