We'll Give You Three Brands, You Guess What Country They're From

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What's the most familiar brand to you, those you see daily? If we all look around us—no matter where we are in the world—we will surely find similar names around our varying realities. The market research industry tags these common products as "global brands." 

Global brands originate from one country. These locally made products can belong to any supermarket category or industry catalog. After a few years, they become popular in their own nation and become household names. When they expand their markets overseas, they also become household names in other countries. For example, if you order "Coca-Cola" in different nations, many will be familiar with this American-made soda. The same is true for its American competitor, Pepsi. Looking for a familiar café or fast food brand in major cities around the world? Mention the global brand names "Starbucks" or "McDonald's" and people will immediately direct you to a branch nearby.

Sometimes, a global brand reflects or represents the national identity of a given country. There are also instances where products automatically make you think of a certain country. When we say European chocolates or watches, we know you have a country in mind for each of them! How about vodka, cigars or beer? If you know specific brands from specific countries, then you're very ready for this quiz!

Which Asian nation lets you drive a Subaru, Suzuki or Toyota?

Mitsubishi and Honda are two more Japanese car brands familiar to worldwide motorists. So it's but natural that this car manufacturing country will also have one of the top tire brands today: Bridgestone. Their biggest competitors are France's Michelin and the U.S. brand Goodyear.

What's the country that helps us tell time with a Rolex, Omega or Patek Philippe?

Trust older generations who swear by watches made in Switzerland. While their neighboring European countries Germany, the Netherlands and France initiated many historical horologist firsts, the Swiss followed suit and later dominated the high-end kind of watchmaking.

Banking needs of HSBC, Barclay and the Royal Bank of Scotland customers get calculated where?

Aside from being big in the banking industry, the U.K. also has familiar global brands in various industries. In the apparel category, their Burberry brand takes the lead while in telecommunications, Vodaphone cornered the market.

Play Angry Birds or Clash of Clans using a Nokia phone made by which nation?

Finland used to dominate the mobile phone market with its pioneering Nokia brand. But as the brand's popularity waned in a world filled with iPhones and Android phones, Finnish mobile game developers put their country back on the map with titles like Angry Birds and Clash of Clans.

Which fashionable nation loves luxury goods with the likes of Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermès?

In the current tally of the Top 100 Global Brands, France entered the list via luxury brand Louis Vuitton at the 22nd ranking while Chanel is at rank 31 and Hermès at 37. This means the world also loves these French brands.

Which nation encourages us to take a shot of Jose Cuervo, Patron or Olmeca?

Tequila drinkers know that the proper way to consume this popular Mexican drink is to "lick, shoot and suck." For the first part, dab some salt on your hand and lick it, then shoot up with the tequila shot. Immediately suck on a slice of lemon after that shot to complete the experience.

Light up a Cohiba, Montecristo or Bolivar from which socialist republic?

In a socialist republic, most industries are under state control. That's why the best cigar brands made in Cuba get manufactured by state-run tobacco companies like Habanos S.A. The three mentioned brands here all come from this company.

Talk about bottles of beer on their walls, where can you get a drink of Grolsch, Bavaria or Heineken?

Aside from beer, the Netherlands is also home to various brands familiar with worldwide consumers. It's the Dutch who run the electronics multinational company Philips. They also run Shell oil and gas company with the British.

Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Prada call which place their home?

Just like their neighboring country of France, Italy also joins the Top 100 Global Brands list with the luxury line Gucci at rank 52. This fashion and leather goods company carries the name of its founder, Guccio Gucci, who established the business back in the 1920s.

Household brands Electrolux, IKEA and Ericsson all came from which state?

Aside from manufacturing home appliances and household furniture or fixtures, Sweden also knows a thing or two about retail with its H&M brand. Swedish tech guys also created our favorite playlist creator Spotify; the Volvo car brand came from their country, too.

Health buffs know that Fage, Olympus and Delva Vitaline yogurt hail from which place?

Are you sure you're purchasing Greek yogurt really made in Greece? These three mentioned brands are authentic ones, yes. But certain top brands sold worldwide, though, are from the U.S. like Chobani, while Yoplait is a joint U.S.-French product.

Lego is their most popular brand, but Carlsberg and Bang & Olufsen also come from here. Do you know this place?

Kids who grew up playing with Lego bricks and adults who still like playing with this toy brand can visit Legoland in Billund, Denmark. If that's too far, you can also go to other Legoland parks in California, Florida, Germany, England, Malaysia, Japan and Dubai. A New York park will open in 2020.

Sweet-toothed travelers buy Zotter, Mozartkugel and Panuli Chocolate from which European state?

People mostly know Austria from its artistic contributions to the world such as the Vienna Boys' Choir and the Von Trapp family's story immortalized in "The Sound of Music." But they also have great chocolate brands as mentioned, aside from the globally known Swarovski crystal brand.

Can you tell which nation gives us whiffs of Jessica McClintock, Calvin Klein and Liz Claiborne scents?

Fragrancenet.Com tallied the most popular perfumes per U.S. state and American brands dominated the choices. Hawaii, Idaho, Kentucky and Washington are but some of the McClintock fans, while Klein fans are in California, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Florida and others. Only Wyoming loves Claiborne.

Java lovers need to sample Juan Valdez, Sello Rojo and Cafe La Bastilla in which coffee-growing nation?

Colombia may have gotten a bad rap in the global pop culture world for the dramatization of their infamous drug lord' Pablo Escobar's life, but aside from his illegally peddled product, Colombia proudly produces some of the best coffee beans exported the world over.

Like Hyundai, Samsung and LG identify which country as their headquarters?

We know South Korea's Samsung brand through their smartphones and household appliances, but they're actually the top company exporter of semiconductors. The country's second and sixth top exporters are Hyundai Motors and Kia Motors, churning out cars and trucks.

Would you know where Jimmy Choo, Shangri-la Hotel and Air Asia came from?

Yes, a Malaysian tycoon established the global brand Shangri-la Hotels and Resorts even if it now has headquarters in Hong Kong. Malaysian footwear designer Jimmy Choo Yeang Keat made that global women's shoe brand while Malaysian businessman Tony Fernandes co-founded the low-cost carrier Air Asia.

Which formerly divided state lets you ride in luxury with a BMW, Mercedes-Benz or Porsche?

Aside from manufacturing luxury car brands, Germany also brought us the lovable Volkswagen Type 1 or popularly known as the Beetle. Other durable German car brands include Opel, Porsche, Alpina, Gumpert, Isdera and Bitter cars.

If you love Lululemon athleisure wear, MAC cosmetics and Herschel backpacks, which country should you thank for these?

Eh, want to stay warm and thaw out the Canadian way? You can wear their outdoor sportswear brands like Arc'teryx while keeping warm with Gildan Activewear clothes, too. Or get a cuppa joe inside Tim Hortons while munching on their doughnuts.

Where will you buy a bottle of Jameson, Bushmills Black Bush or Tullamore D.E.W. for the whiskey lover in your life?

If you're not a whiskey fan, Ireland can still offer you a decent drink such as Guinness, Murphy's Irish Stout or Beamish Irish Stout. Liqueur lovers can try Bailey's or Coole Swan Irish cream instead.

Warm up with shots of Smirnoff, Stolichnaya or Beluga from which former Iron Curtain state?

Russia undeniably dominates the vodka line worldwide, thanks to their brand leader Smirnoff. But Vinepair. Com lists other notable vodka brands in the world today which hail from other countries. The Swedish brand Absolut and the American brand Skyy Vodka give Russian vodkas a run for their money.

If you're having a Whittaker's choco bar, Marmite spread and Speights beer, where in the world can we find you?

People are familiar with New Zealand as the place where they filmed "Lord of the Rings" but this country's climate is great for winemaking; It now exports 90% of its wines. Pinot noir lovers should try brands like Ata Rangi or Bell Hill. Even actor Sam Neill has his own Two Paddock wine brand.

Cruise in style with a Bentley, Aston Martin or a Mini from which old nation?

James Bond is perhaps the best brand ambassador Aston Martin could ever have, catapulting this U.K. brand to global fame via his 007 movies. Meanwhile, the Mini got a boost from "The Italian Job" and "The Bourne Identity." Another U.K. brand, the Rolls-Royce, appeared in countless movies, too.

Surf with Speedo or Billabong swimwear after taking off your UGG footwear from which nation?

Being a coastal country, Australia's top global brands cater to swimwear and surfing needs. But their cultural icons also turned transcontinental already in the last few decades. Today, even non-Australians are already familiar with food products like Vegemite, Tim Tams and Foster's Lager.

Rev up a Tata, Mahindra and now a Jaguar, all made in which country?

India takes pride in having worldwide brands that manufacture an eclectic mix of products for consumers. For example, car brands Tata and Mahindra are also in the chemicals, telecommunications, energy and other industries. Meanwhile, former British brand Jaguar became part of Tata Group in 2008.

To buy Adidas, Puma or Birkenstock footwear, where should you run to?

Two brothers created two of the leading German footwear brands today. Adi Dassler established Adidas when he and older brother Rudolf had a falling out in their joint shoe business; Rudolf established Puma in return. Meanwhile, Johann Birkenstock established his brand back in the 1700s.

Up-and-coming ticketing-booking agency Traveloka complements Garuda in which Indomie-eating Asian country?

Joining global brands TripAdvisor and Trivago is Indonesia's fastest-rising Traveloka. In a way, the start-up brand goes hand in hand with Garuda Indonesia airlines' business ventures. But you don't need to travel to Jakarta to sample their Indomie instant noodles; it's available globally.

Beach bums swear by Havaianas, Ipanema and Grendene footwear made where?

Flip-flops from Havaianas and Ipanema are all the rage in trendy beaches and resorts worldwide. It's no surprise that beach-friendly Brazil manufactures them. Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen also joined the footwear bandwagon and came up with her own "Melissa" line under the Grendene brand.

When you order a Lenovo or Huawei unit from the Alibaba site, where in the world are you?

Those who grew up tinkering with IBM ThinkPad laptops might get surprised to know that Chinese brand Lenovo now manufactures this unit. It's widely available through the e-commerce site Alibaba. Jack Ma's company ushered in online shopping in China in the '90s after Jeff Bezos created Amazon.

If Chang beer or Black Canyon Coffee won't wake you up, maybe Red Bull will! Where did these brands originate?

When visiting Thailand, you'll see many Starbucks branches there that are sometimes empty. That's because both locals and tourists alike love sampling the country's vibrant coffeehouse culture offerings. One famous brand is Black Canyon Coffee, now expanding with branches worldwide.

Adventurous foodies know that you can buy TWG tea, Breadtalk pastries and Tiger Beer here. Know where?

Aside from these brands, Singapore also has familiar global brands making their marks for years. The Singapore-based Wong brothers created the clothing line called Charles & Keith while Creative Technologies has been making consumer electronics since the '80s.

Strut the catwalk wearing Zara, Mango or Bershka in which Spanish-speaking country?

Remember how "Sex and the City" character Carrie Bradshaw collected Manolo Blahnik shoes and valued them more than her own life? Spain should thank her for contributing to their economy because of that! Other notable Spanish apparel brands today include Stradivarius and Pull & Bear.

Tech brands Microsoft, Google and Facebook hail from which nation?

Thanks to early Silicon Valley start-ups and persistent entrepreneurial visionaries, the U.S. is now a tech industry leader. In a 2019 Kantar market research tally, American brands Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft occupy top spots in their "Top 100 Global Brands" list.

Agfa photographic products, Kipling bags and Ice Watch all call which nation their home?

Belgium might give off the impression of being low-key when it comes to global branding. But consumers worldwide are already patronizing this European country's top brands. Aside from the lifestyle ones mentioned, they also produce Stella Artois and Chimay beer.

Germans love their San Miguel Beer while Americans are "YouTube-ing" their Jollibee and Goldilocks food trips. Know which country these brands originated from?

Southeast Asia may love McDonald's, but the Philippines has more brand loyalty for its own Jollibee fast-food chain. This brand now has a growing global presence, with more than 30 stores in the U.S. Their parent company recently took over the ownership of U.S. brand Smashburger.

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