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You know the names, from Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul Jabaar to Carmello Anthony and Chris Webber, but do you remember which college basketball team they played for? Or, do you know which players went directly from high school to the NBA? 

College basketball in many respects is more popular than the NBA - ahem, have you filled out your March Madness brackets yet? But as players make their way through NBA greatness - and some not so great, how long is it before you forget where the players came from? Were they a member of Michigan's Fab Five? Or, is your favorite player one of the 58 NBA players to have come from Duke? And yes, you just read that correctly - 58!

But, what fun is a quiz of just names? You'll also have a shot to answer a few NBA questions about the history of the game. For example, do you know how many teams have had an undefeated season and then gone on to win the National Championship? Or, do you know how many players have won the National College Player of the Year and the NBA's Most Valuable Player awards? 

Are you ready to take a jumper? Do you think you can nail the three as the clock expires? This is the quiz for NBA fans who love to go back to the roots. Take this quiz to see if you have the stuff NBA teams look for!

Which school has sent the most players to the NBA?

Kentucky has sent the most players to the NBA. Notables include Dan Issel, Cliff Hagan, Tayshaun Prince, Jamal Mashburn and Antoine Walker.


Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Reggie Miller, Marques Johnson

UCLA is home of famous player Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Other greats include Reggie Miller, Marques Johnson, Gail Goodrich and Kiki Vandeweghe.


Michael Jordan, Vince Carter, Sam Perkins

Michael Jordan famously played for North Carolina. Other names include Rasheed Wallace, Bob McAdoo, James Worthy, Jerry Stackhouse and Antawn Jamison.


Elton Brand, Carlos Boozer, Shane Battier

Here we have some seriously famous players from Duke. In fact, Duke has sent 58 players to the NBA.


Wilt Chamberlain, Danning Manning, Jo Jo White

The University of Kansas was where it all began for Wilt Chamberlain. Other notables include Kirk Hinrich, Nick Collison and Drew Gooden.


Who holds the single-game Final Four scoring record?

Bill Bradley is a former Princeton Tiger and US Senator. He famously holds the single-game Final Four scoring record.


Who holds the NCAA career scoring record?

"Pistol" Pete Maravich holds the NCAA career scoring record. He was able to score 3,667 points in his time.


Who is the winningest coach in college basketball history?

Dean Smith is considered the winningest coach in college football history. He retired in 1997, and amassed 879 wins in his career.


Eric Gordon, Walt Bellamy, Isiah Thomas

Indiana is famous for having some great players move on to the NBA. Other notables include Victor Oladipo, Cody Zeller and Noah Vonleh.


Wes Unseld, Rodney McCray, Jack Coleman

These fine players are famous for getting their start in Louisville. The school has sent 44 players to the NBA.


Jason Terry, Andre Iguodala, Richard Jefferson

Jason Terry, Andre Iguodala and Richard Jefferson hail from Arizona. Other famous names are Steve Kerr, Sean Elliott, Damon Stoudamire and Gilbert Arenas.


Carmelo Anthony, Billy Owens, David Bing

Carmelo Anthony is one of the most famous players to come out of Syracuse. They've sent a total of 43 players to the NBA.


Who won the first NCAA basketball tournament?

The University of Oregon was the first to win an NCAA basketball tournament. It took place in 1939. Since then, Oregon has not won the tournament again.


How many teams have gone undefeated and then gone on to win the national title?

7 teams in total have gone undefeated and then gone on to win the national title. Of these, UCLA has done it the most.


Chris Webber, Glen Rice, Juwan Howard

The University of Michigan is most famous for Chris Webber. The Wolverines have moved other notables on to the NBA, including sharpshooter Glen Rice.


Adrian Dantley, Bill Laimbeer, Orlando Woolridge

Notre Dame is more famous for football than they are for basketball. That being said, these are still some memorable players who went on to play for the NBA.


Magic Johnson, Steve Smith, Kevin Willis

The most famous player to come out of Michigan State is Ervin "Magic" Johnson, without question. The Lakers guard won five NBA championships.


Who has the longest winning streak in Division 1 college basketball history?

UCLA is famous for the longest winning streak in Division 1 college basketball history. The Bruins won 88 games in a row from 1971 to 1974.


Buck Williams, Joe Smith, Steve Francis

The most famous player to come out of the University of Maryland is Buck Williams. Other famous players include Jerry Lucas, Walt Williams, Steve Blake and Chris Wilcox.


John Havlicek, Jerry Lucas, Mike Conley

Here we have some fine players that have come out of Ohio State. 35 players in total have come from Ohio to the NBA.


Chris Mullin, Mark Jackson, Metta World Peace

These guys famously hail from St. John's. Back in college, Metta World Peace was just known as Ron Artest.


David Thompson, Nate McMillan, TJ Warren

North Carolina State has a couple of great names on its list. However, they don't have as many as the University of North Carolina.


Paul Azrin, Kyle Lowry, Kerry Kittles

Here are some of the top players from Villanova. Other notables include Lowry, Dante Cunningham and Darrun Hilliard


How many players have have won both National College Player of the Year and NBA MVP?

There are 8 players who have won both National College Player of the Year and NBA MVP. The list includes Bill Russell (San Francisco), Oscar Robertson (Cincinnati), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (UCLA), Bill Walton (UCLA), Larry Bird (Indiana St.), Michael Jordan (North Carolina), David Robinson (Navy) and Shaquille O'Neal (LSU).


Who won the first NCAA women's basketball tournament?

Louisiana Tech won the first NCAA women's basketball tournament in 1982. Tennessee has won the title 6 times since.


Deron Williams, Derek Harper, Eddie Johnson

The University of Illinois has sent 32 players to the NBA. Deron Williams is probably the most famous.


Dwyane Wade, Doc Rivers, Maurice Lucas

Dwyane Wade is the most famous player to come out of Marquette. Marquette University has sent 30 players to the NBA.


Kevin McHale, Joel Pryzbilla, Kris Humphries

The University of Minnesota has sent these players to the NBA, along with 27 others. Boston Celtics Kevin McHale is the most famous.


Shawn Marion, Larry Johnson, Reggie Theus

What happens in Vegas does not always stay in Vegas. These are some of the 29 players that have moved on to the NBA.


Emeka Okafor, Ben Gordon, Donyell Marshall,

The University of Connecticut has some amazing basketball players come from their school. The list includes Emeka Okafor, Ben Gordon, Donyell Marshall, Rudy Gay, Richard Hamilton, Kemba Walker and the all-time best player to come from the school, Ray Allen.


In which Final Four championship did Larry Bird and Magic Johnson first meet?

In 1979, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson first went head to head. The Final Four championship was the highest-rated basketball game in TV history.


When was the three-pointer first introduced in the NCAA?

The three-pointer was first introduced in the NCAA in 1987. The move changed the game forever.


Oscar Robertson, Jack Twyman, Nick Van Exel

The University of Cincinnati is famous for these players and many more. The best active player is free agent guard Lance Stephenson.


Chris Bosh, Stephon Marbury, Mark Price

Here we have some famous contributions by Georgia Tech. Don't forget about Kenny Anderson and Thaddeus Young.


Which college first won the NCAA championship for both men's and women's basketball?

UConn was the first school to win both the men's and women's NCAA championship in the same year. This took place in 2004.


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