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When we hear certain job titles we know where they work. We hear teacher and we know that they are running a classroom somewhere. We hear accountant and we know they are crunching numbers in some office somewhere. However, we have come up with a list of job titles that you may or may not have heard of. Based on that list, we want to know if you can pick out the correct answer telling us where these people are working. Like the teacher and accountant listed above, we just need to know what kind of working environment these jobs would be working in.

These aren't going to be your typical, sit behind a desk type of jobs either. We are going blue-collar with these jobs, and you are going to have to get your hands dirty when trying to figure this out. I mean, have you ever heard of a geophysicist before? Before doing this quiz, we never really heard of them before. Now we know what they do and where they are doing it! So, do you think you can make it through this list and figure out all the places that these job titles are punching in to work every day? Try it out and let us know!

Where would a pile-driver operator work?

Pile-driver operators run the pile drivers that are mounted on skids, barges, crawler treads or locomotive cranes. They drive piles for various reasons, often for things like docks.

A geophysicist is someone who studies the Earth using gravity, magnetic, electrical, and seismic methods, but where would they work?

Geophysicists can work both indoors or outdoors, but the ones working outdoors are studying the various features of the Earth. This will include working inside a mine.

Where would a millwright work?

Millwrights move, assemble, install or dismantle machinery. Because of that, you can find millwrights in factories, power plants or other industrial settings.

A welder works in which of the following places?

Welding is an intense field to go into. They calculate dimensions and look at blueprints to help them join pieces of metal together.

Where does a line installer and repairer work?

Line installers and repairers work with the electrical company. They install and repair cables or wires, as well as possibly erecting poles and light or heavy duty transmission towers.

Where would you find a groundskeeper working?

Groundskeepers are the people making sure your lawns and gardens are in tip-top shape. They have a vast array of skills, as they have to maintain plants and soil and infestation from bugs.

Commercial divers work in which of the following places?

There are a wide variety of commercial divers, but the most common is the offshore diver, who works in the oil and gas industry. They work in dangerous situations and are required to have the proper training.

Where are you most likely to find a plumber working?

Plumbers tend to repair and install pipes and drainage systems. These are connected to appliances, machines and water fixtures and can be residential or commercial.

A pipefitter assembles, installs and repairs containers holding liquid or gas. Where would they work?

Most pipefitters learn their trade through a formal apprenticeship program. It's said to be one of the most dangerous jobs in construction.

Where would you find a janitor working?

A janitor would be the person working to clean the school. Janitors can be found in most types of businesses, as everything needs to be cleaned.

Can you identify where a periodontist works?

While they have a special title, a periodontist is a dentist and they specialize in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease. They also deal with the placement of dental implants and the treatment of oral inflammation.

Where would you find a transportation inspector working?

Transportation inspectors are the people who inspect all forms of transportation, especially tractor-trailers and other freight haulers. This is to ensure the safe transport of cargo and goods.

Medical laboratory technicians are considered blue collar jobs, but where do they work?

Medical laboratory technicians are the people performing tests on bodily fluids, like blood, cells, skin and more. While someone draws your blood to be tested, these technicians are preparing it for that examination.

Where would a mechanic help fix your car?

If you are experiencing problems with your car, then an auto mechanic is who you would need to take it to. They diagnose problems and help fix the issues.

Where does a solar photovoltaic installer work?

Society is shifting to more and more solar panels. Because of that, the need for solar photovoltaic installers is on the rise, as they are the ones installing, assembling and maintaining the solar panel system.

Masons use bricks, stone and concrete to build walls, fireplaces, fences and more, but where do they work?

Masons mainly work outside, as they are building walls, walkways, fences and chimneys. Because of this, jobs are erratic during the colder months.

A chief listening officer is a career, but where do they work?

A chief listening officer is a new career that started in 2010, as they are the person monitoring your social platforms and the conversations taking place there. They would be one step above a social media manager.

Where would a food stylist work?

A food stylist can be found working in many different areas, as they are the ones putting plates of food together for an amazing magazine cover or your next Instagram photo. They have the cooking skills, but then also the ability to make it all look pretty.

Where do you find a greensman working?

If you ever watch the movie credits, you may have noticed a greensman job. It is an archaic term and can refer to both men and women, but they are the people in charge of arranging and designing the movie set with both real and fake plant materials.

Where would a signal and track switch repairer work?

Signal and track switch repairers work on installing, inspecting, testing, maintaining and repairing the different components on a train track. They keep the equipment up-to-date and working in the railroad system.

Where would a phlebotomist work?

One thing is certain about phlebotomists: they aren't afraid of needles! These people specialize in drawing blood from patients, as well as maintaining the equipment used to do it.

Where does a locomotive engineer work?

The locomotive engineers are actually the people who drive the trains. They are also in charge of manning the rail yard switches.

Where would you find a housekeeper working?

Housekeepers are put to the task of cleaning up after people. While you can have housekeepers in your home, the majority work on the payroll of hotels and getting rooms clean after guests check out.

Where does a massage therapist work?

While the clientele is pampering themselves at a spa, that does not mean the workers are. A massage therapist is working their fingers into all the right muscles to relax their customers.

Where would a petroleum pump system operator work?

Petroleum pump system operators operate or control petroleum refining or processing units. Alaska is the best-paying state for this job field.

Where would a delivery driver be working?

Delivery drivers can work in any type of field, as they can be anything from drivers for Uber Eats or Amazon to pizza delivery drivers. They either drive company vehicles provided to them or their own vehicles.

Where would you find a windtech working?

Windtechs are also known as wind turbine technicians. Wind electricity generation is on the rise, which is why this is one of the biggest growing jobs out there.

Where does a power plant operator work?

A power plant operator would work in a control room. In that control room, they are responsible for the machinery that generates electricity.

Where does an electrician work?

There are two types of electricians, as one type works on residential homes and the other type works on offices or businesses. As an electrician, they are working on installing and repairing electrical equipment.

Where does a carpenter work?

Carpenters are the ones putting together structures made from wood and other materials. These structures can be door frames and stairways or even cabinets.

Where would you find a genetic counselor working?

These are highly-educated professionals who work in hospitals. They work with patients in helping them identifying potential genetic conditions.

Where would a longshore equipment operator work?

Longshore equipment operators get their hands dirty, as they unload containers and crates from ships. They live in port cities, as they go to work when the ships arrive.

Where does a firefighter work?

While we are told to get out of a burning house as soon as possible, firefighters are doing the opposite and running in. They are trained for these situations, so they are allowed to do this.

Where would you find a rotary drill operator working?

Rotary drill operators are the ones that set up or operate a variety of drills to remove underground oil and gas. They also help remove core samples for testing during oil and gas exploration.

Where would a personal trainer work?

Personal trainers put a lot of sweat and tears into their daily lives and it's not always their own! They are working to help other people stay in shape, while at the same time working to maintain their killer body.

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