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If you can choose the correct British words for all of our definitions, you will be a diamond geezer. You might think you know a lot of the words they use on the other side of the pond, but do you know as many as you think you do? After this quiz, you'll be chuffed or you'll be gutted. It's all up to you! 

Although many countries speak the English language, each one has a different set of words that might not mean the same thing somewhere else. For instance, taking this quiz in the loo in England would mean that you're in a bathroom stall in America. While we recommend brighter lighting for this British vocabulary quiz, we think you'll ace it no matter what. 

This quiz isn't for the twee-hearted. You are going to need a stiff upper lip to correctly figure out the words we are describing. Give it your best and your jolliest try, and you might find that you are less gormless than you think! Do your best to make it through, and we think you'll be over the moon with your results. You probably already know more now than before you began, so give it your best shot! 

Which British word means "dibs"?

In the United States, we might say "shotgun" when we want to ride in the front seat. Over the pond, one might exclaim, "bagsy!" Bagsy is a very British way of calling dibs.


What word would the British use instead of "dude"?

Instead of calling someone a dude in Britain, you would call them a bloke. A bloke is a general term used to describe someone who is male.


Which British word means "delighted"?

If you were delighted with something in Britain, you might say, "I'm well chuffed." Chuffed is a way of saying that you are happy or delighted with something.


Which word means "suspicious"?

If something is slightly suspicious, the British would say that it is dodgy. Dodgy is a way of something might be a little off or underhanded.


Which word is the British way of saying "tired"?

Instead of using a simple word like "tired" to describe themselves after a long day, Brits prefer to use the term "knackered." Being knackered means that you have worn yourself out.


Which British word would you use to describe your drunk friend?

After too many pints down at the pub, your British friend might find themselves legless. Legless is a word used to describe rip-roaring drunk.


What British word would you use if you were annoyed?

When the queen's subjects are annoyed or irritated, they tend to use the word "miffed." As in, "I'm totally miffed that I didn't win the lottery this week."


Which word is slang for the British pound?

Why would you want to say "pound" when you could say "quid"? According to our British friends, a quid is simply a pound with a shorter name.


Which word means "flat broke"?

When your British friends are short on cash, they don't say that they are broke. Instead, they say, "I'm skint!"


What do Brits call shirking responsibility?

Let's say your British friend decided to stay home from work to go to the zoo. In this case, your friend would be "skiving." Skiving is the British way of saying you are playing hookey.


Which British word means "kiss"?

Although the word is different, the act of kissing is the same. In Britain, they usually call it "snogging" rather than kissing.


What would you receive, if you were served "bangers"?

One of Britain's favorite dishes is called bangers and mash. You can probably guess what mash might be, but you may not know that bangers are sausage links.


Which British word means "crazy person"?

It might not be the most polite word on the Isles, but the British like to call crazy people "nutters." Make sure you use the term at your next family gathering and see how it goes!


If something just isn't right, which word would the British use?

Instead of saying something feels a little off, those in Britain would say, "It's wonky." When something is wonky, it's not normal.


What is the British word for "nap"?

Taking a nap in Britain is no different than napping here. However, in Britain, you would take a "kip" instead of a nap.


If you are naked in the U.S., what are you in England?

If you were to find yourself roaming the streets of England without your clothes, you would be running around starkers! Starkers is a way of saying that you're nude.


Which British word means "emotionally devastated"?

To express a sense of emotional devastation, the British would say they are "gutted." Gutted does not mean that their stomachs have been removed. It means that they are experiencing a sense of emotional loss.


Which British word means "an incompetent person"?

If you were British and you were describing an incompetent co-worker, you would use the word "numpty." A numpty is someone that lacks intelligence or skill.


Which British word means "nonsense"?

The next time your best friend is filling your head with nonsense, tell them to knock off the tosh. "Tosh" is the British term for nonsense or something that seems unbelievable.


How would the British say "awesome"?

If you were British, you would use "ace" instead of "awesome." You might say, "Emma, those new shoes are ace."


Which British word means "to talk incessantly"?

When your British friend cannot stop talking, you might tell them that they are waffling. To "waffle" means to talk endlessly about something without getting to the point in a quick manner.


Which word would Brits use for "garbage"?

Rather than saying "garbage," the British prefer to take out the rubbish. Rubbish is another word for garbage, but it can mean that someone is talking a lot of tosh.


Which British slang word means "lucky"?

In Britain, having a stroke of good luck means that you are jammy. Your friend might say to you, "You're a jammy bloke this week!"


Which British word means "sell"?

Across the pond, selling something is also known as "flogging." Although flog can also mean to beat something, it is more commonly used as a term for selling.


If a British person is shocked, what word would they use?

On the British Isles, the word for mouth is "gob." When someone is filled with shock and amazement, they would say that they are gobsmacked.


Which word means "vomiting"?

In the United States, matters of honking usually refer to noses or cars. In Britain, if someone is vomiting, they are honking.


Which British word means "clueless"?

When someone doesn't have a clue what they are doing, the British prefer to say that they are "gormless." Gormless people do not share the same knowledge that others may have about the subject.


If something is easy, what is it in Britain?

If something is a doddle, it's a cinch! In England, "doddle" means that something is unchallenging and easy to pick up.


What British word means "throw"?

If you were in Britain, you might ask your mate to bung the remote over. In the United States, you would ask him to throw it.


Which part of your body do you sit on in Britain?

Instead of sitting on your backside in Britain, you are sitting on your bum. "Bum" is another way of referring to your buttocks.


What is the British word meaning "custom made"?

Ordering a custom-made item in Britain would see you visiting a bespoke creator. The term "bespoke" means handmade or custom.


Which word means "to have gone crazy"?

If your British friends tell you that you're "barmy," they are politely telling you that you have lost your mind. If you are barmy, you have lost touch with reality.


If you were visiting a British bathroom, where would you be?

Visiting the head, the bog or the toilet in the U.K. means that you are visiting the "loo." Loo is another word for bathroom. Loo roll is the British way of saying toilet paper.


Which word means "a state of chaos"?

The British word "shambolic" means that something is in an utter state of chaos. The term is usually used when discussing the government or political issues.


Which old-time British word means "dainty"?

Though the word isn't used much anymore, you might hear a British grandmother describing something as "twee." Twee is a word that was used to describe things that are delicate.


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