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Do you think you know everything there is to know about jobs? If you are a jobs enthusiast, you might just be able to ace this quiz. Let's find out if you're smart enough to guess each of these 35 jobs.

You might know that a radiologist is a type of doctor. But did you know that a radiologist reads all types of scans and images? If you've ever had an X-ray, CAT scan, or MRI, a radiologist probably read the results of your images before your primary doctor did. A radiologist is a specialist doctor who gets extra training to be able to read medical images. These images are used to find out if you have a broken bone or other types of diseases or disorders for which you might need medical treatment.

So, you know what a radiologist is, but do you think you know enough about specific jobs to name all 35 of the jobs in this quiz having been provided only three job-specific words? If you think you have what it takes, you won't get any prizes, but you will get bragging rights.

Let's get started to find out how much you really know about jobs.

X-ray, CAT scan, MRI

A radiologist is responsible for reading X-rays, CAT scans, and MRIs. A radiologist is a type of doctor.


Register, Receipt, Barcode

A sales clerk is an individual responsible for selling goods to a customer in a retail setting. Sales clerks typically scan an item's barcode, ring out customers on a register, and then provide each customer with a receipt.


Prescriptions, Advise, Dispense

A pharmacist works with patients to educate and advise them on their medications and to dispense them accordingly. They are also responsible for detecting any incompatible medications.


Skincare, Microdermabrasion, Waxing

An esthetician provides skincare treatments such as facials and microdermabrasion. They also commonly provide hair removal services such as waxing to their clients.


Pipes, Toilets, Sink

A plumber installs and fixes things like pipes, toilets, and sinks. Plumbers also work with waste disposal systems, and it's not uncommon for them to be experienced in welding or soldering.


Finances, Asset, Liability

An accountant is responsible for ensuring financial and bank accounts are accurate and paid. They also prepare and analyze assets, liabilities and account entries.


Cut, Style, Color

A hair stylist works with clients hair to provide a vast amount of hair cuts, styles, and colors. They may also provide hair treatments such as deep conditioners and hair extensions.


Elephant, Rhino, Panda

A zoologist is responsible of the study of animals and their behavior. They observe animals such as elephants, rhinos and pandas in order to help preserve the species' population.


Blueprints, Scheduling, Construction

A contractor is the person in charge of insuring all employees and materials are scheduled correctly and arrive on time to a construction site. They also oversee the construction and ensure permits and blueprints are correct.


Owner, Founder, Business

An entrepreneur uses their business skills in order to grow a business. Oftentimes, these individuals start off as business owners and increase their profits by way of hard work and good ideas.


Needle, Thread, Buttons

Seamstresses typically work with needle and thread to create and fix clothing. They often mend hems, repair tears and replace buttons.


Teeth, Decay, Cavities

Dentists work with patients to maintain and improve the health of teeth and gums. One way they do this is by checking teeth for any signs of decay or cavities.


Cook, Meal, Dinner

Chefs work in restaurants and perform tasks such as chop vegetables, weigh ingredients, and cook meals for customers. A chef is in charge of making sure a customer's meal is cooked to perfection and tastes great.


Patrol, Badge, Enforce

A police officer is in charge of patrolling their area and making sure laws are enforced. They wear a badge and can make arrests and issue tickets.


Brushes, Canvas, Paints

An artist can work with a lot of different surfaces. Many choose to use brushes and paints to create art on canvases.


Choreography, Ballet, Jive

A dancer often auditions for a job by showcasing their complex dance moves. Different types of choreography include ballet and jive dancing.


Coffee, Beverages, Serve

A barista is responsible for creating and serving hot beverages to customers. These drinks often include coffee, tea and espresso.


Eye shadow, Concealer, Primer

Makeup artists are responsible for applying makeup in order to enhance an individual's beauty. Eye shadow, concealer and primer are all items commonly used by makeup artists.


Lighting, Wiring, Transformers

Electricians work with wiring and transformers to make sure lights work properly. Many times, Electricians use power tools to fix electrical problems.


School, Student, Classroom

A teacher usually has their own classroom in a school where they are in charge of students of varying ages. Teachers work with students to improve upon their knowledge and education.


Fitness, Health, Motivation

A personal trainer helps their clients achieve their health and fitness goals. The main role of a personal trainer is to provide motivation and education to their clients.


Research, Write, Publish

An author generally researches the book they plan to write before they write it. Once it is completed, the book is then published.


Pets, Diagnose, Treatment

A veterinarian treats and diagnoses pets. Job duties include spaying/neutering, setting broken bones and treating wounds.


Serve, Recommend, Food

A waitress provides meal recommendations, takes orders, and ensures her customers are happy with the quality of the food items she serves. After the meal, waitresses (and busboys) are usually in charge of cleaning and preparing the table for the next set of customers.


Exercise, Food, Water

A dog walker is responsible for ensuring pets get enough exercise and are taken out for potty breaks. They often also make sure pets are provided with adequate food and water.


Rocks, Minerals, Fossils

A geologist works with rocks, minerals, and fossils in order to study the composition of the earth. They also survey and map geological sites for future exploration.


Nutrition, Diet, Modifications

A dietitian observes and evaluates a client's diet and determine any nutritional needs. If any diet modifications are required, they will make several suggestions in order to help their clients reach their full nutritional potential.


Drive, Transport, Goods

A truck driver loads and transports goods using a tractor-trailer truck. Oftentimes they have to inspect their trucks for mechanical issues and be capable of providing routine maintenance.


Combat, Extinguish, Flames

A fireman's primary duty is to respond to fires and work to combat and extinguish the flames. However, they also respond many other emergencies including water rescues and car accidents.


Wash, Cut, Dog

A dog groomer washes, cuts, and styles a dogs fur/ hair in order to maintain their physical appearance. Other responsibilities include nail trimming and ear cleaning.


Funeral, Oversees, Preperation

A mortician is in charge of overseeing funeral services. They also prepare the deceased for burial or cremation.


Stock, Shelves, Pricing

A retail sales person often greets and ensures customers have a positive experience in a store. They also stock shelves and check prices.


Children, Nurturing, Care

Nannies generally take over most tasks associated with a child's care. They provide meals, a stimulating environment and ensure the child's safety.


Mental, Counseling, Assessments

Therapists work with groups or individuals and perform assessments of mental health. They also provide counseling and medications to those who are in need.


Produce, Grow, Field

Farmers grow, maintain and harvest produce from fields. Generally on larger farms large equipment such as tractors, plows and other machines are used to make the job easier.


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