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There's a whole wide world of vehicle brands out there, but how many of them do you really know? In North America, we only have a fraction that are available in other markets. Just take a trip to Australia, and you'll quickly realize how many automakers are out there. 

Quite a few vehicle brands have gone the way of the dodo, making them only memories in history books. Some of these automakers even influenced the industry in big ways, like Saab, but didn't have the financials to keep going. 

A number of younger vehicle brands have cropped up in the past 30 or so years. Quite a few hail from Asia, where economies are booming and more people are driving than ever. A new wave of technologically-advanced car companies in the United States and elsewhere are also fueling the increasing numbers of automakers in the world, even as other brands have died out. It's an interesting time of transition that's really reshaping how we get around in cities and open country. 

You can't always go off how a vehicle brand sounds to tell which country it's from. Think you're up to the challenge? Take the quiz right now and find out. 

Where is Bugatti from?

While Bugatti is most definitely a French automaker, it was founded in Molsheim, which in 1909 was German. Ettore Bugatti, its​ founder, was born in Italy. Of course, Bugattis have always been known for amazing designs and breathtaking performance, a tradition still alive today.


What country does Ford originate from?

Henry Ford didn't invent the automobile, despite many people thinking he did, but the American did create a company that brought cars to the masses. Ford is based out of Dearborn, Michigan, despite having offices and factories all over the world.


What country is Opel from?

Adam Opel founded his namesake company in 1862, but, at first, it made sewing machines. From there, it moved into bicycles and then cars. The company is still based out of Russelsheim am Main, Germany.


What country is Jaguar's headquarters located in?

Jaguar traces its roots as a brand to 1935. The automaker has its headquarters in Whitley, which is in the Selby district of North Yorkshire, England. Tata Motors of India currently owns Jaguar Land Rover.


What country does Shelby call home?

Officially called Carroll Shelby International, after its founder, the company operates out of Nevada. The Shelby brand and Ford have a long-standing and mutually-beneficial relationship.


Porsche is from which country?

Ferdinand Porsche was the founder of Porsche, which he started in Stuttgart, Germany. In the aftermath of World War II, he was forced to move operations elsewhere, but the company did relocate to the same city where it's based today.


SEAT is from what country?

SEAT stands for Sociedad Esspanola de Automoviles de Turismo. The company's head offices are in Martorell, Catalonia, Spain. The national government founded the company in 1950 and still owns and operates it.


Where is Maserati from?

Alfieri Maserati founded his car company in Bologna, Italy, in 1914. Today, Modena, Italy, is home of the Maserati brand. It is owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, which is an American-Italian company.


From which country is Holden?

In 1856, Holden started out as a saddlery in Adelaide, South Australia. It progressed from that to making vehicle upholstery, then body shells, and finally, entire cars. Today, the brand is based out of Port Melbourne and is owned by General Motors.


What country does Kia hail from?

Kia Motor Corporation has its headquarters is Seoul and is the second-largest automaker out of South Korea. In 1944, the company started out making steel tubing for bicycles. It worked with a number of foreign automakers, including Honda and Mazda, before making its own cars.


Where was Saab from?

Saab was founded in Sweden in 1945, at the close of World War II. Parent company, Saab AB, was in the business of making airplanes but wanted to design a small car, prompting a design that was unique in the market.


Suzuki is from which country?

With its headquarters in Minami-ku, Hamamatsu, Japan, Suzuki makes not only cars, but also motorcycles, ATVs, and more. Despite no longer selling cars in the United States, the automaker is still a force to be reckoned with in many markets.


What country is Land Rover from?

Land Rover launched in 1948 with the goal of bringing four-wheel-drive vehicles to discerning buyers. It has been owned by a variety of companies throughout the years, including Ford, but currently is run by Tata Motors.


Renault comes from what country?

In 1899, Renault emerged as an automaker. It is currently based out of Boulugne-Billancourt. It makes a whole range of cars and vans, but in the past, has manufactured buses, trucks, tractors, and other types of vehicles.


What country is Faraday Future from?

Faraday Future is an interesting automaker, considering it has yet to put a single vehicle into production. Still, the Los Angeles-based company talks big about making highly advanced electric cars that will become an industry standard.


Tata is from which country?

Formerly called TELCO, Tata Motors has been around since 1945. The company's headquarters are in bustling Mumbai, while the cars, buses, construction equipment, and other commercial vehicles it builds are used in countries around the globe.


Where is Fisker from?

Fisker Inc., and the old defunct Fisker Automotive, both hail from California. The current brand to use the Fisker name was started in 2016 and is run out of Los Angeles. So far, it boasts one production vehicle, the EMotion, with the Orbit autonomous shuttle bus due to release soon.


What country is Geely from?

​Geely has only been around since 1986. That's surprising, considering it's a powerhouse in the Chinese automotive market, which is the largest in the world, and that Geely owns both Volvo and Lotus. Company headquarters are located in Binjiang District, Hanngzhou, Zhejiang.


Morgan hails from which nation?

Formerly called the Morgan Motor Company, this automaker is actually family-owned, something that's truly unique in the auto industry. It was founded in 1910 and is based out of Malvern, Worcestershire.


Nissan comes from what country?

Most people would never suspect that Nissan's roots stretch all the way to 1933, predating World War II. Of course, the Datsun brand goes back even further to 1914, making it the first car from Japan. Corporate headquarters are in Nishi-ku, Yokohama.


Where does the hypercar brand Koenigsegg originate from?

Based in Angelholm, Koenigsegg has gained worldwide notoriety for making some of the most powerful and fastest production cars in modern times. That's amazing, considering the company got its start in 1994 and has only a handful of employees.


Spyker is from which country?

This boutique automaker, which crafts cars fashioned after old airplanes, is based in Zeewolde. It's been through some financially difficult times, especially after trying to save Saab, and actually stopped operating for a time before making a dramatic return to the market.


Where is Alpina from?

Alpina Burkard Bovensiepen GmbH & Co. KG, the official name of the company, operates out of Buchloe, Germany. It was founded in 1965 and has gained notoriety for modifying certain BMW models, making them more luxurious and performance-oriented.


From what country does Tesla hail?

Most people don't realize Tesla Motors was founded in Delaware, not California, and that Elon Musk didn't start the company. That was in 2003, but today, the electric automaker operates out of Palo Alto, California, and has captivated the media and public attention for its innovative designs.


What country is home for Smart?

Smart Automobile is pretty new to the automotive market, having been founded in 1994. Based in Boblingen, Germany, the brand is owned by Daimler, which also manages Mercedes-Benz, Sprinter, and others.


Where is Volvo based out of?

Volvo has a rich and interesting history, which began in 1927. Today, the brand has undergone a transformation, moving away from boxy designs, and enjoying funding from new owner, Geely. It's still based in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Saturn, which is now defunct, came from what country?

In 1985, General Motors launched a different kind of car company, one that had plenty of promise to transform the market. The independent nature of the brand, which was based out of Spring Hill, Tennessee, eroded as headquarters were moved to Detroit. ​It finally went under in 2010.


Where is Skoda from?

Most people have no idea that Skoda has been around since 1895. Under Volkswagen Group ownership, the brand has evolved from producing strictly entry-level vehicles to more upmarket cars and crossovers. The company is based in Mlada Boleslav.


What country does Lamborghini call home?

Even though Lamborghini is owned by the Volkswagen Group, the automaker has retained much of its Italian flair, especially when it comes to bold designs. It was founded in 1963 by Ferrucio Lamborghini and is still based out of Sant'Agata, Bolognese.


Great Wall is from which country?

Great Wall Motors Company Limited started operating in 1984, and today is the largest SUV and pickup truck manufacturer in China. Corporate headquarters are located in Baoding, Hebei, and its vehicles are sold in markets around the globe.


Where was Proto Motors from?

Founded in 1997, Proto Motors concentrated on coachbuilding as well as making sports cars. At one point, it made a custom convertible limousine for the South Korean president. The brand went under in 2017.


What country did Packard call home?

In 1899, Packard Motor Car Company started operating in Detroit, a city synonymous with the auto industry in America. It was revered for creating highly luxurious models. In 1953, Packard bought struggling Studebaker, but the company failed in 1958.


Citroen is from which country?

Citroen operates out of Saint-Ouen, France and sells cars globally. The company started up in 1919 after World War I, but today is owned by Groupe PSA, which also owns Peugeot, Opel, and Vauxhall, among other brands.


Where is Vauxhall from?

With roots stretching all the way to 1857, few automakers are older than Vauxhall. It started out making marine engines and pumps. Today, it has its corporate headquarters in Luton, Bedfordshire, and only sells vehicles in the United Kingdom.


BMW is from which country?

BMW was founded in 1916 and has grown to be one of the most respected automakers in the world. The company has its headquarters in Munich.


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