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Maybe it's the nice, cool spring air blowing through the stands; or maybe it's the hot dogs and popcorn passed out by the vendors in intervals throughout the game; or even better than that, maybe it's the sound of the ball slamming off of the bat and into the far stands. Whatever it is, one thing is certain: There is something special about being at a baseball game. 

Of course, to enjoy every single aspect of a baseball game, fans have to actually go to the stadiums, and luckily, most stadiums today have amenities outside of just watching the game. There are stadiums with pools where you can sit in the outfield, stadiums with breweries and bars and there is even one stadium with a train that runs around it. Yes, baseball stadiums have made quite the advancements over the years. 

How well do you know the 30 stadiums in Major League Baseball, though? Can you match the stadium to the MLB team? Will you be able to recall which teams play in the most historic stadiums or which teams are playing home games in a stadium built in the last decade? Here's a quiz where you can find out!

When you're ready, get started and see if you can knock this quiz out of the park! 

Which team plays in Fenway Park, the oldest ballpark in MLB?

The Red Sox became famous for the "Curse of the Bambino" after which they went 86 years without winning a championship. The team was finally able to break the curse in 2004 when they defeated the Cardinals in the World Series.


Which MLB team plays in the stadium that was once called Anaheim Stadium?

The Angels moved into the Anaheim Stadium in 1966 after renting Dodger Stadium from the Dodgers for four seasons.


Which team plays in Wrigley Field, which was named after the Wrigley family?

Though the ballpark opened in 1914, the Cubs didn't play their first home game in Wrigley Field until 1916. The Cubs won their first home game by defeating the Reds 7-6.


Which team plays in Busch Stadium, which opened in 2006?

The Cardinals went to the World Series during their first season playing in Busch Stadium. In that World Series, the Cardinals defeated the Tigers in five games.


Which team plays in Tropicana Field, once home to the St. Petersburg Bowl?

The Rays have called Tropicana Field home since the team's first season in 1998. The stadium is the only one in MLB with a dome that's not retractable.


Which team plays in AT&T Park, which sits in San Francisco Bay?

The Giants were located in New York City prior to moving to San Francisco in 1958. Before moving, the Giants' ownership managed to convince the Brooklyn Dodgers to move to California as well, though they ended up in Los Angeles.


Which MLB team plays in the stadium nicknamed "The House That Jeter Built?"

The Yankees have dominated the World Series throughout the team's history. Currently, the Yankees have 27 World Series titles, the most of all time by far.


Target Field is home to the only MLB team in Minnesota. Which team is it?

Target Field had the privilege of hosting the 2014 MLB All-Star Game. Mike Trout was named the MVP of the game after he led the American League to a victory.


Which teams plays in Chase Field, which opened in 1998 for a new MLB expansion?

Phoenix is home to several major sports teams, including the Suns of the NBA and the Cardinals of the NFL. However, the Diamondbacks are the only professional team from the city to win a championship.


Which team took up residence in SunTrust Park after leaving Turner Field?

The Braves arrived in SunTrust Park during the 2017 MLB season. The move took the team from the center of Atlanta, Georgia, to Cumberland, Georgia, which is part of Metro Atlanta.


Which team plays in Citi Field, which has a seating capacity of more than 41,000?

The naming rights for Citi Field were purchased by Citigroup. The Mets earn $20 million a year from Citibank for naming the park.


Safeco Field hosted WrestleMania XIX. Which baseball team calls the stadium home, though?

WrestleMania XIX attracted a record attendance to Safeco Field. The two main event matches pitted The Rock against "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Kurt Angle against Brock Lesnar.


Which team plays on the natural-grass field at Citizens Bank Park?

Citizens Bank Park is part of the South Philadelphia Sports Complex. Other notable stadiums in the complex include the Wells Fargo Center and Lincoln Financial Field.


Which team plays in Rogers Centre, featuring a retractable roof?

Rogers Centre was originally called SkyDome when it opened in 1989. Aside from the Blue Jays, the stadium has also been home to the Toronto Argonauts and the Toronto Raptors​.


Which team plays in Comerica Park, named after a bank?

The Tigers have won two AL Pennants since the team started playing in Comerica Park in 2000. However, the team went on to lose both subsequent World Series.


Which MLB team plays in Progressive Field, originally opened as Jacobs Field?

The Indians won their last World Series title in 1948. That gives the Indians the longest championship drought out of any MLB team.


Coors Field is named after Coors Brewing Company. Which team plays in it?

The Rockies have only competed in one World Series since the team was founded in 1993. They lost the World Series in four games to the Red Sox.


Which team plays in PNC Park, sitting on the Allegheny River?

The Pirates played in the first World Series, which took place in 1903. They lost a competitive series against the Boston Americans.


Which team plays in Globe Life Park, nicknamed "The Globe"?

The Rangers played in Washington, D.C., as the Washington Senators from 1961 until 1971. The team immediately changed its name to the Rangers after moving to Texas following the 1971 season.


Which team plays in Petco Park, opened in 2004 to replace Qualcomm Stadium?

The Padres shared Qualcomm Stadium with the San Diego Chargers until moving to the new stadium in 2004. The Chargers continued to play home games there through 2016.


Which MLB team calls Great American Ball Park, named after the Great American Insurance Group, home?

The Reds were an original member of the American Association, a professional baseball league founded in 1882. The team left the American Association and joined the National League in 1890.


Which MLB team plays in the stadium known as Camden Yards?

Cal Ripken Jr. is regarded as one of the greatest Orioles' players of all-time. Nicknamed "The Iron Man," Ripken played an MLB-record 2,632 straight games.


Who plays in Guaranteed Rate Field, a public-owned ballpark?

The White Sox played home games in Comiskey Park prior to the construction of Guaranteed Rate Field. Opened in 1910, the park wasn't replaced until 1990.


Which MLB team plays in the multi-purpose stadium known as Oakland Coliseum?

The Athletics franchise dominated the early '70s. From 1972 until 1974, the team won three straight World Series behind players like Reggie Jackson and Rollie Fingers.


Who calls Kauffman Stadium, nicknamed "The K," home?

Kauffman Stadium is named after the first owner of the Royals, Ewing Kauffman. Kauffman gained the fortune needed to found a baseball team by starting a pharmaceutical company.


Which MLB team plays in the stadium nicknamed "The Sea of Red," located in the Navy Yard neighborhood?

For the first time since 1969, Washington, D.C., hosted the MLB All-Star game in 2018. The game was played in Nationals Park and was won by the American League.


Which team plays in Marlins Park, which was designed in a neomodern architectural style?

The Marlins have only entered the MLB Playoffs twice, both as a wild-card team. However, they advanced and won the World Series during both of those playoff runs.


Which MLB team plays home games in Minute Maid Park, opened in 2000?

The Astros were originally called the Houston Colt .45s when they entered the league in 1962. The team changed its name in 1965 to the Astros, reflecting Houston's role in the U.S. space program.


Which MLB team calls Miller Park, sitting off of Miller Park Way, home?

One of the key features in Miller Park is the retractable roof, which is shaped like a fan. The roof has been worked on several times since the stadium opened because of functional problems.


Which team plays in the stadium often referred to as Chavez Ravine?

Opened in 1962, Dodger Stadium is the third oldest stadium in MLB. Part of the historic franchise, the stadium has been used in 10 World Series since it opened.


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