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There are different kinds of jobs out there. Are you familiar with many of them?

These days, the world is versatile enough to have a specific person address a specific need. This is true in all kinds of industries that exist out there. Be it in the so-called white collar or blue collar domain -- or anything else in between those categories -- you will find a specific person with a specific job title that contributes largely to the progress of that industry.

Before, the world was simple enough to have clear-cut laborers who did specific kinds of tasks, to the point of specializing in them. The early etymology of certain name origins can also attest to these specializations during ancient times, since people's last names were their actual job professions before. So it's not hard to guess what a person does for a living.

Today, of course, it's more complicated than that. In one industry alone, there could be tens or hundreds of job descriptions and specializations, with one person handling a specific area while another hones in on a specific problem. And as the ages of humankind evolve further, more and more job descriptions seem to be popping up left and right.

But let's play with the common ones to test our common knowledge of such matters. If we give you three kinds of problems, do you think you'll be able to tell who the best person for that job would be? Test your knowledge with this quiz, now! Good luck -- and get to work!

What kind of worker can repair busted lightbulbs, a burnt socket and damaged light switches?

For all kinds of electrical repairs at home or in a structure, you should call an electrician to do the job. But if you need to assess the connection of your house's electrical connection to the larger power supplier, there are more specialized electricians who do such jobs, usually those employed by the power company.


If you need some wood work done, such as small furniture set-ups, cabinet repairs or dining set fixing, who you gonna call?

A carpenter is good at any kind of woodwork. It could be as small-scale as having broken chair legs repaired, or as big as building extended porches or even a tree house in your backyard.


Leaky faucet, broken shower head, clogged kitchen sink. Who will save your sewer?

Generally, a plumber is knowledgable in repairing various kinds of common plumbing problems at home. But there are also different kinds of plumbing problems that may require certain specializations, especially those involving utilities connections from inside of the house to the outside.


Overheating radiator, a snapped fan belt, oil leak underneath. Go call this dude now so you can burn up the quarter mile!

An auto mechanic could repair many kinds of problems in a car, especially those that concern the engine parts. But certain auto issues may need different kinds of workers to help the auto mechanic, such as those who do specific auto detailing or specialized paint jobs.


Snapped silver necklace, broken pearl earrings, dislodged stone in that engagement ring. Where will you take these things?

A jeweler is someone who can generally do most kinds of repair work with problematic jewelry. But if there are missing parts, it may not be that easy to source them, such as lost stones and specific stuff like that.


Headaches, stomach aches, body pains. Who can help to make you well again?

A doctor is a general practitioner who underwent basic medical training, so they can cure the most common of illnesses and diagnose the most common of diseases, and treat them. However, if these doctors want to specialize on a specific area of medical treatment, they will have to undergo more studies to hone that specialization.


Broken doorknob, broken key stuck in the keyhole, or you just can't open the locked door because you were locked out. Who you gonna call in these situations?

A locksmith is adept at installing and repairing all kinds of mechanisms that involve locks and keys. They can apply this knowledge on a simple door to a common house, to cars and to bigger kinds of buildings, too.


Whether it's a busted Rolex, a nonfunctioning Patek Philippe or a stuck hand of an Audemars Piguet, who do you think can help?

A watch or clock repairer can handle any kind of mechanism that involves clock machines. Even if it's small like in watches, they can also handle those for repair.


No freon, dirty filthy filter, something caught in the fan motor. When your cooling system leaves you hot, who can help?

An air conditioner installer and repairer can fix any kind of problem in any kind of machine with cooling temperature structures. That's why they're also adept at fixing refrigerators, so they could also service that kind of appliance repair if needed.


Problematic potholes, slippery ice all around during winter, needs asphalt layering. Who’s the person for the job?

A road worker gets called in to fulfill any kind of road work. It could be as minor as road section repairs or as major as new road construction.


Snapped heel, ruined eyelets, worn-out toe cap. Who will save your sole?

A shoemaker can indeed make a shoe, as well as repair a pair. They are very skilled craftspeople, but sadly are currently in decline due to the industrialization of the shoe industry globally.


CPU won't boot, monitor won't go on, motherboard overheats. Who will rescue you?

Computer repair technicians have become in-demand in the last 15 years or so, thanks to the booming computer industry that seems to still exponentially expand. Computer repair technicians also keep up with these changing times, especially since many personal users have been switching from desktops to laptops in the last decade.


Broken springs, torn fabric cover, worn-out padding inside. What do you call this furniture whisperer?

An upholsterer is an interesting labor specialization since these people are focused on fixing the state of furniture. They do inspections of it, do repairs of frames or the seats and legs, and fix just about anything that has to do with getting a piece of furniture in tiptop shape.


Dog swallowed a coin, cat has skin irritants, rabbit snagged its foot. Who can help your non-human buddies?

A veterinarian is a kind of doctor, too, but one who specializes in treating animals. So they had to study different kinds of animal anatomy when in vet school.


Shrub needs trimming, tree branch needs grafting, flowerbeds need tending. Who's your savior?

A gardener is a very versatile individual who knows many things about plants and soil behavior, and the combinations of both. Not only can they do the manual job of cutting grass, weeding, mulching and stuff, but they are also knowledgable in how to drive away pests in general lawn care.


Plaque problems, tartar troubles, crown cavity concerns. Who's the best person for this job?

A dentist is a kind of doctor who specializes in oral care, as well as care for the mouth area where teeth are generally concerned and affected. But dentists also have specializations depending on specific needs, such as an orthodontist (the one you consult for braces) and periodontist (those who examine the anatomical structures that support the teeth), to name a few.


Gown alterations, skirt shortening, torn jeans and pants. Who's the person for this job?

A dressmaker often services the repair needs of women's clothing. That's why they're the ones to go to when you want dresses, skirts or gowns repaired, as well as women's pants and such.


Petty thievery, murder, assault. How to get away with these things? Call this person.

A lawyer is the general practitioner that can help you with legal troubles. But they also have specific areas of expertise according to what they want to specialize in, such as being a litigation lawyer, a tax lawyer, a copyright lawyer and other categories.


Need a financial statement? Need help filing taxes? Need to compute taxes? Who can help?

Accountants are good at preparing many kinds of financial records and documents, whether for an individual's purpose or a company's. But like lawyers and doctors, they also have specializations depending on what they want to focus on, such as being an investment accountant, an auditor or a certified public accountant.


Snapped gold necklace, broken gold ring, ruined gold bracelet. Who's the specific person for this job?

A goldsmith is a specialization that goes beyond the duties of a jeweler. They work closely with gold, so they know its nuances, the chemical behavior, and other specifications that require a deeper knowledge of this element, as applied to fixing gold materials like gold jewelry.


Guitar needs stringing? Percussion drums busted? Horns out of tune? Who can tinker with these thingies?

A musical instrument repairer knows many kinds of instruments, as well as how to repair them. Generally, they should have some basic knowledge of music, too, in order to test if an instrument is out of tune or not.


Need someone to install glass on windows, fix glass display cases, or put up roof skylight glass? Who’s the right person for this job?

A glazier is a specialized worker who deals with installation and repair of glass on a certain structure. The structures could be as small as glass case displays, like the ones you see in malls or stores, or they could be as big as building windows and skylights.


Dirty carpet, floor spills, filthy bathroom. Who can spruce these up?

House cleaning service is a huge business in many developed nations. There are people who think it's better for their busy lives to hire outsourced cleaners than have one employed in-house, hence the boom of this industry.


Website not loading properly? Landing page needs readjusting? Broken links and images? Who can fix such online stuff?

In the last 10 years or so, the web developer job position has become an in-demand job due to the nature of the digital world right now. They are considered the whiz of the Digital Age since they can fix these kinds of online problems.


Fixing ruined men's suits, trousers need hemming, fixing seams? Who's the specialist for this job?

A tailor generally takes care of men's clothing needs and repairs, and they do it the "bespoke" way. This means they make clothes that are specifically measured for a specific man, unlike the ready-to-wear clothing where men find their sizes off the rack and try to fit in there -- and of course they could also repair such clothing.


Acne woes, psoriasis problems, skin allergies? Run to this specialist ASAP!

A dermatologist is a specialization within the medical field that concerns all things related to the human skin. They can detect simple and complicated diseases, help clean up or shape up one's skin, and can even concoct their own formulas for skin creams or lotions to help in skin maintenance and healing.


Overhead luggage compartment already full? Need water before take-off? Problems with your seatbelt? Who can fix this up in the air?

A flight attendant is someone who can help you with any kind of inflight service to make your flight comfortable and peaceful while inside the airplane. They also have counterparts in the airport called "ground attendants" who help passengers in a similar capacity while they are ongoing their check-in and boarding process.


General house painting needs? Simple house repair needs? Small flooring problems? Who's the general hero for these common woes?

A handyman or a handyperson could actually be many kinds of workers all rolled into one. They could fix small problems that may be too simple for the specialists, such as simple electrical repairs, carpentry repairs, painting jobs, plumbing fixes and many other kinds of jobs.


Termites eating your roof? Cockroaches entering from the sewers? Ants pestering your house? Who can fix these problems?

An exterminator could assess a property, often a house, and see if it has any kind of pest problem. This usually includes ants, termites and cockroaches, then they do treatments to exterminate such pests on a large-scale basis.


Horseshoe placement, hoof trimming, general hoof care. Who doesn’t horse around in fixing these things?

A farrier is someone who has knowledge of hoof care, and they work with many kinds of horses. Their salaries depend on the kind of horses they service, but they definitely get paid higher if they care for show horses or those used for races.


People with substance abuse problems, depression, or other mental health issues could seek counseling from which kind of specialist?

Most people confuse psychiatrists with clinical psychologists, but the latter is the one you go to if you need behavioral counseling while psychiatrists are doctors who will opt to prescribe medication to treat certain mental illnesses or conditions. Some say it's best to see both, but that largely depends on what kind of healing a person needs, so it may be wiser to consult both and assess later on.


In a hotel, if you need help with making your bed, doing the laundry, or cleaning the bathroom, which specific room service staff should you call?

In a hotel, dial the housekeeping service to take care of specific problems you might have in your hotel room. You can also ask them to clean up specific areas, or make up the bed, and replenish toiletries if needed.


Robbery in progress, disorderly conduct in a neighborhood, or car theft. Who can you immediately call for help?

A police officer is also called a law enforcer, since they enact the law to keep the peace and order in a specific situation, especially when it comes to the safety and security of citizens. To be a police officer, one needs to enroll in a police academy, where proper training will be given to dedicated individuals.


They can put out a fire, rescue people trapped in burning buildings, or even rescue a cat stuck in a tall tree if you're in a small town. Who are they?

Firefighters are also trained to handle emergency rescue situations, such as administering first aid and CPR. They are also trained to become emergency drivers, since driving a firetruck in emergency situations require a different set of driving skills.


Someone drowning or having difficulty swimming? Someone unconscious and needs CPR? Hardheaded beach or pool swimmers need reprimanding during inclement weather? Who is the pro to go to?

Being a lifeguard is not just a simple summer job or merely an in-between job, since it entails rescuing efforts to save people's lives. It's a serious profession, and one that's also a bit demanding if you're singlehandedly patrolling a huge area at a given time, such as a beachfront.


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